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Groovy is as Groovy Does

On Monday, for dVerse, it was Quadrille Monday (44 words, max), hosted by De Jackson, aka WhimsyGizmo.  We had to use the word “groove” or a version of it.  I’m way late to the party but on this morning’s walk to work, I encountered this lady and I suddenly felt like participating.  And like my title says, groovy is as groovy does 😉

I cannot help but think of Iris Apfel who, at 100 years of age, has said (Choosing just one was difficult; the proof being that I changed quotes three times!):

“When the fun goes out of dressing, you might as well be dead. You need to pursue your own fancy.”

Both of us on an exercise mission,

cross each other’s paths.

My hello returned with a smile


mismatched olive hat,

purple-striped shirt

and orange scarf,

with wide-legged grey shorts,

black knee-high socks

joining turquoise running shoes


“I’m groovy coz I say so!”


109 thoughts on “Groovy is as Groovy Does

  1. Groovy is such a groovy word. Back in the day, it was on everyone’s lips. Cool, you’re looking groovy today. Some people used it in every other sentence. What a groovy story for that photo prompt. Have a groovy day. Right arm, farm out & outa state.

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    • I firmly believe that as we get older, we give less shits what others think 😉
      I was just told: “Of course it’s not my business and you can tell me to go to hell, but if you dyed your hair, you’d look like you,re in your 40’s…
      Since Covid, I decided to let it go to see how it looks. I have one streak, plus the bangs are a bit more… I kinda like it. 😉 He can kinda go to hell, too…

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  2. I’m groovy cus I say so……….. I’ve known some sunsets ,whom, having discarded protocol, worn such garb.

    May be she was power walking to Gibeau Orange Julep. Anyhoot she begged for your attention and you delivered.

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  3. I think the best part of being retired is not having to think about “what I should wear” nearly as often. I’m not saying I’m a groovy looking dude, but I generally like what I’m wearing.

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      • yeah sure, but not all are so tacky AND FEEL WONDERFUL and FREE…. in Europe ‘this’ just doesn’t happen. And I’m NOT saying that this woman was anything but a happy, grooving and content human being. I’m not a snob. And I’m the first one to admit to sometimes put anything together because I don’t want to be ‘well put together’ on that day.

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        • Her smile said it all, I tell you. And you know, sometimes I look at my running outfit and think, bloody hell 😉 My running shoes are orange, one of my favourite tops is pink, the shorts or leggings can be black or tealish-turquoise. So, I have a helluva nerve writing about her getup! Honestly, to go exercise? I’m not looking to be fashionable, just comfortable!

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  4. Q

    It really is about what you feel, and what moves you. To hell with what someone else might think of it, really. And that’s why you can’t fabricate groovy, it just is. You either are groovy or you’re a poser, and there is no in between. And good for this woman, to do it the way she damn well felt like doing it. That’s what it should be all about. The world would be a much better place if people dropped the pretense and just went with what they were feeling.

    This was righteous AND groovy!


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    • So glad you enjoyed, Diana.
      I could not agree more! “Rules and regs” are a thing of the past when it comes to fashion as we mature. I love that poem one shared about wearing purple. So good.
      Have a groovy day!

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  5. I could NOT love this more, Dale! I love her outfit and the way she owns it. And I love that you shared it with us:). And even more that you quote Iris Apfel, who I think is the cat’s pajamas. May we age as well . . .

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    • So funny! I’m reading yours as you’re commenting on mine 😉
      Isn’t she great? You had to see her walk. Oh man… Iris Apfel is absolutely fabulous. I had so much trouble choosing just one quote.
      So glad you enjoyed!!
      And yes, may we…


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