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Everyday Exotic Beauty

On Monday, Merril was hosting dVerse Prosery.  I love this challenge of using only 144 words to tell a story – not in poetry but in prose, using a phrase supplied.  Merril’s head must have been in the clouds because that is the theme for this one.  We must use the following:

“But these clouds are clearly foreign, such an exotic clutter

Against the blue cloth of the sky”

              –from “Clouds” by Constance Urdang

Do take the time to read her poem. It is wonderful! (Very short)

Anyway, how could I resist when I so love clouds?  I couldn’t.  That said, I am really late to the party so, without further ado:

Pastel hues greet me as I open my blinds, declaring that, beyond my field of vision, the sun has only just risen.  I dress and step out into the morning and am immediately shrink-wrapped in a second skin of humidity.  The air is thick and there is no breeze to be had.  Nevertheless I set off at a light run, on soundless feet (our karate Shihan taught us to run quietly – no heels! no thuds!)  I make my way along my now-familiar path, feeling I am one with the universe.  My soundscape consists of cawing crows and tweeting birds.  Pastels have given way to vibrant fire by the time I get to the park.   I look up and Oh! But these clouds are clearly foreign.  Such an exotic clutter against the blue cloth of the sky cannot ever be considered plain.  Everyday exotic beauty.

86 thoughts on “Everyday Exotic Beauty

  1. Your first two sentences are fantastic and all 144 words are of the finest prose. I need to figure out an antecedent to “immediately shrink-wrapped in a second skin of humidity” when I walk outside into our dryness at dawn.

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    • Thank you, Tim! I was rather proud of them, I must admit. I did work hard to get them just so, too so it’s all the more satisfying to read your comment. Yeah. When I go back to Vegas or, hey, who knows? New Mexico, maybe I’ll find the right words 😉

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          • That’s cool. We have so many more interesting things here than casinos, but some people like going to casinos. I never go to them.

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          • The slots are too much like video games. I lose interest immediately. I’ve never like cards, and I have no clue how the rest of the games work. In 2007, my programmer and I had to go to Henderson, NV to train NPS staff on a program we wrote for the NPS. My programmer at the time was from Bosnia. She and the NPS staff from Washington, DC went nuts at the casino in the hotel we stayed at. They all lost a lot of money. I guess they had fun losing. I had work to do and then I went down and checked out the women sunbathing by the pool for a break. Women in bikinis are much more interesting than gambling.

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          • I never got into the slots and I don’t understand the appeal… Sitting for hours, pressing a button… nope.
            I don’t blame you. Way more interesting to look at women (and men) in sexy attire, for sure 🙂

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    • It is just so all-encompassing. I have to admit I am pretty proud of that one. I am in awe of those who seem to, at will, throw together metaphors willy-nilly. I worked hard on that one! 🙂 Thank you, Eliza!

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  2. This is beautiful, Dale! Words and photo. I’m so pleased you decided to write to my prompt. I think this is one of the loveliest things you’ve ever written. Such beautiful imagery.
    AND–I want to learn how to run silently, especially outside in sneakers. 😀

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  3. What earth bound human stick figure cannot look up at the lady in blue and not be inspired. If they can’t then they are, well, dead. …………I know I can’t, “On the edge of an endless blue sky photograph”.

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    • Definitely not an earth-bound human, I saw. I could not (nor would want to) understand one such being who can remain unmoved. Obviously, neither could I.
      Love that…


  4. Q

    I’m pretty sure I would have flunked your karate class, as my idea of running quietly means keeping my ear buds tucked in tightly to my noggin. I mean, I TRY to limit the thudicity of my clops, but hell if I don’t find myself doing it now and again. Maybe I need to practice my running in place more? 😉

    As for the exotic beauty of a typical day, I do agree. It’s really cool when you’re running along and out of nowhere your brain is fixating on a cloud, a sliver of sun or a plush tree or anything at all that helps to remind you as to the extraordinary palette mother nature is serving up for us on the regular.

    I love the play you utilized on this challenge.


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  5. Dear Dale,

    Well! My husband beat me to the punch. Shrink-wrapped in a second skin is an apt description. I’m impressed you were able to run. Beautifully written vivid imagery.

    Shalom and lotsa shrink-wrapped hugs 😉


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      That’s when I realised you still hadn’t passed by yet 😉 It wasn’t overly hot. Just. Wet. With 859% humidity is all. Very glad you enjoyed my imagery 🙂

      Shalom and lotsa sticky love,


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  6. Nothing everyday about this, Dale. You’ve written a great reminder of the really special sights and sounds we maybe take for granted. Your writing made me stop, look out my window and listen. We really do need to just stand and stare sometimes.

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    • Glad you don’t think it’s everyday, Jilly and I love that it got you to stop and listen. It is a big part of my keeping sane (the stopping and listening…)


    • How sweet are you, Calvin?
      I apologise profusely for not writing a post to say I was going to be away for a week! I am currently on my way home (stuck in Dulles, Washington until 5:30… ugh.) Post being written, as we “speak”!
      And no. I am still me and you are still you (and what does that mean? 😉 )


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