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Tunnel Gift

I haven’t written anything since the FF two Wednesdays ago.  I dunno what’s up… I was looking at my blog and found that I had twenty-one (yes, 21!) drafts!  Seriously?  I do this to myself like all. the. time.  I start something, get side-tracked, go back, don’t feel it, put it aside and next thing I know the story is too old.  I decided I’d do a clean-up but not before getting my steps in, which, being a non-running day, can prove difficult.

For those who don’t know it, I have challenged myself to do 10,000K steps per day for a whole year.  82 days left to completion! (And I cannot wait for that day to arrive without making time go any faster, if that makes any sense whatsoever.

I finally convinced myself that I could sacrifice an hour of my time (on a beautiful day, no less) to “git ‘er done”.  I made the decision to walk towards a park that I thought was not too far. Right. Wasn’t too far by bicycle!  No matter. I wanted a new path today because no matter how much joy I find in taking the same path over and over again and discovering something new, today was not that day.

I walk past the golf course and know that soon, I will be off this loud and noisy and dirty boulevard.

I see there is graffiti in the tunnel and decide to go take a closer look-see.  This is where part of this post turned into an hommage to Resa’s Graffiti Lux Art & More blog.  What a find!  It started off with a quote that translates to mean:  “Yesterdays follow me and ressemble me less and less”.

A lovely and colourful ’50’s style scene unfolds.  The first frame feels like it doesn’t belong and was created by a totally different person.  Or actually, like a commercial before the main event.

First one side:

And, then, the other side:

Truly amazing work.  It took me three tries to film this without interruption from cyclists and golf cart drivers. It finally worked when I went backwards. Apologies for the movement. It’s hard to walk and hold a phone!

Time to keep moving as my destination was still a ways away.  I went another block or so and turned onto a street, getting away from the boulevard.  At the end of the street, I looked left and ta-dah!  I could see the park.  Two blocks away.  Finally.  I couldn’t find an entrance so I cut in, knowing I would eventually catch up with one of the many trails within.  I chose one that is used for mountain bikes in summer and snowshoes in the winter (note to self:  definitely must come back with snowshoes this winter).  I had lost interest in exploring this park more fully (Michel-Chartrand) knowing I had a good trek back. I shall definitely return but will take my car to get there and give myself that two hours completely in the park instead of wasting most of it on a sidewalk.

FYI, I totally busted my goal, getting over 13K steps.  Woot!

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    • Thanks, Gigi. Oh, defi Italy gonna take my car. When I told anyone who knows that park that I walked from my house they think I’m nuts!


    • Thank you, Mel. The photos were easier to get. Of course, not a soul passed by during that! I had passed there before but by bicycle so, I looked but didn’t quite see. So glad you enjoyed.

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  1. I’ve been slacking in my writing too Dale, and when I do it’s all bleak and angry. I think the last couple of years have been tougher than we realise, we’re coming into winter now too which will be a trial I’m sure. But I guess we just have to keep on keeping on. Take care, great graffiti by the way

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    • Yes, I have noticed a change in mood in yours. I think this … challenge,,we’ll call it, has been tough on so many.
      That’s the way I roll. Keep on keeping on. I think I was just bored with the whole thing and focussed more on photography and other stuff. Cold temps mean more opportunity for writing 😉
      Glad you enjoyed the graffiti.


  2. You made up for not writing with this late-night entry. You should link it to Robin’s Walktober.
    That mural is amazing! And the park looks very pretty.

    I know what you mean about finding new places to walk. There are lots of places I could drive to, but early in the morning, I don’t really feel like doing that.
    I walk inside my house when I’m on the phone, and if I happen to get a call from sister or child, it can be a long one. One day last week I had over 21,000 steps. It’s not much cardio, but it’s still movement. 🤣

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    • Woot! Glad you think so! Oh, I already took my Walktober walk last weekend. Have to get those photos sorted (you saw a few already…)

      And yes, I get it. Early in the morning is not when I want to be driving out somewhere – especially on work days, even though I did it once last week.
      I get that! On Tuesday was our monthly meeting – I got something like 7K steps marching around my desk and hallway during the whole thing (an hour-long blah-blah fest!) Walking is very good movement. The cardio? Even if we do only 10-15 minutes per day, it’s great. 21000! Wow! I haven’t had that in a long time (used to get it all the time working as a waitress…)

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  3. What an amazing mural! I really enjoyed the video. It somehow went well with the music I am listening to that isn’t remotely 50’s music (well, not 1950’s at any rate — it’s a yoga chant and who knows how old that is?). I love that quote, too.

    Well done on your goal. Very impressive. 🙂 I hope we get to see more of the park (maybe for Walktober?).

    I do the same thing with drafts and ought to clean them up someday since they are taking up space with photos.

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    • So glad you liked, Robin. And how cool that it went with the music – on my second attempt, I wasn’t upset the golf carts intruded because the background “music” was sirens!

      I was pretty pleased with the goal and I will definitely be returning to this park. I went up north last weekend to take Walktober pics (you saw a few on IG) but I just might go back to this park. I was going to go today but the sky is grey and uninteresting.

      At least my drafts have no photos. And I did flush 3-4 of them. The others still have potential 😉


  4. Dear Dale,

    I’ve noticed the absence of your presence in FF. 😉 At any rate, this post is fun. Glad you’re getting your steps and sharing the scenery. Love the graffiti art. Amazing.

