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Gone Phishing

Sarah hosted Quadrille Monday yesterday on dVerse.  This week’s quadrill (a 44-word poem) must include a form of the word ash.  I was going to go in a whole ‘nother direction but then… yesterday’s shit-for-brains moment would not leave me alone.  All’s well that ends well thanks to a co-worker basically saving my sorry ass.  She was already my favourite in this company and I cannot express my gratitude enough for what she did for me.  Thank you, Tania!

Nothing like real life to nudge the muse…

A one thousand dollar error

leaves me sick to my stomach


A request seemingly not out of the norm

worded in such a way as to not question


Realisation sets in

that I have been played


Leaving a taste of ash in my mouth




76 thoughts on “Gone Phishing

    • It’s awful. It’s bad enough to do it on my own dime, but on the company’s? Add the embarrassment of it going around the office…


  1. If only they would put the same effort into a useful job of work, the world would be a better and wealthier place and they themselves could make an honest fortune. May they be cursed with the fleas of a thousand camels and a plaque of locusts!

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  2. Damn, I hate that this happened to you. Yet being Dale, you drag misfortune by the scruff of its neck and turn it into a relatable piece of writing. So clever – and a great way to vent about it.

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    • You and me both. And yeah, being Dale has its perks! 😁. I like that: dragging misfortune by the scruff. The benefits of being a writer to deal with shit by writing about it and, entertaining or enlightening others. Thank you for another great comment, Jilly!


  3. Dear Dale,

    Thank heaven for Tania. So glad it ended better than it could have. I was the victim of phishing a year ago. A hundred dollar lesson. I didn’t write about it. Good job on the verse and turning it around.

    Shalom and lotsa unsinkable hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Yes, thank goodness Tania saw the benefit and offered (and that head office agreed). It’s so damn embarrassing to fuck up in public. I can’t believe I did write about it! That whole face it so you can put it away, I guess…

      Shalom and Lotsa real love,


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  4. Well done with the prompt, Dale! I’m so glad your co-worker was able to save your butt. Goodness, you are so *not* alone in getting phished. We’re only human, and we can be vigilant against nefarious types for only so long. xoxo

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  5. Q

    Problem with beating yourself up over this (You best have let it go by now, and I am almost 1000 percent sure you have) is that some bag of dicks somewhere has 24 hours a day with which to sneak a goal past a netminder somewhere. And that bag of dicks will indeed slip it past scores of netminders every day, because when you focus your dumbass energies on one thing for every hour of every day, you’ll get what you want to get. We, on the other hand, are busy people who devote mere seconds to emails, voicemails, letters, etc. There’s only so much time in the day and unlike that bag of dicks, we have serious work to do. So twenty four hours vs five to ten seconds . . . it’s why shit happens.

    Fuck the bag of dicks. You’re a somebody doing somebody things.



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