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The Things You Do For Love – Friday Fictioneers

It’s Wednesday! You know what that means!  It means Friday Fictioneers where we try to fool you into thinking it’s the wrong day!  Our fellow FriFic buddy, Ted Strutz is recuperating enough to start snapping pictures again, so our lovely leader Rochelle has shown her support to his recovery by using his photo this week as prompt.   Do play along by clicking on the frog below and adding your 100-word story, with beginning, middle and end.

©Ted Strutz

Illustration of a Merry Frog on a Boat in the Sea by brux | GraphicRiver

Nicki leaned over the rail, arms spread out as if trying to capture the wind, the mountains, delighting in the salty spray misting her face. Her eyes sparkled, “Isn’t this absolutely beautiful?”

Tony stared straight ahead, wishing for death or at least terra firma. “Would you step away from the railing, please?” he gritted through his teeth. “Makes me nervous.”

“Oh, pooh! Stop worrying! Oh. My. Are the bands not working? I so hoped they would. We’re almost there. Do you know how much I love you for doing this?”

“When I can breathe without heaving, you can show me.”

164 thoughts on “The Things You Do For Love – Friday Fictioneers

    • Dear Rochelle,

      He really tried. He wanted to do something for her. And hey, you gave yourself the earworm! Glad you enjoyed 😉

      Shalom and lotsa waveless love,


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    • A fellow fearless sailor! We had one cruise where my sister and her family, my husband and my kids were all feeling sick and I was tempted to leave them all to their woes and go for supper.. I should have 😉


    • I’m pretty lucky. I’ve been on some rocky cruise ships, and even my father’s sail boat. I’m not too sensitive. Only happened once where I felt the beginnings of queasiness and just went up and outside till it passed.
      Yeah. Poor guy. He was brave to do that for her.

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  1. Love the story. Don’t understand the seasickness. Lol. In my 28 years in the Navy, I got a little queasy only once and it didn’t last long. It was my first cruise. We used to say when the seas got rough, we were going to eat good. Many were not showing up to chow hall.

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    • Thanks, Jan. I don’t understand it either! Only once did we have a really rough time and my sisters family (all 5) and my guys (the 3 of them) were all done for and I was abandoned for supper! There was another cruise where the waiters were going around with green apples trying to assuage the suffers…

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    • Gosh. I can’t remember where, either! I take my quotes off Goodreads, usually. I don’t always pay attention to who said what (how bad is that?) more to the quote itself. I shall look up Ms Rich’s poetry. I am only recently starting to enjoy poetry so I take all the suggestions I get 🙂
      Have a fabulous Thursday, Ina.

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  2. Hey AGM Dale! I was here this morning, but couldn’t comment, not here not anywhere.

    Okay, I’m from the prairies. I get seasick just looking at a glass of water.
    Lol, it seems most of my boat excursions were ill fated. My fave was the guy who was trying to impress me, in his boat. In the middle of English Bay, the boat started sinking. We did make it back to shore, sitting up to my waist in water.
    The Federal Maple – not enough room in any comments box on earth.

    A sweet ending.. and I get both sides! ⚡️💥

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  3. I didn’t participate this week, but was thinking along the lines of ‘humans love the ocean’ and I love to be near it, see it, walk along the shore – but I don’t need to be in nor on it. So I get this!

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  4. ‘Oh pooh’……your too nice.

    I once had an older woman toss me and my Manhattan against the wall, as she raced to the restroom in rough seas. Wasn’t pretty………oh pooh!

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    • I know, I know. What can I say?

      How awful! Did you lose the whole Manhattan? What a horrid thing to go through. How dare she, anyway… LOL!


      • I didn’t know your blog was rated PG. And you, a Quebec-er and all.

        No, I saved the drink minus a few precious droplets, though my dignity was momentarily put on hold. Obviously, it, the big push, I have told the story often. The horrors of a cruise.

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        • PG, eh? I didn’t know it either 😉

          Thank goodness you had good reflexes, then. I can well imaging you do tell this story often 😀
          Yes, we did have one particular cruise that was more than choppy. My sister and her family, my husband and my kids all wimped out. I was ready to go up to eat and they all wanted to just lie in bed and die.


  5. I have never really experience sea sickness. I have, however witnessed it up close and personal. To wit I said. “you lay down and rest, am heading to the martini bar”. He ducks, and rushes out the cabin door.

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  6. Oy, the poor dude! It may well be me (if I don’t take an anti-motion sickness pill beforehand….). A friend of mine still remembers when her parents had the marvelous idea of holding her birthday party on a chartered boat. She and most of her friends spent the whole time leaning over the decks and feeding the fish… It was not her best birthday party, but certainly the most memorable. … 😉

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  7. Beautifully written, Dale, despite the nauseous subject matter! Good for Tony going on the voyage despite knowing his tendency to sickness; and even finding the self-control to give a humorous reply.

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  8. Q

    Now, to be fair to poor Tony, it ain’t exactly clean pool (pun intended) to make him suffer on what is supposed to be his vacation too! I mean, if the guy was willing to go, that’s on him, but she coulda thrown him a life preserver by changing up the plans so’s his stomach and the rest of him wouldn’t be separated for a week. LOL.

    I was talking to someone about cruises not too long ago. The whole acupressure wrist band thing sounds like something you would buy off one of those infomercials, where they include a second wrist band at no extra charge(!), you just pay the shipping and handling(!) And what’s the deal with the stabilizers on ships? Is that an urban legend too?


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  9. Despite that being my ex’s name, I have to side with Tony – but only the imaginary one in the story. There are lots of other travel related hobbies, like trains and long walks on the beach. =D

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