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A Carnival of Colour

The lovely Resa is at it again!
You must follow along the latest AGM’s adventure!

Art Gowns

Welcome, welcome all, to A Carnival of Color! Iโ€™m Rene Rosso ๐ŸŒน, and I present to you the most colour you will ever see on any catwalk, anywhere.

All hail our dahling Art Director Rebecca Budd! Wearing bias cut faux tartan print palazzo pants, with coordinated accessories, she has earned the feathers in her hat directing โ€œA Carnival of Colourโ€™!

โ€œIโ€™m honored to be here, & what a great day for us all! Colour is a critical component of our lives, and I am thrilled to present all the AGMs resplendent in their favourite colours from the crayon carousel!โ€

โ€œFirst out on the runway is AGM Holly! Holly wears a feathery gown in milky hues of magenta, yellow, green and teal.โ€

SUDDENLY โ€ฆ. black and white flashes engulfed the venue. As AGM Holly exited the stage, her gown turned black, white and grey.

Stunned, but knowing the show mustโ€ฆ

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36 thoughts on “A Carnival of Colour

  1. Q

    I am sensing a theme here with your weekend posts. First you serve up some groovy and now you come back with some sexy . . and really, no complaints from this particular WP neighbor. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Seeing as how I have zero artistic ability, I really do admire anyone who can create such magical works of art like this, and high five to you for sharing it. Now, Imma get back to drawing my stick figure . . . and I gotta say, this one is actually pretty good. Okay . . I’m lying, it sucks too.

    To the sexy!


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    • B

      Yanno… I can’t take any credit for the sexy on this year post. I had great intentions to write yesterday but they fell threw the wayside. Luckily, the lovely Resa came through with this beauty of a post to which I am right glad you ain’t complaining. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Guess what? My artistic (drawing) talents are on par with yours. We could draw a village! LOL. Resa? Now that is some artistic talent with flair.

      To the sexy!


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      • If anybody is complaining about it . . they really would need to be getting a life. And pronto.

        I can draw buildings, but they will look like sticks. So I’ll draw the people, but the thing is, they look like sticks too. So maybe I’ll draw the trees . . but yeah . . sticks. Oh and animals? You guessed it.

        To the sexy!


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