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Artistic License – Friday Fictioneers

What a Wednesday morning.  Tell me, when does an oil change mean only an oil change?  Never, that’s when.  As I had to be at the garage for 7:30, I didn’t have time to write my FF. I didn’t think I’d be spending five hours there, so I didn’t bring my laptop.  Oh well. Silver linings and all that. I got my steps in before noon. So there’s that, right?  Thank you, always, to our leader, Rochelle for hosting and would you look at that?  I know that pic!

Cartoon frog stacked on tree log Royalty Free Vector Image

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Jason stepped back, admiring his handiwork, a satisfied grin on his visage.  Anything could become art with a little imagination.  Chores didn’t have to be dull and boring.  He was convinced his parents would be pleased that he had stacked the wood.  On the first asking, no less.

He heard the crunch of tires on the gravel driveway and quickly hid behind the tree to hear their first reaction. Both car doors slammed shut and then silence.

“Patti.  Come and see what Jason did.”

“Well, now.  It is stacked, as requested…”

“In the front.  Around the window.”

“Artistic, no?”



226 thoughts on “Artistic License – Friday Fictioneers

    • Seriously? That many? What the hell? I’m thinking there was a lot of back and forth convos going…
      And I am with you, to tell the truth. No way in hell I’d accept a “round the window” thing like this!

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  1. Well, glad you got your story in, after all, the prompt pic is yours. lol
    Sometimes, it’s nice to see a request honored without additional prodding.
    I almost feel like my comment may have been said already since, like Russel pointed out,
    over 200 comments???!!!
    Girl your in the wrong field. You could be an influencer with those #’s.
    Have a good week … Isadora 😎

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    • Yes, is it rather difficult to diss my own photo 😉
      I cannot explain it except to say there are about 100 of them which are just back and forths so they don’t count!
      And… can I make money as an influencer? For real? 😉
      Yes, it is often to see a request honoured on the first request…

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      • I don’t know anything about influencers. There seems to be a few who talk about cash flow from it. Honestly, just the idea of working from home is ideal for me.
        Don’t apologize for your followers. Yes, you do have conversations in the comments but it keeps commenting from getting mundane from the usual thoughts people have. Bravo for your dedication too. You always find the time to see all who post and comment. Besides, you told me you type fast – me not so much. Two fingers and their becoming a bit thin from all of the movement around the keyboard. lol Much love 😍😎

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        • I’ve heard about them but honestly, sounds like way too much effort needed!
          I’m not apologising. I’m rather flabbergasted at how much this had jumped recently. I do try. And yes, I do type very fast. All those years of being a secretary 😉
          Much love to you!

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