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Church and Prayer – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday morning, Peeps!  Well looky-here… I can’t very well not participate in Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers when she uses my pic now, can I?  So, I am. And you can too, if you wish.  Just click on the frog below and add the link to your own 100-word story… it’s fun, g’head!

Cartoon: A Dancing Frog and View Of The Church Altar Background | Clipart  Images

Other than weddings, funerals, the occasional baptism and a midnight mass or two to please Mémère, we didn’t go to church.  My mother was pretty much done with it and nuns yet she made us do the Catholic rituals of first communion and confirmation. I don’t even remember if I ever went to confession. No matter, I’m a remarried widowed divorcée, not sure I’m even allowed to partake now, anyhow.

As for prayer, never was one much for that, either. Anne Lamott’s “Help Thanks Wow” made me realise that when I chat with the Universe? It’s kinda like a prayer.

171 thoughts on “Church and Prayer – Friday Fictioneers

  1. I’m with you!
    I remember my first communion.
    I had the highest marks in my religious classes.
    Mom was a divorcee, so we had to sit at the back of the church. All the girls were wearing the white communion dresses. I was not allowed, as my mom was a divorcee. I wore a smart blue and white seer sucker 2-piece.
    I was so disenchanted at that point, that I chewed the host. FORBIDDEN.

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    • Ah man! That is a horrible thing to do to a child! And this stupid church pisses me off with their bullcrap rules and regulations. This is a classic case of the child paying for the parent’s “sins”
      Disenchanted, no kidding. And good for you, you bad Catholic, you!

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      • Yeah, me bad cathaholic!
        You know, I designed the costumes for a Showtime movie “Our Fathers”. it’s a true story of the pedophile disgusting mess.
        I dressed Christopher Plummer, Ted Danson, Brian Dennehey, Daniel Baldwin and Ellen Burstyn.
        Not bad for a girl from Winnipeg who had to sit at the back of the church. xoxo

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