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Creating Art – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday!  It is time for Friday Fictioneers, where a bunch of us rush to post on Wednesday because Friday seems too far away.  This week our lovely leader, Rochelle, has gotten the rights to Jennifer Pendergast’s lovely photo.  Did an idea pop into your head upon seeing this lovely bit of children’s art?  Then by all means, do share by clicking on my Lego frog below and add the link to your 100-word story!

©Jennifer Pendergast

Lego Frog Building Instructions - Lego Classic 10698 "How To" - YouTube

Click to play!

Hey babe, what are you up to?

I’m creating a collage.

It looks like a child made it.

Good, it’s supposed to.  I am calling it “Innocence at Play”.

No, seriously.  It looks like a three year old made it.

Right.  And like I said, that is good. It’s what I’m aiming for.

Are you telling me that you will get paid for this crap?

It is not crap. It is art. And yes, I will.

The shit you can get away with when you are a recognized artist.

Isn’t it grand? Plus, it pays the mortgage, so stop bitching.



148 thoughts on “Creating Art – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Don’t complain it’s a good piece. And it helps pay the mortgage. Besides, it’s better than I could do. Love the artwork and the story.

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  2. A ha ha haaaaa, pays the mortgage!!!!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
    Reminded me of the banana stuck on the wall with duct tape… and so many other “art pieces”. Or -even better- the Invisible Sculpture [literally!], Salvatore Garau sold for $18,300!
    Art! 🤪

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  3. Too funny 🙂 I have received many “pieces of art” from people and especially my kids. They are now considered treasures and I keep them in my scrap book.. nice to look at once in a while, brightens my day 🙂

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    • Well now wait a minute… art from our kids will always be priceless 😉 Art made by us to look like it was made by a kid? Not so much… 😀


  4. Laughing out loud to this. Art as they say is subject, and it’s worth, well it depends on what one is willing to pay. Good sthufffs,you.

    On another note. Once upon a time in a distance galaxy in my third year of art school. I sent three or four pieces to a juried exhibition by the Bank of Montreal. I won’t explain the work, other then it was piles of wood. Long story short I won, aside from the cash, ii (they) we’re to stay with BMO for a year in Toronto. After a year I got phone call they wanted to send it back to me, and they would pay the shipping which was a $1000.
    To which I replied, ” do you have a fireplace, I’d set it free that way”. I don’t know what happen to it, am told it stayed on some floor in the BMO building in TO for number of years.

    The point of this is, art is seldom nor necessarily about money at all. I was irreverent then as I am now about art.

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    • So very glad, Calvin. I do like to generate laughs 😉

      Well now… You are a talented one! And funny, yourself… Setting it free via fire LOL.

      And you are right. True artists are seldom about the money.


  5. Wonderful, Dale. Back in the day a friend told me, “it’s not how good you are that is important, it’s how good others think you are.” Imposter syndrome or not, I’ll take the money and run. A certain amount of eccentric behavior is expected from artists, eh?

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  6. Q

    I remember learning the math to Picasso after I so foolishly blathered on about how his art “doesn’t make sense” with an artist I dated in high school. I was taught a good lesson, which I keep in my back pocket for those occasions when I come upon something that makes me go, Nah Uh.

    But . .that said . . there are pieces that strike me as kindergarten cash grabs to which no amount of subjectivity is gonna change my opinion. But if it pays the mortgage, good for the artist. Maybe not so good for the person who just done PAID that mortgage, but if they’re happy with it then I guess it’s a win/win?


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    • B

      Hey. Picasso doesn’t make sense to YOU and frankly, that’s fine by me. To each his own. Could you imagine if there were only one type of painting? Ugh.

      No kidding. Some of the shit that sells for bazillion dollars, I look at and think… yep, they done give the tools to their kids… And yes, if the buyer loves it, then pocket the money, pay your mortgage and everyone goes home happy 🙂


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      • No, no . . that’s not what I meant. I figured out old Pablo thanks to the lesson. Which was a good thing considering I spent a lot of time at art museums. It allowed me to better understand the Mondrians and Pollocks of the world.