    Shalom and 13K worth of lotsa hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I appreciate that, you’ve no idea how much. I will be trying to write more. And am very glad you enjoyed this one. Isn’t it wonderful?

      Shalom and lotsa (13K worth) love



      • I hate it when a comment would have made the perfect title, and I’m like Duh! I should have thought of that.

        Resa’s going to go Lady GaGa over it. Not only did you find a real treasure, you documented it exquisitely.

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        • Exactly my immediate thought upon reading Tunnel Vision. Arrgh!

          I hope she does! I tried to do as she does. Since it was both sides and rather long, I didn’t do the closeups but still 😉

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          • I just got an eye scan for glaucoma, so maybe I have tunnel vision on the brain. No glaucoma, but my mom had it so I have to be checked.

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          • My mother has it, too and I got my scan a few years ago. My sister just had laser surgery to stop it from happening. Her eyes were extremely dry and the ophthalmologist was not happy with what she saw, so she sent my sister to a specialist. She was operated not two weeks later. Now, she can rest assured she will never get it.

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          • That’s great news for you sister. My mom didn’t get it, or at least have to treat it, until she was in her late 80s. I’m not a high risk of getting it, but there is always a risk if someone in the family has had it.

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          • Yes. My mother, sadly, was not so lucky. Had she been sent to this specialist from the get, he would have been able to save much of her eyesight. As it is now, she is down to 15% of her vision. She sees her specialist ever six months in the hope they have some new something to help her. I will make sure I have mine checked regularly.

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    • Thank you, Jan! Was pretty pleased to stop and take the time. As for the 10K steps… It was supposed to be for the 68-day challenge at work, next thing I know, I’m now aiming for one year. I can’t stop now!

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  5. Wow, that is some graffiti art! And congrats on your walking, that park looks beautiful. About the drafts: don’t delete them. It’s one of the reasons why I alost never write on the blog but draft and save everything in a word processor. I have a folder full with dismissed drafts and actually found use for one or the other later.

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    • Isn’t it fab? I think I will actually, get in my car and go right now 😉
      No, I won’t delete them. Well, I did delete the ones that only had Sammi’s WWP image. I have no intention of doing those and if there is a lightbulb moment, then I shall go back and dig it out.
      I know there can be a use for some of them. 🙂

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  6. LOVE THIS!!
    Thanks for linking me in Thunder!
    So if you would have taken your car, would you have found the tunnel?
    We had a teeny weeny Thanksgiving family dinner yesterday. 5 adults, all fully vaxxed.
    I’m still in shock.
    Good news, I spotted 3 new street arts on the way and an alley that looks promising!
    Tomorrow or Wed. big walk!

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  7. No boring tunnel there! Very cool artwork. We could use more street art to liven things up.
    And kudos on sticking to your fitness goals. Maybe you can do that park for Walktober?? 🙂


  8. Q

    Sacred blues! The quote, what a great quote. And the ode to Resa done her mighty proud, I’m sure of it. WITH video no less! You didn’t just bust up that goal- by several thousand oh by the way- but you created a moving gallery while you were at it. Me? I can’t run and chew gum at the same time Hell, I can’t even just chew gum!

    And not for nothing, but that park has a genuine Town and Country feel to it, or at least you really managed to make us believe it.

    To goal year!


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  9. I remember writing one of those “I start things but can’t finish” posts a few years back.
    I make notes and self-reminders (especially on my walks) all the time, only to later wonder what I was thinking. Unless I put enough flesh on an idea, it leaves me.

    Looking at the comments (84, so far), your fan base was here waiting for you.
    Good to see such a great post, Dale. Wonderful photos/video and the tunnel art is awesome.
    Well done!! 🙂 Again.

    Oh, and happy Wednesday (hint, hint).

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  10. A fabulous and healthy challenge, Dale – physically and mentally. I have a similar goal (but not every day although close). Sometimes I find myself walking swiftly up and down the stairs to add on. 🙂 A friend (through writing, lives locally) is part of a small group of men and women who are challenge themselves to run at least 3 miles a day. Some do more, but never less. EVERY day (and in the winter, um, challenging). They are on Year THREE of doing this! I feel like a slug. ;-0 Great photos – thanks for bringing us along.

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    • Thank you, Pam. I am rather pleased I did take it on. I often find myself walking up and down stairs to make it!

      Three miles per day is something else. I don’t run every day (gotta protect me ole knees that have been sorely abused by sports for ages). Just checked my km vs miles and I run three miles. Go figure 🙂
      That small group is amazing. I am not looking forward to running in the snow (I only started running this past spring, so…)
      So glad you enjoyed the pics. Thank you for coming along!

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      • I LOVE to run, and did so from the ages of 30 to 53. But oh.my.knees. When I began crawling up the stairs at work because it hurt so much, I gave up running. I walk every day, and I’m told that’s the best exercise ever. I’m going to believe it. 🙂

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        • Here’s the rub… I don’t love it! But I’m starting to like it. And the knees are surprising me, quite frankly. The glucosamine I take has made a huge difference. And I don’t push it too much. I started when my doctor said walking is great but I want you to up your cardio – 15 minutes per day. Sigh.
          Definitely believe it. It is way better than sitting on your duff 😉

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  11. First off, congrats on 13K steps! Awesome. And I’m so inspired by your 10K a day bit. Do you walk all of them? It looks like from some of your posts you’ve been running some too? I need to get moving and I think what stops me is my long-hauler fatigue–and feeling like walking isn’t enough. But it IS, isn’t it? Good for you, Dale! How many days has it been?

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