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August Rush

Monday was Haibun Monday over at dVerse.  This morning I was feeling the joys of August. This afternoon’s sun was intense.  This evening, the crickets are louder than ever.  As far as summer months go, this one is pretty much my favourite.  So, why not write a little ode to it?

The sun is still up before I am, for now, just not quite as high as it was one month ago.  This morning’s run is in slightly cooler temps.  The light feels softer, the sun’s rays longer.  As the sun rises, so do the heat and humidity, reminding me of those dog days of summer that I cherish, knowing that it’s a question of time before autumn comes in and paints the trees in golds, oranges and reds and when the “fond de l’air” gets chilled.  But for now, August reigns supreme.

The butterflies and bees flitter and buzz about with wild abandon and the bunnies keep me company, sometimes hopping alongside me, most times doing an about-face and leaving me with a vision of a white little puff ball bouncing away.

The darkness comes earlier and the crickets seem to be holding a cacophonous sing off. Which choir is pitch perfect?

August is a rush

Everything is more intense

Last blast of summer

126 thoughts on “August Rush

  1. “…a cacophonous sing off.” I love that. I get up before the sun. The last couple of days the sun is just coming up over the lower edge of the northern end of the Sandias when I leave for work. As I drive to work, the sun ducks behind the edges of the mountains, starts to peak over and then ducks again as I drives south out of Corrales and then head east towards the office. The sun continues its peak and duck, as I get closer to the mountains. When I get the to office it’s behind the mountains, and then bursts forth, spaying sunlight all around when I get out of the car. I’ve been watching it thinking how magical it all is.

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  2. Living in Sacramento, I’m ready for summer to be over. Something about endless days of 90+ degree heat with plenty of days at 100 or above thrown in the mix, leaves me ready for cooler temps. Add in that the last 5-6 years have seen this time of year overwhelmed with wildfires, with this year being no different, and August is not the best of months around here.

    But I get it for people like you who live in cooler climes. Enjoy the month!

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    • I can totally understand your lack of enthusiasm for this month. Location, location, location!
      To be honest, I am not a fan of the supper hot and humid we get in our summers. Give me a steady 75 with no mugginess and I shall be content!

      I love that we have four seasons here. We appreciate each one for what they give 🙂

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  3. August is a rush, love the Haiku at the end. I live in the UK, So August is a mixture of rain and sun. By September the shelves start filling up with Christmas stuff – way too early in my point of view.

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    • It is! And I am so glad you liked it. We have such a mix here in Montreal. Some mornings can be downright cool but then the mugginess comes in and sucks the essence out of you! I went to Costco this week and they had snowsuits. Good grief. WAY too early.


  4. I’m happy for your perfect August. Our non-summer is the worst any body ever heard of – we eat outside nearly wrapped up in our winter gear, we leave everything sitting and standing when the sun decides to make a short appearance and we don’t venture out w/o a brolly as wheather changes from one second to the next. I’ve been watering the toms in friends’ garden and less than 3′ later I had to open my brolly to be able to walk through the deluge dipping down….. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Gabi. So glad you like. Tell me about it! It feels like while you are in the month, it takes its time but you blink and it’s over. Time… man oh man…
      Me too, I love all the seasons.

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  5. And this time of year it makes me feel like I want to put my feet up and relax. Decent cup of tea and soft quiet music. The rush of summer is over and the calm of fall is near.

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  6. Q

    Summer is that three act play that seems to fly by. June is when the heat shakes itself loose and we begin to bitch and moan about a long, hot summer. And then July comes along and it’s celebrations and cookouts and the hot weather is no longer a passing rumor. And it’s when we bitch and moan some more and talk about “Christmas in July” as we pine for snow. August IS different, you’re right. It’s filled with a slight melancholic feeling, because we know the summer has already played out its first two acts in short order.

    And so August is indeed a rush. Because now we know all that bitching and moaning we do about the heat will soon be replaced with sub-zero temps and yikes! Snow. And not since I stopped skiing have I looked fondly upon that notion.

    Beautiful ode to the “rush’ of August. 🙂


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  7. It is, isn’t it? I thought I’d you when I wrote my title 😉
    I do love autumn, though I don’t mind waiting till say October..


  8. I really enjoyed your writing. The way that you wrote about the month of August showed warmth and a love of this time of year. I especially liked your description of the butterflies and bunnies being nearby as you run.

    Great posting and photo that you had with it. 🍃

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  10. I adore what you’ve wrapped us in here.
    The last blast lasts
    Your words ensure.
    Pitch perfect my ears fail me.
    Otherwise, I’m rockin’ with the last blast.

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