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I Love You, I Don’t Love You, I Don’t Know

The title may make me look confused, but I assure you, I am not. Not really.  You, my faithful peeps, know that I am not really one to bitch and moan too often.  (My sisters, you are not allowed to say a word!)  I rarely rant, even.  Rarely.

However.  Today, I shall let fly some words.  I know most of you are Bots so I’m frankly talking out of my arse, here.  Still. Let me just get it off my chest.  Those “likes” you bestow on my last twenty posts and then follow me?  That all arrive at the same time?  There ain’t no way in hell you read a single word.  All I know is my inbox and notification panel get filled up.  Which means the legit comments can get lost in the shuffle.  Which is something that grieves me. Tremendously.

And, I know it can be fun to get lost into an exchange between two peeps or more in the comment section.  You can’t help but be that proverbial fly on the wall… And that’s cool. Coz it’s a blog. Which means it’s out there for all and sundry to read and comment. It’s kinda the point, really.  I’ve done it myself.  Even ended up participating in said comments. And, again, all cool.

However, (yes, another ‘however’) when you start ‘liking’ each and every comment, having never even left a hello yourself?  All you’re doing is filing up my inbox and my notification panel!  See above note.  Never mind. I’ll repeat. It grieves me. Big time.

So, while I absolutely love exchanges – long, short, in-between, you, the fly just buzzing around, totes eavesdropping and not participating?  Can you do it without liking every single one?

Rant over.

And, since I wasn’t able to post this last night because I was too busy taking pics of the Harvest Moon and then playing with the images and then seeing it was getting late… here are a few that I really like.

142 thoughts on “I Love You, I Don’t Love You, I Don’t Know

    • Don’t even think it! I love your comments and your likes are always appreciated. You are a participant. You are not liking without reading – of that I am certain. I’m more bugged by the bots, to be truthful.
      So you just take back that ‘pology for something that deserves it 🙂 And don’t you even think of stopping, either!

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  1. There are a few people who like every single post I put up, and have never, ever engaged with any of those posts by commenting on them. A couple of them like the post almost immediately after it appears. I don’t think they’re bots either, but I find their likes to be completely meaningless.

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    • The only reason they bother me is when they are overabundant. I’ve taken to going onto my post to see if I’ve missed any comments because the notification pane was filled up!
      Thank you, Tim. Not the same level of wow as yours but I’ll definitely take it!

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  2. I’d like you to know that I’ve just liked every one of your responses here Dale, just to be perverse, and while I did it I listened to the marvellous music. I always marvel at the fact that we are all looking at the same full moon, and all experiencing the same wonderment at its being there. Meanwhile, take heart in the fact that all of the bots can never, ever, have the joy of looking at the moon and saying WOW!

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  3. Dear Dale,

    Oh you get those, too? I know we share many of the same frustrations. I do have a few of those who like every comment but never leave a comment of their own. And the list goes one…and you’ve heard them all so I shan’t belabor them here. 😉
    Now I have to wait to post this until the song’s over.

    Shalom and lotsa genuinely likeable hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Oh, I do. As do pretty much most peeps who blog, I should thing. Understtd 😉
      Glad you liked the song enough to listen to it all 😉

      Shalom and lotsa liked and commented love,



  4. oh I know, in a very small way, Dale! I even added a comment to every post on my Flickr account that I don’t want ‘just faves’ but comments, discussions, talks….. to no avail whatsoever. All you can do is block these imbeciles.
    Like (ha ha) that Harvest Moon!!!!! Very much…. it’s a fave, and it gets a like 😉

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  5. I apologize as well, although I try not to do that very much. It is an irritant to me as well for those that always “like” and never comment. When I do it is usually because I am shoe]rt on time and just want you to know I read your post. Now, on to something else. I love your shots of the moon. I played at a grilling & campfire (although the campfire never happened) out of the city and in the country Sunday night. Wow, the moon was so bright and large. How beautiful.

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    • You have no need to aplogize whatseover!
      There are cases where I leave a like only because I know not what else to say! And I’m not insulted by likes, just so you know. It’s the bot likes that are anjoying.
      So glad you enjoyed my shots of the moon. Oh yes, it is definitely a camper’s moon!

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  6. So, I went from FB to twitter to here. Quite a path! Anyway, I like the “like” button. Sometimes I don’t have comments and hit like so that the blogger will know I’ve been by and have read (sometimes skimmed…because). But I do agree with the comment above that you can fix it so you don’t get emails for every “like” but still get them for the comments. Helps clear out the inbox. 🙂 And, yes, there are some people who like a bunch of posts and I do not believe that they are bots, just that they’re trying to be helpful or kind or something like that…maybe showing support?

    Beautiful pics. Hard to believe we’re talking about harvest time already!

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    • What a headache to reach me! How kid of you to make the trip 🙂
      No, no, I’m not talking about regular likes. I’m talking about when you open up your blog and see the likes pop up in one shot, proving there is no way in hell anything was read.
      Yes, of course, I could stop the influx of like emails but you know what? I want to know if my peeps have liked something 😉

      You are one of my peeps. And I am never gonna be aggravated if you only leave a like. 😉

      And thank you! So glad you enjoyed the pic.s

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  7. Q

    I wonder how many emails my blog has accumulated by this point? I no longer use it, like, at all. I am always amazed at peeps like you who get notifications that way. I just don’t know how you keep up with it!

    The “liking” in general, when you think about it, odd. It has a slightly charming feel that you can easily see morphing into a dystopian ending at some future time, but that’s another conversation for another time. But the peeps who “like” every single comment? Are they real people or bots? And if they’re real people, should you be afraid?

