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Quadrille Monday for dVerse and I’m actually posting on the same day?  Will wonders never cease.  It must be because we had to use the word Tinsel…



Silent Night plays while
tears stream down her face
like tinsel cascading from the branches
of a Christmas tree


Where the silver strands hang on
hers roll off her chin
disappearing into her shirt
over her heart


It is but her yearly ritual





137 thoughts on “Tinsel

  1. Very poignant, Dale. I would love to go back in the time machine for the holidays, when my grandparents were alive and all of the relatives were there at their house. I remember my great grandma gave each of us 50c pieces one year and I felt rich lol.

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  2. Oh gawd yes, Dale.

    It is amazing what memories do to us during the holiday season.. So many suffer through.

    Your poem captures and presents a sad human condition and a yearning. Well done.

    I have the book, “Poems That Make a Grown Man Cry.” Few of them do that to me. Yours did. Nice to see this side of you. 🙂

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  3. Definitely a holiday deeply felt by most, on one end of the Joy/Sorrow Spectrum or the other – except for some (like me) for whom it’s just another day.
    Beautiful capture, though. Salute!

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    • Thank you, Björn. I am really quite well. It has been 7 years already (what?) but it is also a new thing for my mother, who lost her partner and will be spending her first Christmas without him.


  4. Dale

    There will always be a seat at the table reserved for Mick, left there for him by all his friends and family who tell his stories now. It’s never going to be any other way since he was the kind of guy who never really leaves a room.

    I have to admit, when I saw “Tinsel”, I was under the impression it was going to be about the real stuff and not the symbolism of it (Superbly done, by the way). To which I was going to say, “Fuck tinsel”, since I refuse to be around the stuff any longer. It’s one of those not so pettish peeves I have, and nope.

    Here’s to Mick.


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    • That’s for sure. It will be tough for my mother as she lost her spouse in March so this Saturday will be the first of his birthdays without him (also Mick’s birthday) and Christmas also. So.. I’m having her over so we can celebrate our men 🙂


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