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In a Rush For the Flower Moon

Two days later than I wanted to post. Sigh. Life. It does love to throw curveballs at you, doesn’t it?  This one was a doozie and took me two days to recuperate from!  Still… Please pretend we are May 25th – the day I wanted to post it, even if the dVerse prompt came on Monday, the 24th. Frank J. Tassone was the host and the subject was: write a haibun about the Flower Moon – said moon was officially yesterday and somehow, I missed it. Or rather was so sure it was the 25th that I didn’t even think of checking last night.  This moon pic was taken on the 25th, however 🙂

You aren’t due till the summer solstice, possibly near a Strawberry Moon? Probably not.  You are supposed to arrive when roses and and peonies and poppies are in full bloom.  When the tulips and daffodils have already done their thing.

Instead, you decide the Flower Moon is more your style.  You want late spring blooms:  lilacs and rhododendrons, daisies and violets.

Maybe you know your time here will be brief so you want to get a chance to fully experience everything nature has to offer.  Who knows?  All I know is this:  When the day is breezy and I open my bedroom window, the scent of the wild lilac bush right below my window comes up and wafts through my room, reminding me of you. And to think this year was to be your lucky year! Twenty-five years old on the twenty-fifth of May.

A Flower Moon child

In a rush, to see it all

Gone before you could



99 thoughts on “In a Rush For the Flower Moon

  1. You got the Super Flower Moon. The Super Flower Moon Rose on the 25th and it didn’t become a Super Flower Blood Moon until early morning on the 26th, but it was like 7:00 am your time when the eclipse happened. Right descent shot of the Super flower Moon you got there. I get a lot of soft focus shots of full moons. Full moons are so bright, the auto focus can’t decide which infinity to focus on. I try to focus on the edge of the moon, but even when I get a sharp edge, the detail in a full moon is soft because of the brightness. I love the lilac bush shot. That’s wonderful you can smell them. It’s too dry here for flowers and blossoms to give off scents unless you put you nose right in them, and the scents are still weak. 25 years old on the 25th of May with a Super Flower Moon? That is indeed lucky and a blessing.

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    • Woot! Thank you! This was taken at about 12:35 am so… I know I was in the wrong part of the world to see the eclipse so really appreciated your pictures!
      I truly appreciate your compliment – as a guy with a bazooka who takes fabulous shots, I shall definitely take right descent! And yes, they are so bright. The clouds were flying over it, too. I got a bunch with some cloud that turned out right all right 😉
      Those wild lilacs have such a heady smell – glad you like this shot, too.
      Yep. My firstborn would have been 25 on the 25th with a Super Flower Moon – can you imagine?

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  2. Not late, as the prompt as long as the prompt is open–and you had time to make sure this one went straight to the heart! Oh my! 💙💙
    I listened to a scent historian last week (yes, there is such a thing) discussing smell, and how it triggers powerful memories. Beautiful moon shot, and also beautiful photo of those lilacs–with reflection (both meanings of the word).

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    • Thank you, Ina. Neither did I. I had heard of Super Moons and the term Harvest Moon but had no clue there were a bunch of names (we can thank the Native North Americans for that).

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  3. Q

    I really cannot have any complaints about when you posted this piece, when all I can think about is that you did post this and it is a poignantly beautifully rendering of mother and son, and love, everlasting. God, there are so many parts of this that reverberate.

    Simply brilliant.

    Love B

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  4. So much emotion in this, Dale – poignant, beautiful writing and I’m sure it must be inspired not only by the lovely photograph, but also one of those curve balls you mentioned.

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    • Thank you so much, Jilly. I had been thinking for a while about how to mark Austin’s 25th birthday on the 25th and then this prompt arrived and I said to myself… I can work with that 🙂
      The curveball was caused by my other two so you might be right!

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