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Walktober 2021 St-Rémi d’Amherst & Brébeuf

“I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house.”

― Nathaniel Hawthorne

I could not agree more, Nate!

This year I planned ahead for my Walktober, hosted by the lovely Robin at Breezes at Dawn.  Planned so far ahead, It’s been almost three weeks since I went for my walk and I’m only sharing now?  Life and all that.

For many years my sisters and our families would “go up north” to my mother’s for Thanksgiving (2nd weekend in October, in Canada).  Each time, I’d think, darn… we seem to be just a week too late to see the colours at their apogee.  This time, I thought, I’d not be fooled!

My cousin Sonya and I had been wanting to get together for awhile so we planned to meet at my aunt’s (formerly my grandmother’s) in Namur, in the Outaouais region of Quebec. My mother hitched a ride with me so I changed my plans only slightly in that, instead of going for my walk on Saturday, I’d go on Sunday, on my way home.

There are two ways to get to our destination, through the Laurentians (where the colours were sure to be spectacular) or through the Outaouais, which is always a tad behind. Though not the original plan, the latter is the route we ended up taking.  I forewarned my mother that I might be pulling over often!  This was the first stop, just before Fassett (I think!)

The colours are still to show off

It wasn’t long before I pulled over again, this time in the town of Fassett.  Whoa! I had to stop.  The Tragically Hip is a Canadian band close to our hearts, all the more so since the front man, Gord Downie passed away from brain cancer, October 17, 2017.  Someone painted this gorgeous mural on the side of their house.  (Bobcageon is a town in Ontario and the title of one of their songs.)

The colours got more the closer we got to my aunt’s.  From Montebello to Namur, you do not want to stop.  The curves and hills make it way too dangerous so I was looking forward to the next day’s walk.  But until then, there was an evening of good food, wine and lots of laughs in store.

We had a late breakfast, having gone to bed at an ungawdly hour the night before.  Salutations and I was out the door by noon.  This time I was taking the road towards the Laurentians, detouring wherever I got the urge. These following three are just a few of my stops.

About midway between my aunt’s and the highway there is a lovely village called St-Rémi d’Amherst.  My mother lived in an apartment there after my folks split up.  This permitted us to discover the water tower.

Way back (over 25 years ago) there were steps in various parts of the climb. The man who took care of them passed away and over the years they disappeared into the land. Makes it more challenging!  I had joked with my sister that I had had a sort of vision of me falling down the hill and no one was there to help me… feeling I had hexed myself, I thought I should not dare! However, after stopping by the little lake in the village, I couldn’t help but drive my car past the little church towards the entrance. Seeing a bunch of cars already parked, I figured I was safe!  LOL.

The walk up to the old water tower can take a good 30-45 minutes.  You have to walk down a path, to some stairs and a bridge to cross a little river (creek) and then the trek begins in earnest.

The trek, even when there were stairs here and there, was and is a good one. There are moments where you really have to stop and catch your breath.  I do remember once running up the whole way in 15 minutes.  Yeah. Not today!

The view from the top is quite spectacular. I don’t have the crazy gene to climb the tower, though!!

The way down permitted me to notice some fungi while feeling the burn in my thighs!

So glad I decided to risk it.  I continued on my way and remembered that I have promised myself over and over to stop in Brébeuf at the falls.  Oh my.  Such a beautiful place.  And, after my whole lifetime of passing by here, I finally learned they are called the Blueberry Falls (Chutes aux bleuets).

I seem to be unable to control myself when it comes to Walktober.  I tell myself I shall not bombard you with photos and, trust me, I held back!  I hope you enjoyed the walk!

126 thoughts on “Walktober 2021 St-Rémi d’Amherst & Brébeuf

    • Isn’t it fantastic? I hadn’t driven that way in years. I told my mother that I wanted to take the “old way” – so sad for these villages ever since Hwy 50 was built. It’s like a Route 66 now.
      Glad you enjoyed the colours and all. And yes, so fab. I remember going to Brooklyn in November and thinking wow… the colours are at their peak!


