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What Lies Beyond? – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #144 & #143

Good Thursday my peeps!  I feel like have not participated in a CCC in way too long.  Which really, has not been that long as it was less than a month ago. I can’t seem to get a handle on the time, lately.  Anyhoo, I had plans, big plans for CCC #143 and then did diddly-squat.  So this week, how perfect that Crispina chose a photo that I could not only matchy-matchy with but which I could put together with the previous week’s and again matchy-matchy!  It takes so little to please me…  And I am way short of the max of 150 words so I shouldn’t get in trouble.


What Lies Beyond?


What lies beyond this fence of grass?

Is it safe; can we see?

We cannot help but ask


To the left, lies the golden sea

After which you will find

A town, or rather a piggery


And to the right, don’t be surprised

Are two tall structures

Not meant for our kind


But straight ahead, do not be shy

Chances are, when all is calm

There will be ones like you and I



64 thoughts on “What Lies Beyond? – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #144 & #143

  1. Excellent response to the challenge. That was wonderful to find Bambi on the other side of fence of grass. Sadly, a balloonist with two couples along for the ride got blown into power lines strung on structures like you show a few weeks ago. All five died.

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  2. Q

    I always feel for these beautiful creatures when I see them in the wild. I guess there is the thought in the back of my mind as to what their reality is. Such gentle creatures, always being hunted. And I guess that makes sense since the beauty of this world is always being pursued and conquered, sad to say.

    Nicely woven tale of the quiet moments. When gentle creatures can prevail on wildlife to be its guide. Lovely.


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