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Overstock – Friday Fictioneers

It’s Wednesday and I was not going to play Friday Fictioneers this week. (No apologies after all, Rochelle!)  I was going to work on one of the two dVerse poems that have piqued my interest. However, after a crappy night of sleep and a repeated pressing of the snooze button, my morning walk was forsaken.  Plus, it’s damn cold out there.  My motivation was lacking (of course, when it hits mid-day and I realise that I still have not half of my steps, I shall curse this morning’s decision. Until then, however, I hope you enjoy my little exchange that, while not exactly verbatim, is pretty damn close.  Should you feel like sharing your 100-word story inspired by Claire Fuller’s photo, do click on the frog below and add your link!


©Claire Fuller

Frog made out of old tires" | Frog decor, Tire craft, Tire art

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I want my garage back.  Now.  I bought a house with a garage so I could actually park my car inside and it’s getting cold.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I’ll take care of it.

Whose tires are those?


And those?


These ones?


And those?


Bloody hell. It’s December seventh. By law we have to have our snow tires on our cars by December first.

Ours are!

I know! So eight of these tires are our summer tires!  The others are what?

Going to be sold.

It’s too late!

They’re out of the way now, right?


As you can see, the garage situation was taken care of and yes, the tires are out of the way… as well as all the other stuff that had taken over.

147 thoughts on “Overstock – Friday Fictioneers

  1. why the limit? blues magooz dale. me i m strong yet frail. no bullshit nor tmi s details. let s ask jim and john to come along. tho dead they z always in our heads. rock icons gods with little g s see? i won t tell your boss but sometimez i am at a loss as to whet what s on with it. ok mr atoz fire up tha atavacron! hoot~!

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  2. Good storytelling…getting people out can be a nightmare!
    Yep,was wondering where your poems were
    on dverse! Hope you can get them done, good prompts and always enjoy reading…

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    • Thank you, Ain. It can… but while I did not kick my son out – yet – I am rather glad he has organised his stuff.
      And yeah… when I cheat and write at work, I cannot even link up because the Mr. Linky is not welcome. My company’s firewall thinks it’s dangerous. How lovely of you to say that you enjoy reading… will give me the boot I need to keep it up!


  3. Ah, the joys of marriage. I’m glad the tire are stacked and sorted now – I wish we had a garage to put the car in so I wasn’t sweeping snow off while also trying to feed children and make them clean their teeth for school!

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    • Not even… the tires are all my son’s! I still have lots of Mick’s stuff left behind which I haven’t been able to get rid of just yet, even if it’s been seven years since his passing.
      In this area, Tempos (a car tent, so to speak) are very popular… Dunno about Ontariariario!


        • Yes, I am afraid they do. Unless they are like my younger one who doesn’t even have a driver’s license (22 years old). However… is quite the gamer so there is that paraphernalia all over the place… 🙄
          A Tempo (Tempo is to car tent what Kleenex is to tissues) is a wonderful invention!


    • Thank you, Penny. As I mentioned in my intro, this is pretty much the discussion between my son and me 😉 Miraculously, he took care of it all yesterday… Not a day too soon as it is presently snowing 😉

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  4. Thank goodness I don’t have a garage! Just another place to clean.
    Lol. You cleaned the entire place up with one good conversation! ⚡️💥
    Think I’ll go have a talk with my dishes!

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  5. Hey, Dale. It’s not even noon here and you have almost 50 comments (inclusive). I finally got caught up. I wasn’t there but I can guess who those people were. “I pahk the cahh in the gahhage,” always (can’t write that Boston accent very well). 🙂

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  6. I’m glad you put your foot down. You gotta have room For your car when it’s that cold & snowy out, says the man who makes room for his LOVELY wife while his truck sets in the driveway. At least the Harley has a garage spot. Priorities. Enjoyed your story that so many can relate to.

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  7. I think I can honestly say I have never put my car in a garage. When I was single I didn’t own one, and when I was married it was to a guy who thought the garage was only for his motor bikes. And a ton and a half of rubbish. Loving your tidy garage though! Well done

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    • It is the first time as a homeowner that I can actually use it for my car. And the tidy is only on one side 😉 As far as I am concerned there is still way too much sh*t in there… Thank you!


  8. Dear Dale,

    At our old house we had no room for even a bicycle. Now don’t even ask me about our subbasement. Oy vey. Love your, as always, natural dialogue that moves the story forward.

    Shalom and lotsa encircling hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      At my old house, I didn’t either. Besides the furnace being in there (stoopidest thing ever), and the freezer and the bazillion tools… we just managed to walk through the damn thing.

      Shalom and lotsa roomy love,


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    • It was possibly believable because it happened, pretty much like that 😉
      This morning was so lovely to go into a warm car, press the button to open the garage door and drive out! Woo hoo!


  9. There’s a law you must have snow tires on by a certain date? Oh my goodness! Wishing we had a garage to park our car…instead the garage is filled with my husband’s stuff! Oh well…

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  10. Love your piece and the comments, Dale. Being in Greater Sydney, we don’t get snow here, so we don’t need to accommodate extra tyres. However, we’ve been living in the same house for 20 years and I’m an enthusiastic op shopper. Then, there’s the books and there are these little book exchanges round the place and I’ve raided them too often too. Free books…and I’m pretty selective.
    Meanwhile over six months ago, our son decided to clean his room, which involved emptying all his stuff into the living areas of the house. It’s what they do in those declutter shows. However, they don’t just leave it out there. He hasn’t been in the best frame of mind what with these lockdowns etc and so we don’t want to upset him so much of the stuff is still out of his room. Then, there’s our stuff and things to go to the op shop that haven’t made it out the door yet. We’re just grateful to have breathing space around here.
    Best wishes,

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    • Thank you, Rowena. I guess you wouldn’t down there! That said, tyres or no, we do have a way of accumulating stuff, don’t we? My son’s stuff is all over, as well. He is planning on looking for a condo in the near future so I sort of bite my tongue sometimes. It annoys the hell out of me, though. Funny (not really) how clearing out their room means cluttering the rest of the house!
      Best wishes to you!


  11. Q


    This reminds me of when we had a garage, and used it exactly . . . I dunno . . a handful of times maybe? Before it turned into a workshop, a storage area, a play area, a workshop/play area. a doggie apartment, and then back to a storage area. Never got back to being a garage once all the iterations took hold.

    I’d rather not have a car, LOL. But yeah, there are times (WINTER) when a garage being an actual garage? Its kinda nice to have one!


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  12. Looky lou at that garage! NICE!
    This was fun!
    I only now got to FF, so I only now got to reading others’ stuff (though I kept it in my ‘in-box’ for reading, because I was not gonna miss yours!)
    Here’s to tires where they belong, and not where they don’t belong … 😉 Though the answers to where they do or do not may vary … 😉

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