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Itchin’ – Friday Fictioneers

I’d like to first offer my condolences to Liz on the loss of Don.  My deepest condolences to you. Sending much love your way.

Secondly, I must wish happy birthday to my sister Lisa… Happy birthday, Sis! I love you to bits!

And finally… welcome to Friday Fictioneers, a place where peeps gather round the fire tended by Rochelle every week.  Rochelle could not have made a better choice today (even if she didn’t know it at the time). I saw this and was immediately on a cruise in my mind… since we actually were on one, returning just before the shit officially hit the fan on Friday the thirteenth of March, 2020.  Lordy.  ‘Nuff of that. Click on the frog to play by adding the link to your 100-word story.  G’head. It’s a great way to learn how to trim the fat from your writing…

©Liz Young

Fall is here.

Yes, and it’s my favourite time of the year.

Mine, too.  The weather is perfect.  If it could only stay like this through till spring. Skip winter alltogether.

Not how it works in this neck, you know that.  Why bother harping on it?

Coz this is the time I start itchin’.


Yeah. Itchin’ to book our next cruise for Spring Break. 

Hah! You just said fall is your favourite.  Enjoy it.  Why rush?

One word for you:  Planning ahead.

That’s two words.

Don’t be a smartass. Shall I call the sisters?

Duh! And don’t forget Mom!


141 thoughts on “Itchin’ – Friday Fictioneers

  1. You take the fall and look forward to spring. Fall is a wonderful time of the year out here. We are getting colder mornings already. Excellent 100 words. You all are a lovely lot.

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    • Me too! It’s beautiful, the temps are perfect, the air is crisp.
      Those days will come again… eventually!
      Sorry for the delay. Your comment got lost in the shuffle!!


  2. I’m loving September in Hampshire, UK this year – best of the summer, if a bit late. I love the photo of your beautiful family members and of course, planning ahead is almost as good as the real thing. I’ve now got Sea Cruise running around in my head!

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    • It must be wonderful – an area I would so much love to visit (and will, one day!) Honestly, this year, September has been lovely here on the south shore of Montral. And thank you, My sisters, mother and moi… way back in 2009!
      I do love cruising…


  3. What a lovely, loving, adorable family you are, the girls and mum. And I dare say, you look all very cheerful and happy! I’ve never ever been on a cruise, I’m more the swimming girl, or on a boat on one of our wonderful lakes, where we also can have a meal, a drink, a natter…. I cannot, however, imagine spending any length of ‘family’ time with my family, our 2-4x yearly gatherings are always much fun, everybody talks over the others, it’s loud and much laughter is usually amongst us, but going on a holiday – and especially on a boat – no thanks.

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  4. Dear Dale,

    I’m with you on the weather. But we both know winter won’t be skipped in our areas. Sigh. At least you take those great snow photos that make great paintings. 😉
    I felt like I was eavesdropping on you and your sister. Good job. Definitely can’t forget Mom.

    Shalom and lotsa hopeful hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Oh heck no. We are stuck with the winters so we might as well make the best of it… say, like in photography and painting 😉

      LOL… I was picturing this as a Mick conversation. He was always the instigator..

      Shalom and lotsa warm and cozy love,



  5. Q

    And now, please welcome the Rogerson 4 to the stage where they will sing their number one hit “Let’s Go Cruising!”.

    Lovely ladies and a spring break, now what more could you ask? This was a very clever way to git your pretty faces on the cover, and with a true to life scenario that . . fingers crossed, happens come the spring.


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  6. Yay, you’re back! Great piece of dialogue, Dale. I loved the smartass comment! I hate the short days, and nowadays they seem to get earlier and earlier in the year (yes, I know that’s daft, but that’s what it feels like!) Give me spring and summer any day.

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    • Aww. How sweet are you? Glad you enjoyed my dialogue. The shorter days are a bummer and I know what you mean! I absolutely love autumn, though. I don’t mind winter, though I wish it lasted less long 🙂


  7. Fall is also my favourite time of year! Its unfortunate proximity to winter is the problem. Oh well, the trees are gorgeous, the sun is shining and all is right in the world… At least in my mind.

