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A Tangle of Scribbles

An outstanding job from our Sorceress of the Pen and Gown

Art Gowns

๐ŸŒนDahlings, welcome to โ€œA Tangle of Scribblesโ€!ย  Rene Rosso here presenting Art Gownsโ€™ third Tangle Tributeย to Tim from Off Center Not Even, for his gift of pencils & other art supplies for One-Eye.

ย I now hand over the mike to our Art Director Rebecca Budd. Rebecca has single-handedly brought back the fad of Palazzo Pants, aka, โ€œthe gown of trousersโ€.

Good evening! During the great pencil drought of 2021, One-Eye had no other course but to do a line of Art Gowns scribbled in black, blue and red ballpoint pen. Itโ€™s an exciting collection, so letโ€™s check out the catwalk.

AGM Marina had the first fitting. Being the artistic type, she chose this wild โ€œWhy do I have to draw ballpoint scribble gowns?โ€ venting style.

Although AGM Shey lost weight from all the DracGoth 3 am visits , it was good news during fittings. She was theโ€ฆ

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34 thoughts on “A Tangle of Scribbles

  1. Such fabulous sketches! Love the definition of palazzo pants. I fondly recall they way they made me feel when I wore a pair of white satin ones to a bank formal function that I’d sewn all weekend. They looked fabulous with a white/silver top (also handmade by moi) and were nearly scandalous in the small town I lived in at the time. I smile with that recollection of poking the eye of stodgy authoritarianism back in the 70’s when women were just “finding themselves.” Good times indeed for which I thank you for taking me down that memory lane.

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    • Aren’t they fabulous? Oh, no worries… in drawn form, we are all perfect! Hell, look at me on there! No way I am close to that but it’s still nice ๐Ÿ™‚


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