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November Tristesse

In Thursday’s dVerse,  we are asked to write a Wayra (a Quechua (indigenous word for wind) and a popular form in Bolivia and Peru.  What is it?  It is:

  1. a pentastich, a poem in 5 lines.
  2. syllabic, 5-7-7-6-8
  3. unrhymed.

As if that is not enough, Grace, the hostess, has asked us to include an onomatopoeia (word representing sounds: bang, thwack, etc.)  How could I resist?  Well, I could, but it’s funny. It just so happens on my second walk while waiting for my car on Wednesday, I recorded phrases, planning on turning them into a poem.  For the second time, I end up writing a shorter version of what I had planned.  I’m thinking the Universe knows my penchant for short and to the point.


I feel November

In-between time, that saddens

Tears hover, threaten to spill

Trees speak to me ~ swish

of leaves:  Let it go. Let it go.




99 thoughts on “November Tristesse

    • What do you mean out of your league? I am no poet. I get these challenges and I try my hand. I don’t think I’m all that good, to be honest.
      And I thank you for your cheers.
      (And for the record… I sometimes miss aFa…)


  1. Oh, Dale, sweet tristesse carried by each and every word you wrote. Not only nailing the challenge but reaching deep in melancholy and coming out with a smile. In other words: I love it! (and the video of course)

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    • Oh you! I had big plans for a poem sort of composed (dictated into my phone) while walking. Probably just as well I was limited to five lines with this new form I had never tried. I might have gotten too morose!
      Thank you for you always so kind words! xoxo

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  2. November’s “in-between time”: You couldn’t have said it any better, Dale, only I feel it most in October. The video was beautiful, I could have watched more, so lovely.

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  3. Q

    What a lovely way to describe the mourning trees that grieve the end of life, for now anyway. I often wondered that myself, how trees might weep. Maybe fall is their rage against the dying of the light, who knows? What I do know is that if you listen really closely to that video, the trees almost become audible against the sweeping wind.

    A way whatta? Well, you done nailed it.


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    • It can be such a lonely and sad month. Happily, this year, the yuck only happened for a short week. The leaves took their time dropping and the sunrises and sunsets are making up for the rest of the nakedness.


        • I’ve become rather unsociable myself 😉
          I don’t mind self-reflection. My long solo walks can attest to that. I have come to the point where I have to seriously consider the effort required to go out and be with people. Cannot believe that from me, Miss Social Butterfly.


          • It is not a bad thing. One matures into oneself. You know there are those whom never do that. They are like squirrels their entire life. Scampering about trying to find that elusive perfect nut. But they are sitting on it all this time. Discover the chestnut within and world opens up. Do that without thinking to long, to hard, keep it simple as they say (aka the KISS method). Life really is not that hard, it becomes so, when you get carried away about the fussy stuff. Then again, what do I know.

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          • No, I agree. It’s not a bad thing. True. Many don’t dare crack one open and then wonder why they feel like they are missing something so they go collect more.
            It really isn’t. You do your thing, respect others doing theirs and enjoy what you have created.


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