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No Need to Go Out – FF and WWP

Don’t be mad at me, Rochelle!  I was drawing a blank on what to do with this picture and then I saw in my ever-expanding draft files, the WWP for “tether”.  Suddenly I had a story.  So, merging two prompts is what I done did.  That means you only have 80 words to read.  Well, that and the blah blah I am doing as an intro 😉  I’m forgiven, right? Please?  Thanks go to Roger Bultot for the use of his photo – wonder if he will ever play FF with us again?  Should YOU feel like playing, just click on the frog below and add your fabulous 100 word story (don’t use me as a guide, you can use twenty more words!) and add your link!

©Roger Bultot

Frog Door Knocker by Michael Healy-Brass/Blue Green Finish

No Need to Go Out

The doorbell rang and she looked through the peephole. “Yes, who is it?”

“Package for you, Ma’am.  Need you to sign.”

“Just leave it at the door, please.”


“NO! Leave it.  Just mark it delivered to Dot Parker. All the others do it.”

“Fine.”  As he walked away, she heard him mutter “Stupid nutter.”

They say I’m tethered to my home.  No, I’m not. I just don’t need to go out there. 

At least that’s what she told herself.


wk 216 tether

112 thoughts on “No Need to Go Out – FF and WWP

  1. Two fer, eh? Well, we all do ’em sometimes! I was gonna do the FF for this week but to be honest the photo give me a dizzy and I could not bring my brain to focus on it and it gives me more dizzies to think of it on my webpage (where I may see it) so … I’ll read y’alls entries instead. Win some lose some, eh? Also, been a nutty mid-week, so there’ also less bandwidth in me to manage dizzy-lizzy photos, I guess … Yours is FAB!! And, she may be a nutter, but she’s HER kind of nut, so there’s that!

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    • I tell ya! We ARE good 😉
      ‘Course, neither of us suffers from agoraphobia so there is that. However, I know way too many peeps who never set foot outside. Ever.

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  2. A delivery driver rang my bell and took a picture of me early yesterday. I saw this as progress because for many months they’ve just dropped off my parcels and hurried back to their vans. Fortunately I was in my summer dressing gown which is a lot more presentable than my comfy winter one 🙂 Well done for summing up a very sad condition in 80 words, Dale. I hope your lady’s delivery driver can pick up a consignment of empathy on his rounds, though I also get it’s a hard job he’s doing.

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    • Oh my goodness! I guess with all the doorstep thefts, this is a good way of proof of delivery… Can you imagine those crazy people who answer naked or half-so? LOL.
      Thank you, Jilly. It must be horrid to have this condition and yeah, I’m sure the delivery guy is just on a mission.

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  3. I don’t see anything wrong with combining prompts! You do come up with some interesting interpretations of photos, Dale! That poor woman. I’m assuming it’s not just the current situation that has her tethered. 😔

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    • Let’s just say that Rochelle and I were in agreement with those who jumbled more than two prompts together 😉 Those were always a mess!
      Admittedly, this one worked for me. Who doesn’t want to be interesting? 😊
      And yes, you are correct. She’s been stuck for a good long while.😔


  4. Dear Dale,

    Go stand in a corner. You just couldn’t tether yourself to one prompt at a time, eh? Seriously, if one must cobble two prompts together, you’ve done a stellar job. Take twenty words from petty cash and use them to your advantage.

    Shalom and lotsa two-fer hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      No, I couldn’t, I fear… But on the bright side, it was only two and not, say, five… 😉 – We know how those turn out, don’t we? 😉

      Shalom and lotsa forgiven love,



  5. Oh, I can relate to your character. No need to go out there unless you have to. You’ve highlighted well a very sad condition that has been exacerbated by the current situation. Well done in 80 words!

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  6. Dear Dale,

    Don’t you know I’m the ONLY ONE who can get away with an intro? The little mime is apt to make you wear a beret and purple sneakers while standing in the corner.

    BTW – you failed to leave a magazine name when you commented on my post. I’ll have to deduct two points and it’ll probably cost you a gold medal in the FFF Olympics.

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    • Dear Russell,

      Can you blame me for trying? I can handle the purple, even the beret if it lets me off the hook.

      And I returned to your post with apologies AND a title of an article in my proposed mag…

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        • Hahahaha! You nut. I do like to go on my long walks. Even if I’m alone, I take in the sights and sounds… Plus, I challenged myself to the 10K steps per day for a year so I’m basically f***ed and have to 😀

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          • The dogs insist on the walks though I especially enjoy being with them and seeing things around the ‘Hood I wouldn’t normally see if I weren’t walking. 10K steps a day is my goal too. On days when the afternoon is blazing that can be a challenge. Once temps cool down a bit, it’ll be much easier and enjoyable. Winter walks are the best since most dog walking millennials wimp out in cold temps. Color me extra happy then! 😈

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          • It’s good to have the dogs give you the daily nudge 😉 And I miss having Zeke keep me company though truth be told he hadn’t been able to for quite some time. It helps to stop and pay attention to what’s around us.
            The blazing days are when one tries to go really early. Cooler temps bring out the hardy. Colour me happy to be without the throngs of people, too 😉

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  7. instead of a peephole, you could have used a doorbell camera in your story where you can see, hear, and speak to the delivery guy directly from your phone. that would have suit your story just fine. just a thought. 🙂

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  8. Q

    I often wonder how people with this affliction consider extenuating circumstances? Like, what is there is a house fire? Or someone close to them dies? Or they get really sick and need medical attention? I mean, from the way this tether works, according to my rather rudimentary knowledge, they would anchor themselves to their home base regardless of what the situation was. Come hell, high water, or massive meteor. THAT is frightening.

    Me? I am somewhat of a homebody. But you gotta get out once in a while, yanno?


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  9. The last year+, it’s the crazy people who go out. I’ve become a little agoraphobic. I have to force myself to go out, so it doesn’t set in permanently.

    Is this your first time reading “Slaughterhouse-Five?” It’s one of my favorites.

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    • Well… I dunno about being crazy for going out – I am one who cannot stay cooped up inside for too long. But yes, it is a helluva lot easier to justify not having to go out.

      It is. I am finally getting acquainted with Mr. Vonnegut (I know, I know. It’s about time!)

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      • I hate being cooped up too, but COVID is pretty bad here. 50% of people are vaccinated, but 99% don’t wear masks. The new variants are breaking right through the vaccinations.

        Kurt Vonnegut changed my entire outlook on writing. His meta insertions and and Tralfamadorians have been a big influence. If you read my bio, you’ll see what I mean. The Nobbinmaug persona owes a lot to Tralfamadorians, which was unintentional. My mom says my great-grandmother had a fling with Vonnegut, which, true or not, I think is pretty cool.

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        • Covid has truly mucked up a lot of lives.

          Wow. It took me a long time to start reading him (in my fifties and I’m just starting now!). I blame my French education. So it goes… 😉
          That is a cool story!

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  10. Very clever putting the 2 together!
    I’m not surprised. You are excellent at these challenges.
    I know this is an 80 word challenge, but I see a book, or a movie from it. ⚡️⚡️💥💥

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