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Living in the Now

I so wanted to do this one last night but Yellowstone won over on my time!  Lillian has chosen to honour Björn Rudberg, one of the facilitators/keepers of the Pub of dVerse, who happens to be of Swedish descent and when you think of Sweden, what music comes to mind?  ABBA, of course!  So we are to take one line and one line only – word for word – from the song Dancing Queen and build our poem around it.  How cool is that?


Living in the Now


Gone the crunch of newly fallen snow beneath my running feet

Gone the rustle of the marcescent leaves holding on to the oak trees

Gone the scrape of shovels on sidewalks, the screech of snow ploughs


For now, we are baking in the Mexican sun, discovering pyramids

We are snorkeling in Roatan, discovering brightly-coloured fish

We are drinking Champagne cocktails and eating like royalty

We are dressed to the nines, far away from the office grind


We are at the back of the boat (the stern for the purists)

Where they play the right music

And the wind dries our sweat as we dance with a frenzy

That only happens when you are away from the real


Because for this one week of the year

The surreal is our real

And we want to live it at its fullest


110 thoughts on “Living in the Now

  1. I totally agree with this post I get it it’s me !
    But as much as I love ABBA, not Dancing Queen. Why?….Well both times I broke my back I had been out the night before at a works Christmas party dancing to Dancing Queen. Now the song the lyrics are tabboo 😂💜🙂

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  2. Dear Dale,

    Sounds like a wonderful week. Nothing like getting away from ice and snow for a tropical escape. And if we could all live in the now, we might all be happier. Well done. Ane you taught me a new word–marcescent. 😀

    Shalom and lotsa right now hugs,


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    • I say so. Would you believe this was the week before the world fell apart? We came home on March 9th, 2020.
      And hey, Yellowstone is the bomb!
      Too funny… I’m reading your Story Empire post 😉

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    • Oh yeah! And they do. My whole family loves cruising. We’ve gone – the three sisters and families plus my mother and her beau and friends numerous times.
      That was one of many videos taken 🙂

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    • It was the week before the world fell apart! We got home on the 9th of March.
      And, if I cheat and write it at work (shhh) I can’t open the link – the firewall thinks it’s too dangerous. So… if I remember once I get home and it’s not too late, I link up 🙂


  3. I started reading some of the comments, which I rarely do. C’est comme une conversation privée. After a while I understood. March 2020… Ben ouais. Ma femme est mes deux filles sont parties manifester le 9 mars pour la journée de la femme. Le lendemain, effectivement, the sh.t hit the bl..dy fan… Haha

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  4. Laying in the sun in Mexico, in leopard skins poured from a bottle, to one line snatch from from an ABBA song. How surreal can reality be stretched till it snaps. Along ways it would appear, then your plunged in a cold bath of north wind once your home.

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      • Call me insensitive, though I don’t believe I am, I never really saw it as shit. The affects of covid, and those whom died are undeniable difficult to ignore, whoever we all or most, just found ways to cope.. We are presently fine, And we are tougher. I feel sorry for those whom flounder in fear to this day.

        Not well expressed but hope you get my drift.

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        • Nah. I’m not calling you insensitive. I think the shit is especially for those who are not comfortable to be alone or to be restricted. Some cope better than others to all sorts of situations.

          I do get your drift!


  5. très joli! ❤ speaking of "living in the now"(and here!), from my Fb-page today:"Live in the present only, without unnecessary thoughts about the past or the future! Ultimately, it's up to us to decide whether our lives will have been like heaven or hell."(Hsing Yun – "The Stairway of Life")

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