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Do you remember when we called cancer the C-word?  The pandammit changed all that so that the new C-word is Covid or Corona or Calvaire (French swear word for misery) and goddammit-all-to-hell-we’re-fed-up-of-being-locked-up-and-not-being-able-to-see-friends Crap.

That said, while I have avoided whining about it or blogging about it, I’ve made mention in passing and since we are starting to see a sort of glow at the end of the tunnel… I don’t dare say more for fear of potentially jinxing anything – right. Like I have any kind of power of that sort!  Still. Why take unnecessary chances?

This past Thursday was our St-Jean-Baptiste holiday in Quebec.  I, for one, can become quite Québécoise by indulging in the old tunes I very much enjoyed do when I was a teenager (and still).  My eldest asked if he could have friends over on the Wednesday, as everyone was off on Thursday. Always such a cool mom, I said yes 😉

The evening was perfect and the kids all ended up on our roof to watch not one, not two, but four different fireworks.

After taking this picture of the “kids”, I simply turned towards the street, walked to the curb and was able to film this:

107 thoughts on “Overdue

  1. Way to go cool mom. Family, friends, fun, food and surprises (I don’t know any good f-words for surprises that are suitable for a public comment).

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  2. Wow, what a food extravaganza. Your photos certainly did the food justice. Your friends are fortunate to have you toting good stuff like that. Speaking of friends, it is wonderful to have such long-lasting relationships. Thanks for sharing this wonderful time.


  3. Dear Dale,

    I’m so happy your world is opening back up. And pfft to Iain. Our kids can be such charmers, can’t they? The food pictures have me salivating. Thanks for sharing the love and the fun.

    Shalom and lotsa close up and person hugs (some day),


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      My world really is finally opening up, bit by bit. He is such a charmer, the brat! The food he made was ridiculously good and what I made over was a hit, so… all good in the end!

      Shalom and lotsa friendly love,


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  4. Q

    The food captures have me yearning for my run manana, that’s how sumptuous they are. So this was your middle summer celebration that’s like our middle summer celebration? See what I did there? I don’t get fireworks, so yanno . . I can’t say the words, LOL.

    But the food, sans the capp, looks like it was stick to your ribs goodness. Yum squared!


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    • B,

      Thank God I ran before both of the main events (not on Friday, must have a day between, y’know). It really did end up being more of a beginning summer celebration. Seeing’s as it’s still June and we have all of July and August to eat, sweat, drink and be merry! I can’t say I dig on fireworks either, but somehow, when you don’t have to drive to go see ’em, but they are far enough away that you don’t worry about your house burning down or your dog cowering under the table, they’re okay.

      No capp? Really? Ever? 😉 the food was definitely stick to your ribs, thighs, ass… goodness.


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  5. I love this post so much! How wonderful–all the food, and even more, the friendship! I’m getting concerned about the Delta variant, but it is good to be able to get out and see people again.

    I had seen your photos about the fireworks and food, but I didn’t know what the holiday was. I’m OK with public official fireworks, but we have crazy people setting them off in our neighborhoods here–noisy, dangerous, and illegal. I am NOT a fan. 😀

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  6. There is pure joy in your post. Friends, food, a bit of fighting (only gently, to put your very sound and valid point of view.) The way you write about food always makes me hungry – I want to try everything on the menu even though I’m mostly vegetarian 🙂 And I love the pictures and the fireworks. Of course, as ever, the way you write about friendship is top of the shop – first class.

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    • I am so glad it came through – that was the mildest fighting ever – and, of course, I take every chance I get to zing him back for it 😉
      Food is such an important part of my life in the sense that I love to show my love through it and am thrilled that my son (though he won’t admit that is what he is doing) does as well.
      I can’t believe that was all packed into three days!
      I thank you, Jilly, for your always lovely comment!