        Did you ever check out Lyonel Feininger? He did a piece called “City at the Edge of the World” that I was reminded of with your piece.

        I remember when Andres Serrano created a furor with his work “Piss Christ”, which was a crucifix submerged in his urine. Yikes! Pols got pissed when they learned Serrano got paid by the NEA for that one.

        I agree with you, Pee Pee Jesus notwithstanding, art is all about subjectivity. If it incites, inspires, provokes . . go with it, by all means, because that is the point after all.

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        • I take that back, then! Good on you for learning about him!

          I have not. Which now I shall have to go check out.

          I don’t remember that one. Eeesh. “Art”… stuff like that I find out of my range of desire to comprehend.

          Art really is. And you’re right. It is the point. To inspire, provoke and make you think.

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          • I was thusly inspired. And it was a good way to broaden my horizons. The art, I mean. 😉

            Fun stuff.

            Yeah, I mean, where is the line? I don’t have a problem with it not being funded but does it rise to the level of a public menace? I don’t think so. So as much as it’s disgusting and repulsive, I don’t know that you can ban such a thing.

            That is what it’s all about.

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          • Ahem . . .

            I think Rudy G even came under fire, later on, when he supported the arts. His conservative peers didn’t much like tax payer money going to the arts and Rudy pushed back. Mango, times really did change with him, huh?

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  7. Dear Dale,

    We all have our perceptions of what art is. I’ve seen some crap on museum walls that make me shake my head. One man’s art is another man’s dreck. No?
    In high school I had an art teacher who made a big speech at the beginning of the year talking about art and how no one could say what art was. (although he eschewed puppies and kittens as art) Later in the year another student did a picture the teacher didn’t care for. He blatantly said, “That’s not art.” To which the student parroted his opening speech with “What’s art?” Loved it. Never forgot it. (He wasn’t one of my favorite art teachers.)
    At any rate, loved the dialogue. As long as it pays the bills. 😉

    Shalom and lotsa artful hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      This is true. And definitely true for the art vs dreck.
      I love that! Kudos to the student!
      Glad you enjoyed my exchange 😉

      Shalom and lotsa artistic love,


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  8. That is sooo true. I often find that the pieces I spend hundreds of hours on don’t sell… but that crappy sketch that I just spent all of two minutes on sells for twice as much. It is an enigma. Also found the same with crafts. Those ones that are labor intensive and beautiful end up sitting on a shelf for months, but that hookie little diddle-what that I was just flucking around with sells before it’s done. Go figure. Great take on the prompt! Loved it!

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    • Art is a funny thing. There is no rhyme nor reason, I think. People like what they like and all we can do is hope that our stuff is liked!
      Thank you. So glad you enjoyed it, Bear!

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  9. Hahah, perfect! And why not? It’s the concept that counts, and that idea usually comes from the artist and not all the others who claim ‘my three-year-old could have made this’.

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  10. I must say I’ve never understood what is and isn’t art. But if someone wants to pay me millions for the stuff my kids come up with, just let me know! Nice dialogue and very believable characters, Dale.

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    • Art is so subjective. I see those pieces that go for bazillions and I cannot fathom the why. They don’t appeal to me at all. So.. hey, I figure what works, works!! Glad you enjoyed. 🙂 And thanks for the picture!.


  11. I have a great friend who is an international artist. She has shown all over the world. I love her perspective on things and “art”. Creative minds certainly think differently!!! Great job Dale!!
    PS. It is good to see you! 😉

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  12. Art is in the eye of the beholder, I think. I’m looking out our front window, and I see a bright blue sky, trees with some yellow, orange, a touch of green, a pop of red. That’s art.

    But, all that being said, the prompt photo is art, too. It’s all about perspective, right? And I wonder if that banana taped to the wall was very artistic as it began to rot.

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