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True Reflections – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #112

This has been hanging out in my drafts since, well, forever!  I had trouble finding the original challenge since Crispina posted it last December… and I took my picture a few months ago, thinking, I seem to remember there being a puddle reflection back sometime ago.  I was right and here is the result.  Good thing Crisp insists there is no time limit 😉


There are those whose reflections are pristine:

perfection personified, not a flaw to be found.

Are they true?

Does the pretty exterior hide an ugly interior?

One should not be so quick to judge:

not the too pretty, nor the too plain

for neither may be truthful

The imperfect reflection

may actually hide

the real and honest beauty

hiding inside

When we stop judging the exterior

and take the time to learn what hides beneath,

both the pretty and the plain

can shine with their own version of beautiful




91 thoughts on “True Reflections – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #112

  1. Beautiful reflections on the reflections about what lies inside, beyond, beneath, underneath the reflections we see. We often believe the illusions, are to quick to judge and miss the reality. Lovely reflection photos.

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  2. I like it when reflections are clearer than the subject, as often is the case on cloudy and overcast days and when they blur the image like your photo does. So, you’re right, both visions can be correct.

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  3. Q

    Sadly, who takes the time anymore? But it’s true what you write, there is this idea that the cover is the best part or that the cover will keep you away . . but what about focusing on the pages inside that book instead?

    Well done challenge!


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