    • Thank you, Pam. Yes, we are slowly starting to live again and no one is going overly crazy. In our gang, everyone had had the second vax. Same as Saturday night – well no, that’s not true. My kids haven’t had their second yet because they have to wait till the full 8 weeks has passed…

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  7. I can’t help but think tat what is at the ned of the tunnel is merely a flicker of a candle flame….or a night light…………. and it is so far away that it is barely visible.
    Okay, I’m a killjoy…. we have had an invitation to go out for a lunch to celebrate what would have been the golden wedding of friends who have both died…. Loathe to let down their daughter, who is also a good friend (she baby sat for us all those tears ago) but… I’m not sure… alreasy too many people , particularly those under 45 seem to have abandoned any form of social distancing.

    Mind I’m glad you enjoyed yourself… you deserve to smile.

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    • Just so you know, I am not blind to the fact this flickering flame is still far away. All of my friends have been doubly vaxxed save for one couple, who are waiting to do so. It made this get-together possible. I really do hope you are able to go to that lunch.

      And thank you. That is so lovely of you to say.


  8. It all sounds (and looks!) like so much fun. And that food! Wow. I hope the outings continue, and that the C-word will go away. I think we’ve all had enough of that already.


  9. Congrats on reconnecting with old friends. I keep wondering if I still have the manners to meet anyone (other than immediate family who already know I’m hopeless as a functioning adult). You might also drop a hint to your son I’d make myself available if he (or you for that matter) feel like cooking. OMG…what a feast (and I’m a vegetarian!!). 💙

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  10. It is great to get together. I look forward to the summer holidays. I want to try and see my sister. It has been over two years. We moved up North and it is difficult just to pop over for a cup of tea when they’re two hours away. Not to mention everything that has happened in the last year.

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  11. Hi, the latecomer is here! Your post is SO FULL of joie de vivre, good vibes, friendships, great food (and drinks, I take it), some fireworks that I had to taste it several times before being ready to commit my félicitations to the virtual paper 🙂
    I’m SO SO SO glad for you to be with people again (and not just your lovable brats….) and I’m insanely jealous for your son to be such an accomplished and enthusiastic cook – in this respect one can safely say ‘The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’ or whatever you say in Caaaaanada/Quebec! So many beautiful moments, hours captured in one post. AND it seems you were excercising too – man, now I’m REALLY seriously jealous. Because I’m a woman who loves company too, and who loves cooking, sports not so much – unless it’s taking a bath and a swim in a lake or such – but so far no opportunity presented itself this year. We were twice at a large lake in the past 3 weeks but the water was hardly 16C which is faaar too cold for me. I like it at (the very) least 20+C….
    Sending you a BIG HUG and lots of greetings K

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    • No such thing as a latecomer! (Especially when it’s you, Kiki – whom I haven’t seen in ages!)
      Thank you. There was much joy packed into three days. We were relatively careful, of course. The food was all yummy – I forgot to take pictures of what the others brought to the BBQ but all of it was delicious.
      Iain is a wonderful and adventurous cook so yes, very lucky me!
      And yeah, I’ve been running/walking, trying to keep that ticker working and the weight off (so far, not overly successful. That fat is STUCK to me!)
      My pool is rather warm at 25! And that is without help of a heater. It’s been so hot, I’ve thrown myself in daily (why my kids don’t is beyond me.)
      BIG HUG to you! and lotsa love, D

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    • So glad you do. I do tend to ramble on 😉 I’ll give you a recipe! Now that things have opened up, I can start “having a life” again. It was so heartwarming to be able to do so last week.
      And just last night a friend (another one from high school!) asked me to join him for dinner as he’d been abandoned by his wife and daughter. How could I refuse? 🙂

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      • Yay! Here’s to life resuming outside the limited walls of one’s house or 6 feet radius … and hopefully some time soon the world will open again safely (or at least, Canada and US borders …) and we can ‘have a life’ together! 😀


  12. I can hardly wait! We are a bit behind you guys in Toronto, but I am fully vaccinated.
    Still no sidewalk, just a ditch with drawbridge planks.
    So, the other “C” in my life – construction is another plague I’m looking to get in front of.
    You had a great time, Dale!
    Still, be careful. It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings! ⚡️💥

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