    • Thank you, Barbara. I am definitely blessed to know that small section of my province. I’m so glad you enjoyed. I thought that quote was perfect for me. Glad you know it as well!

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  1. So, so beautiful. I envy you, I’m sitting here, at work. looking out of the window at a wonderful blue sky and golden trees… and when I have the time, it’s overcast or foggy.
    Seeing your picures and reading about your adventures is a bit of compensatioin.

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    • Aw shucks, Gabi. Thank you. I am off to sit in my dreary office, too. It’s dark and they are calling for two days of rain. No blue skies today.
      So glad I was able to compensate you! 🙂

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  2. Land like this makes all that is happening in this world disappear. You take away people and everything falls into place. Colours swirl in a colossal dance party we humans can only stand in awe . Thanks for taking us by the hand, dragging is up and through it all.

    Here at my old wooden desk, looking out, colour abounds on the North Mountain. Rugged beauty it is. Unkempt, ragged and splendid.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Sneaky you… I couldn’t understand your earlier comment about being away, having never “met” you… but I had.
      And your comment was so lovely, I had to see who you were!


    • Of that, I have zero doubt. My late husband’s family (MacIsaac & Seffern) was from Nova Scotia. He used to spend his summers as a child at his grandfather’s. And yet, somehow, in our almost twenty years together, he never felt the urge to go back. Bummer.


      • Aye, though I have to admit it is not everyone’s cup tea, that said, a wee dram sheep dip goes along way when the wind blows. I think half of Quebec were down here this past summer, in little camper vans, like wayward gypsies gun-ho for adventure. Yes you might become a rock hound.

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        • Oh, I dunno. All the pictures tell me differently. We have special odours here, as well at certain times of the year… And I’m not surprised. This Covid crap held people back last year. And still made travel across the border difficult so it has forced people to visit their own country (not a bad thing). Rock hound? LOL…


  3. Oh, my word, Dale, it’s so beautiful there. All that space, and not a soul in sight. It makes my part of the world seem very tight on the plot in comparison. And those colours. I really wish I could master the art of teleportation to see it firsthand and smell that clean air. .

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    • It is such a beautiful area. And there were people but not that many. That hike up to the tower is not for the weak! Well, they would just need more time so it might discourage those whose heart pumps a tad too hard 😉
      I was really pleased to have chosen that weekend to go up. It was so lovely.
      And thank you!

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  4. Oh, Dale, these colors are stunning — just the way ours are *supposed* to be, ha! I especially love the mural, too. Such talent is impressive, especially to one who does good to draw stick-people. Thanks for letting me enjoy Walktober with you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Debbie. I am so glad you enjoyed. Our colours were far from that (nearer Montreal) at that time and are pretty much NOW in their prime.
      I was blown away by that mural! My goodness. I am a stick-person artist as well 😉

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  5. Q

    This Nathaniel Hawthorne character mustn’t have been much of a football fan if he was coming up with quotes like that. No wonder he had time for other things.

    As for the walk, magnifique. A little town and country going on here with a rich serving of autumn baked into the center. The autumn we oftentimes only hear rumors of but never really get to see, like here. It’s still green and the weather is still unseasonably warm, so I figure when the freeze comes, it will just knock everything into winter instantly.

    To October!


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  6. Walktober – fabulous! Photos – fabulous! So is Hawthorne’s quote, of course. I just toured a house called THE OLD MANSE where he stayed at times and wrote. And I know he walked a lot all around the area. Will there be a Walkovember?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Pam! So very glad you enjoyed the pics and the quote. Oh, how cool is that? Very, I say.
      Well, I have discovered a park a hop, skip and a jump away from my house and I have so far gone thrice. Needless to say there are pictures galore so I think I shall start with an ode to the park and yanno… with all the walking I do, i could do a Walknovember, Walkdecember, etc… 😉

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  7. Dale!! Such beautiful images, such a beautiful Walktober. Stunning colors and scenery and you should have shared all the images. (I do know what you mean. I’m having trouble picking out some of mine. It’s still going to be overwhelming because we have a lot of walkers participating this year.)

    Liked by 1 person

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