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Missing Zeke – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #156

When I saw this week’s Crimson Creative Challenge Prompt, I thought, hmmm… reminds me of another we had done, awhile ago.  So I went searching and was surprised to find that the prompt, no. 108, was issued on December 3, 2020, and I responded, as I often do, the next day, so on the 4th.  Exactly five months later, my boy Zeke was with the angels.  And now?  It is six months, to the day of his passing. I guess sometimes there is a numerical thing that goes on. This time with the number 4.  Anyway. I digress and blather on. A little poem, for Zeke

Eleven months to the day I wrote about you

How you had slowed down and we had switched places

Where once you waited for me,

I now waited for you

Five months to the day, you slowed to a stop

Passing over the Rainbow Bridge

Such a lovely expression, isn’t it?


My walks still take place in various woods around me

And each time I think how much you would

have loved this one, or that one

I sometimes think I see you out yonder

And I wait and I wait and I wait

But I know, deep in my heart

it is naught but wishful thinking

103 thoughts on “Missing Zeke – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #156

  1. I bet Zeke still enjoys his walks every day, only now there are no aches and pains, no shortage of breath, and lots of friends to catch up with. We still see our pussy cat Daisy darting across the room and getting under our feet. 😻

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  2. Tears here for Yr beautiful and sweet testimonial to Zeke. I still miss my Tigi (= small tiger 🐅, renamed by my then young son) decades later. She was the comforting queen for all of us in our ‘broken’, unhappy family….
    Tks for this touching share.

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  3. Dale

    This is so beautifully poignant and if it were not so full of love I would have burst out crying by now. As it is, the tears present a challenge as I focus on the keyboard and try to write an adequate comment to this heartfelt piece of writing. Failing that, I have to say the Rainbow Bridge . . . it’s remarkably fitting in this instance. And the idea of catching a glimpse of woods he loved so? I believe it’s him, I really do.

    Mitch Albom once wrote that death ends a life but not a relationship. How true is that.



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  4. Oh, Dale, that was such a beautiful poem and a hard one to do. Over the rainbow bribge sounds lovely but a bridge that separates us. I like to think they are now running free and happy and I know whenever we say or think their name, they’re there. Beautiful, Dale and hugs to Zeke.

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  5. Numbers. Dates. Commonality. Thoughts and memories pile up like autumn leaves, which are left in place to blow with the wind. You miss Zeke, I miss Elvira. We, you, I, all, wait for spring, then summer and fall. Least we not forget, in the dormancy of winter, memory fosters more memories, all of which are good and worthy. Long live the seasons of our Dogs.

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  6. I’m reading this through tears, Dale. My Sheltie Dallas went to the Rainbow Bridge last March, and I miss him every single day. I always think of him as Mary Poppins (“practically perfect in every way”!). Needless to say, Monkey isn’t a chip off the old block, ha! I think I’d have loved Zeke, too. Hugs on your loss — maybe he and Dallas have become friends!

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    • Fellow pet owners feel this same pain. He was a good one, our Zeke. Not a barker, not aggressive, sweet as can be. I love that Mary Poppins reference! It says it all. Maybe they have! 🙂 Thank you for sharing, Debbie.

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  7. Our memories never fade of our fur-children.
    I always thought he had the best name; his face was handsome too.
    You captured him perfectly in your photograph. I’m sure those reminders;
    although, heartwrenching can be of comfort too. How sad they cannot live as long as humans.
    Have a wonderful weekend … Be Safe 😷 💝

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    • So funny that our two stories spoke of fur-children.
      He was a handsome fella and I did choose the name 😉
      Thank you. I am so very glad you enjoyed my tribute to Zeke.

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  8. They leave a bigger hole in our heart than one would think they possibly could, don’t they? And they also probably make our heart bigger in advance, by stretching it with love, so our hearts, broken as they’d be, can stretch to accommodate the size of loss … and the memories of light they bring.

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  9. Thank you Dale, I was wondering where he was and didn’t know, and now I’m crying for your Zeke and for the many pets I’ve lost over the years. They are never forgotten. If there is some kind of afterlife, they’ll be there.

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