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A Family Trip – Friday Fictioneers

It’s Wednesday!  And the last day of work for me, followed by a four-day weekend. Again. Wooo hoooo!  So, why not play a little with this lovely Russell Gayer image?  Thanks, always to Rochelle for hosting this weekly party.  I do appreciate your efforts, my friend.  Should you be interested in writing your own 100-word story to go with, just click on the frogs below and add you link!

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All five of us in a van for four weeks?  Have you lost your mind?

It’ll be great.  We’ll get a chance to see most of our beautiful country and part of the States on our return.

Five of us. Together. Four weeks.

Yes.  It’ll be great.  We each get one hour of music and no one is allowed to complain.

Hah! You think that is enough to stem potential arguments?

Have faith.

And you, have reality.

I do. And I think this will be a trip of a lifetime.

Or will feel like it lasts that long…

Shut up.


159 thoughts on “A Family Trip – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Stop the van! I’m getting out!
    What is this music? Why is the van so filthy? Are we getting it washed?
    What if we get somewhere, and there’s a cute guy in a convertible beside us? I’m NOT getting out of a filthy van with all of you guys! What would he think? Will I ever have a boyfriend at this rate? Are we getting the van washed? What are we waiting for, Thunder and rain?
    PS there’s a Thunder Moon this month!

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  2. A van like that Housing five adventures in one needs to be likened to the Tardis. Fictional or realism, the visuals just keep on coming. I like this post, very true to life and I incredibly told.

    Happy Tuesday Dale.


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