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Fun Stuff

She’d been walking for hours.  It was time to stop and put her feet up and relax. It was Sunday after all!  Oh wait.  Look at those glasses calling her inside.  Wine. Yes, a glass of wine would definitely start her off on the right track.  She went to the door and pulled the handle.  Damn. Closed.  Sigh. She walked to her car, drove home and poured herself a glass.  Would have been nice to have been served… but this will do!

I’ve been working on a post going nowhere, so I left that and caught up on my inbox.  There was Robin’s post, inspired by Karen’s post.  Things don’t always have to be serious, do they?



77 thoughts on “Fun Stuff

  1. Bummer they were closed. You get your mind set then comes the big letdown. At least you could serve yourself at home. You got a good photo out of it as a consolation prize.

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  2. Q

    There IS something about being served over having to DIY, especially when it comes to a favorite tonic or dish. With grub, I can always say to myself “Hell, I can DO that!” rather than wait in line to sit, wait to get served and then hunker down on a dish that does not enlighten my culinary soul. Nope.

    And no, wasn’t referring to fast food or “fast casual”, which is de rigeur here in the states. It seems that if your food ain’t delivered up in a recycled packaging with veggies well past their due date. I’m talking about a real deal sit down with serious food.

    The best case out of the scenario you pen is that one glass of wine before heading home will be replaced with two-ish glasses of wine once she’s all chill in her crib. Yanno, for the trouble.


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    • B

      Yes, there definitely is something to the whole being served thing. When it comes to grub, I always order things I don’t make at home, hoping it will do just that – enlighten my culinary soul. 🙂

      It never crossed my mind that you were speaking of fast food fare. 😉

      You are absolutely right, of course. Plus, she doesn’t have to worry about driving and can totally relax 😉


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  3. Serious…not always. Look at me! I live with a tongue in my cheek.
    Adore you… and the wine, served or poured works wonders! Nice write.
    🧡🍷 ⚡️💥🧡🍷 ⚡️💥🧡🍷 ⚡️💥

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