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  8. Fall. My favorite season. Relief from the unrelenting heat & humidity. Planning the annual deer hunt. The beautiful color changes in the trees. It’s a beautiful time of the year. I can do without the full blown Winter. Give me a two season year…Fall & Spring. Good story Dale.

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  9. ‘Itchin’ is a good way to describe it. Winters are really LONG in our neck of the woods, for sure. You docked just in time last cruise… glad you weren’t one of those stuck in a port on a ship to nowhere. Strong family resemblance in that photo. 🙂

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    • Thank you. It’s so cool that we all get along and love to travel together. Well. Mick had it all planned out. We were gonna become snowbirds one day, thereby skipping winter up here. That ship, of course, has sailed.


    • What a lovely thing to say, Gabi. Thank you.
      Glad you enjoyed my dialogue. I could so easily picture having this convo with Mick. He was almost always the instigator for our trips. He and my sister Tracy (the one in red) – they were always in cahoots. 🙂

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  10. Oh yes. Finally. This morning was the coolest it’s been since April. Two days ago it was 100F. I welcome this season change more every year. For me, quality of life improves along with my attitude. 🙂

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    • Excellent! I know you Texans have been hit with quite the heat blast. I hope more cool days lie ahead for ya. And I know what you mean. Temperatures can wreak havoc with all our lovely and good intentions to be nice 😉

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      • This was one of the coolest (less hot is better. it was not “cool”) summers on record, but the last week has been Summer’s last toasting. Mid to high 90sF is “normal” here. 🙂 If we do “winter” at all, it is Jan/Feb time. This year we lost all potted plants and many garden bushes when it froze and we lost electrical power in February.

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        • Boy, temps are relative depending on where you live! During our gross and humid heatwave, we hit the 100’s a few times. I could not do that on a regular basis – our humidity levels being ridiculous. I remember reading about all the frozen trees and broken branches and electrical power losses back then, thanks to another Texas blogger.

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  11. What a delightful story. And everyone is identifying with it in some way. Wonderful. I love this time of autumn when the air just begins to chill and there’s a kind of mist in the mornings… Mystery in the air. And yes, planning ahead as well as enjoying the moment reminds us of the cycle of life. And of spring break! 😉

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    • Merci Jenne!
      So glad you enjoyed. I absolutely love autumn… when you realise that you now need a sweater and you come back from a walk with pink cheeks from the crisp air. And yes, that morning mist is wonderful.
      And planning ahead, it’s always nice to be able to look forward to something. 🙂


  12. Your timing for this post is perfect for my neck of the woods. The day was long and gloomy – and cold. I have the furnace on for the first time. I’m not planning any trips but am looking forward to Indian Summer and warm, bright days before winter takes charge.

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    • Oooh… It was a high of 93 here! Went out for supper with two girlfriends and we sat outside on the terrace…and I started to rain near the end of our evening! But still warm. I don’t know if we will get the cold then the Indian summer (are we still allowed to call it that?)


    • Tell me about it. On our last one (the one mentioned that went from March 1-8), the staff were very insistent on the spritzing of the hands. We were very conscious of something not being as usual (then we got off the boat and forgot about it). Getting off and into the “real” world was quite the reality check!

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      • It’s a shame at large people weren’t too concerned about clean hands pre-COVID. How many colds and flus could have been avoided. How surreal. At least you got one last trip in. I wonder if cruising will be a thing in the future?


    • That’s lovely to read! And thank you.
      And we did, actually (a few times). That photo was from the trip in 2009 but we went in March 2020 – got home just before the sh*t hit the fan on that Friday the 13th!

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  13. A very nice story and I enjoyed the dialogue. Planning ahead for fun springtime adventure seems like a smart thing to do so you have it to look forward to once the temperatures really drop. A lovely photo of your beautiful smiling faces. Isn’t it so much fun to be with family?!

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  14. Witty write, Thunder!
    I chuckled, and not just because I’m a Chucklehead!
    Autumn is the best time for walking! It is also my fave season.
    Will you be going on a cruise next spring?
    What a great shot! It’s like a whole team of AGMs!

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  15. …and I wonder why I didn’t get a notification of your post! Argh… wp!!!! Happy belated Birthday to your sis!!!!
    What a lovely photo of you all… those beautiful smiles!
    Enjoy Fall while you plan ahead! 😉
    Many many hugs!

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