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The Stories We Could Tell – Friday Fictioneers

Friday Fictioneers is here!  I’ve been looking at this pic for a good while, trying to come up with something original. So. instead, you get this!  Thanks to Rochelle for hosting this come rain or shine and, this week, thanks go to Liz Young for this wonderful image! Click on the frog below, if you happen to have something better to tell! Remember, 100 words, maximum!

©Liz Young

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The Stories We Could Tell

Oh boy!  I bet the story for that one is interesting!

No kidding.  Kid does a Ferris Bueller, only, instead of putting it in reverse trying to back up the odometer, puts it in drive and it flies off the stand, through the garage and then through the wall!

Good one!  How about this?  In full War of the Roses mode, wife takes husband’s precious car and instead of squashing it with her big-ass monster truck, puts a weight on the gas pedal and lets it fly!

Oh yeah. That’s good too.

Probably just some dumb-ass who can’t drive.



114 thoughts on “The Stories We Could Tell – Friday Fictioneers

  1. There is always a reason for a car to do the opposite to what one intended it to do. But you found an interesting way to tell.

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      • Exactly–especially not knowing who or what was involved! I just saw a story today about two little girls, 9 and 4, I think? who took their parents’ car keys while the parents were sleeping so they could drive to California and go to the beach. They crashed–but they were wearing their seatbelts, and no one was hurt.

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        • Oh man!! Having children ages us before our time, i swear. Can you imagine? Thank goodness they weren’t hurt (though I think, once over the worry and shock, there would be some form of consequence!)

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  2. I just (re)watched Ferris Bueller and his day off and enjoyed it more than ever. But that car… O U C H! I guess another scenario I think of is, “Oh, I thought that was the brake!” 🙂

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    • It’s been a good while since I saw it – due for a revisit, I say!
      Let’s just say that that particular scenario popped up a few times in the stories submitted 😉


  3. Oh, wow, I’m envious! Bathos is really, really difficult to pull off successfully, and you manage it admirably:
    “Probably just some dumb-ass who can’t drive.”
    The wistfulness of the story-tellers as they sigh at the failure of the world to live up to the interest of their stories is masterly.

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    • Oh wow yourself! I didn’t even know what bathos was much less how to achieve it. How do you like them apples?
      What a fantabulous comment and analysis, Penny. You are so good at this.

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  4. Q

    Buahahahaha! There really are a million different stories that can be birthed out of that capture, and one is funnier than the next. To us. The car owner, not so much. And you notice how the movies you referenced come from the eighties? Is it just me or is there an incredibly resonant eighties vibe going on right now?

    Now I’m thinking about the car owner’s phone call to his insurance guy.

    “Well, I have some good news and I have some bad news . . .”


    “No, not really. It’s all bad news,”


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    • B,

      Just the kind of response I like! And yeah, funny for us, not so much for them 😉 Now that you mention it, they are, aren’t they? There does seem to be an 80’s vibe (and that is not a bad thing – long as we don’t bring back the hair…)

      Buahahaha! Unlike all those new insurance commercials showing that pretty much any crazy thing is covered….



  5. Oh wow–this one brings back memories. A car literally drove into the side of a friend’s house a few years ago–thankfully, it hit near the basement and in a room where she and her young son weren’t. I love that you give this a fighting try each week, Dale! Not easy to be creative some weeks.

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    • Eesh!! That must have been scary!
      Oh, I don’t participate as religiously as before. I now pick and choose. I was finding myself chained to the computer way too much. Participating is such a time suck! But yeah, I do try to get those creative juices going – definitely not always easy.


  6. Just some dumbarse haha. It’s easy to do. People’s minds are all over the place these days. The driver is lucky there was no one below and the car didn’t fall.

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  7. Dear Dale,

    One has to look at the photo and go “hmmm”. At any rate the driver has some ‘spainin’ to do. Perhaps they had their eyes on the phone’s gps.

    Shalom and lotsa well-directed hugs,


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  8. It does look like one of those self-inflicted embarrassing accidents. A teacher colleague drove her own car into a wall whilst showing off the new car, and hanging half inside and outside the driver’s door….Happens to the best of us!

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    • Oh dear. We used to have a driveway with quite the steep slope. It once happened that my mother parked the car – it was black ice. She got out and by the time she got to the front door a loud bang scared the bejeezus out of her because the brake did not hold and down the car went into the garage door!

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  9. I think it was a slow roll, the handbrake was left off, and the wall and railings were built on the cheap – weak sandy cement and railings not potted in firmly.
    Or else just bad driving, as you say.

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    • Thank you, Andrea. I wonder what really happend! And using the movies to write the story, sure helped coz I didn’t want to go down the “stepped on the wrong pedal” way 😉

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  10. Dale,
    A wonderful bit of realism in dialogue! Made me think not only of the movies but the Carrie Underwood music video for “Before He Cheats.” Talk about revenge scenarios!

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