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Standing Tall

It seems I might have a penchant for participating when Merril is hosting Prosery Monday on dVerse.  Hmmm… Wonder why that is? Maybe because the phrases she chooses speak to me. It is not impossible.  For this 144 text of prose – no poetry allowed, we must use the following:

“I am bombarded yet I stand.”
From Adrienne Rich, “Planetarium”

Some go through a large chunk of their life with nary a scrape.  They haven’t lost a single loved one and hardship is a foreign word to them.  The day they do experience loss will be a tough one as they won’t know how to handle it.

Then there are others that you swear were born under a broken star or dark cloud.  They are magnets to misery.  You cannot help but wonder why this seems to be.  What foul past life are they paying for?  And they fall to pieces each time, never learning.

As for me?  They say I am bombarded, yet I stand.  They say I had more than my share and call me resilient.  I just see life, no better, no worse.  I move forward, do what needs to be done and I keep going. I know no other way.

110 thoughts on “Standing Tall

  1. You have such a good attitude for all the loss and hardship you have endured. You are right to move on as best you can. And you have moved on and done well for yourself. Look at you. You are beautiful. A real knockout!

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  2. I swear that I did not read this until after I posted. For the record, the FB sarcoma pages use the sunflower as their symbol.
    Anyway. I agree. You’re great. And you’re right. 🙂

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    • Absolutely! A kindred spirit who doesn’t understand “why me?”. I’ve always said “why not me? Who am I to be exempted from life’s harder realities?”
      Thank you for your presence!


  3. I am cheering for you, Dale! I too have noticed how ‘Some go through a large chunk of their life with nary a scrape.’ I don’t think that any of us get off unblemished though. That’s a great photo!

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  4. Q

    Loss and grief is where faith and hope are born, IF the individual who loses is able to pick themselves up and dust themselves off AND move forward. There is no getting around the fact that we all lose, we all get knocked down. It’s in the getting up that we find the value in ourselves and in the world around us.

    So beautifully penned.


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  5. I love this, Dale! So well said, and so true. Some people face more sorrow and hardship than others; some deal with their tragedies better than others. You are incredibly strong–and beautiful. Gorgeous photo of you! (And beautiful sunflowers, too.)

    I’m glad you liked the poetry line and my prompts. 😀

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    • Yes, it does. I rarely wonder at the why things happen as I figure out the how. You are so lovely to say so and may yours as well. You are loved in return! 💗


  6. Your picture of the Sunflower brings memories of the fields of Sunflowers in South Dakota. They also stand tall and resilient against the elements. Beautiful photo of you as well. Looking good. Life isn’t always a grand, wonderful event but we must learn, adapt, and move on to the better part. And as you stated, I know no other way.

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    • Sunflowers are great, aren’t they? South Dakota, what I saw of it, was lovely!
      Thank you, Jan. That is life, for sure. It can’t be all sunshine and roses. We’d get bored;-)


    • Thank you so much, Peter! There does. I sometimes wonder if we come back, wiser and more ready each time until one day we are the ones with the seemingly easy-breezy life 😉
      That said, we shall no doubt!

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  7. @”Then there are others that you swear were born under a broken star or dark cloud. They are magnets to misery.” – ce qui me rappelle l’affirmation de Guillaume Musso, l’un des plus grands écrivains français contemporains:”La vie a des hauts et des bas, mais le destin – ça n’existe pas – c’est juste l’excuse de ceux qui ne veulent pas être responsables de leur vie.”(Guillaume Musso – “Je reviens te chercher”)
    * * *
    avec tous les bas de ta vie, tu auras prouvé que tu es vraiment forte et responsable comme dans la chanson d’Elton John “I’m still standin’, yeah, yeah, yeah!”; j’aime bien ta photo et tes tifs naturels… ❤ bon dimanche, une semaine optimiste et des océans d'inspiration!!! 🙂

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    • Je suis complètement d’accord avec Guillaume Musso!
      Et merci Mélanie! Je fais ce que je dois 🙂 Et – I like that “tifs naturels”! Yep… j’ai fait comme so many women avec la Covid. Let it go, let it go! 😉
      Bon dimanche à toi aussi! Une semaine remplie de belles choses! Ici les températures baissent. On a été choyés la semaine dernière. Back to reality.


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