    So many questions, so little time to rant!


    PS- Beautiful captures, as if I’m surprised.

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  8. Yeah. I do get those sometimes. Not too often fortunately. (wasn’t that a pretty moon? Did you realize the moon is the only object you and I can see – practically – at the same time? I do “Moon mails” with a friend in Kuala Lumpur form time to time. Fun. 🌓

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  9. I got to the “like” box and wondered, dare I? I did. I will never figure out how you read and reply to so many comments. Nice rant. And great moon shots. Neil Young’s (one of yours) “Harvest Moon” is a favorite of mine.

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    • Hahaha! Of course you dare! And you don’t fall into that category of which I ranted 😉 I just try my best (re commenting)
      Thank you. I was going to include my also favourite Neil Young song but I had already put Lisa’s so…

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  10. Ah, the moon, beautiful pictures!
    About the likes, I don’t think they are all bots. You know how it is, you’re supposed to build up a following if you want to sell something or publish something, and many of these likers hope that you’re polite and like them back. So they spam everyone and do get back a lot of likes.
    It’s been a kind of netiquette thing, too, I think, but I never could keep up with that.
    Sometimes I look at their blogs (if they come more than once) and on occasion find something good and like, too, or even follow.
    I do the comment-less likes, too. I read blogs from people I don’t really ‘know’. In the beginning of my blog adventure, I’ve been commenting more, but sometimes I got replies that had ‘who is that, and why does she speak’ written all over them, if you know what I mean. I don’t know why I followed some people, but most of who I follow are interesting and I want to show them that I appreciate their posts. Some must be confused because I know why I follow them but they don’t know me, so they just jump back and like in return, being polite and following netiquette.
    But I’m certain I don’t get as many as you do, so I’m not really bothered by it.

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    • Thank you, Gabi,
      No, they are not all bots, of that I am certain. And yes, many go so far as to leave the link to their blog – they automatically lose me when they do that (mostly because what they do write is not what I am willing to read!)
      And spam likers – I can’t help but wonder just how much their technique works.
      I don’t get that many. They come in waves. A new one and off they go, liking willy-nilly! And hey, I was in the mood to rant and this was the most available subject 😉

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  11. AMEN, sistah! And thank you for expressing how we all feel about those bots!

    I must however comment on your moon shots which always blow me away. What size lens do you use. They are simply amazing! You don’t get shots like that from a cell phone camera. At least I sure don’t! Well done.

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    • I was fairly certain that I was not alone in this one 😉

      Thank you so much. No, definitely not with a cell phone! I use a Canon with a 75-300 mm lens. I wish I had just a little more, like a 400 but not enough to make the expense 😉 This one is hard enough to hold steady.
      So glad you like!

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      • I hear you on that. Apart from being heavy, any 400 is not a cheap investment. And then there’s schlepping it with a tripod for a really good shot. Well done with your Canon. Maybe I’ll give it a shot sometime with my big camera and just play a bit with it. With all the mature trees around it makes it tough to get an unobstructed view. 🌚

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        • Yeah. I’m even contemplating moving to a smaller camera. When I go on my long walks, I get a sore back schlepping the camera bag. Carrying the big(ish) lens, just in case. Using it because, dammit, I brought it! I don’t ever use my tripod because it’s a pain in the ass to set up and I still don’t see that big of a difference. Of course, if I had a remote shutter button, that would change everything. Eesh.
          I am pretty lucky for the moon in either my backyard or over my house from the front.

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  12. I ignore likes, LOL! But I don’t get enough traffic to get too many of them, since my blog is newer. What gets me are the followers who never participate in the discussion and are clearly trying to sell something. But then, there was a time when I was going to quit my day job and get rich off teh internets. I did my share of visiting blogs and leaving comments (with links, of course!) when I hadn’t really read what was written. It is easy to become a spammer when you are trying to get clients! I finally decided that I am much better at teaching, than marketing!

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    • Yeah. I thought I was gonna make money on my food blog. But I never ever left links to my blog elsewhere and I only leave comments to things I’ve read. There are many out there trying to drum up business, I guess.
      I just write because I enjoy it and those who enjoy reading me, great. There is no obligation anywhere. 🙂

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  13. If you spam the bots, they don’t come back!
    Just make sure it’s a bot!
    Rant away anytime you want! I’m all ears.
    You know Resa is a nickname for Theresa.
    Theresa means “the havester” OR “maiden bearing EARS of corn”. ⚡️💥

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  14. Hello from your least botty follower:). But I hear you. I also have a peeve with bloggers who want me to comment and like their posts but never seem to find the time for mine. I’m spotty but loyal, at least.

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  15. Been out of the loop for a bit,
    but back for the moment, at least.
    I always like cool moon pics,
    especially as I have spent a lot of time staring at the moon,
    or staring at clouds glowing in the moonlight.
    Oh, and that was a cool song, too. Don’t think I have heard that one before.
    Also like your profile pic.
    As for money, I am still hiding my true form –
    unless people think I am a big floating dandelion thingy.
    Was gonna like every comment,
    just for the heck of it,
    then saw there were 140 comments and thought: Blood hell! That’s way too much finger work!
    So I didn’t.
    True story.

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    • Hey you! Long time no see…
      Moon pics are fun as is gazing up at it.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the song (not too many peeps seemed to notice it 😉 )
      Thank you re the profile pic. shall have to update it again, show off my silver streak 😉
      Big loating dandelion thingy… I really have to find out why I haven’t been seeing your posts. WP likes to play tricks on us poor unsuspecting folks.
      Buahahaha! Glad you didn’t bother. And what? 140? That’s nuts.


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