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Petite Rivière Rouge

De Jackson, aka WhimsyGizmo hosted dVerse Quadrille yesterday.  Took me some finagling to get my 44 words to where I was willing to share them.  I shoulda chosen another subject because now my memories have come flooding in and this limitation is causing me grief!


Petite Rivière Rouge

where childhood memories were made


Pépère¹ bulldozed river rocks;

a sandy cove to protect our feet


When not being fished,

crapet-soleil² nibbled our toes


Rocks have since rolled back

and the river seems more

like a stream to our adult eyes


¹Pépère means “Gramps”

²Crapet-soleil is a fish, that, I just learned, is called Pumpkinseed fish – we are never too old to learn 🙂

MFFP - Poissons du Québec - Crapet-soleil

80 thoughts on “Petite Rivière Rouge

    • Well then, my grief has just subsided… I was worried it was too choppy 😉 So very glad you were brought along for my trip down memory lane, which sparked your own 🙂

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  1. I feel like I’m caught up in your childhood memories–you took me there in your few words and photo. It looks like a lovely spot.
    (And I guess the fish does look like it’s coated in pumpkin seeds).

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    • That is fabulous! So glad I managed to. It is really beautiful. If I had had the time, I would have gone through my photo albums to fish 😉 out photos showing just how much the vegetation has grown around that little river. We used to be able to see the farmer’s field and cows beyond!

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    • Thankfully, this property is still in the hands of family (for now, as it is for sale) so we can still have our toes tickled.
      Today’s kids are kept in cotton.

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  2. This was lovely and gave me an ‘awwwww’ reaction along with an ‘oh!’ reaction (for the tidbit of learning about the fish. Is there also a seasameseed fish? Asking for a friend …) 😉

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    • Oh for sure. Plus this little river rises and lowers quite a bit, depending on the weather.
      My grandfather used to clear the area nearest the house. Now that he is gone, the overgrowth has really taken over 🙂


  3. Q

    I don’t think I could ever fish again, seeing as how it is an amazing trigger for wanting to have a smoke. Since, yanno . . that was my favorite part of fishing whenever I had occasion to kill a couple hours, ;).

    And the names of fish . . it’s almost as if they make them up as they go along!


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