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Not All About the Wine – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday, my peeps!  Yes, Wednesday can often mean Friday Fictioneers – we do like to twist your minds with that one.  This week, our fearless leader, Rochelle, has snagged her own pic as prompt.  How do you like them apples?  Well, I do. And if you do, too, why don’t you write your own 100-word story with beginning, middle and end and link it to the lovely frogette below.  G’head, it’s fun, not to mention an excellent way to learn how to trim the fat from our writing.

Fun frog with glass of wine Stock Photo by ©julos 63978267

Come on! Click!

They clinked their glasses with a “Salute!“, a smile, and a sip of wine.  Their regular get-togethers were an important part of each of their lives for various reasons.  The usual “We gotta do this more often” stated by one were always agreed to by the others with a resounding “Yes!

Everyone is so busy and it sometimes takes a valiant effort.  But we make it happen.  For our sanity.

“We should do this in Italy!” said one.

“Ohmygodyes!” the others chimed in.

“Can you imagine?”

“I’d like to more than imagine.”

They all sighed.

“Let’s start planning.”

“For real!”



151 thoughts on “Not All About the Wine – Friday Fictioneers

  1. I, on the other hand, prefer to say “plan it & make it happen”. How fun would that be for a bunch of friends to plan & execution a trip like that. Good friends & good wine has to be a good thing. Love your story.

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  2. Q

    Call it their “Italian Job”, only this one would involve a heist involving several vintage selections, and maybe even a few less than vintage selections. Or maybe you could call it “Vintage Point”, where the opening scene shows the spiraling effect of a corkscrew. Either way, the end result will be good feeling. . . which means win-win-win-win-win!


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  3. Just friggen do it, Dale.

    I loved this. I wish I could do it.
    More envy. And more wine, please. 🙂
    I wasn’t there, but when I read what you wrote, I was.
    Thanks for sharing such a moment.

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  4. Dear Dale,

    They say every journey starts with one step and a plan. Okay, I added that last part. 😉 I know how much you want to make this a reality. Go for it.

    Shalom and lotsa pasta-making and wine-drinking hugs. (Ciao Bella)


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  5. Regular get-togethers with friends is a wonderful way to keep your sanity 🙂 and planning a getaway sounds like a recipe for keeping the doldrums at bay especially in these uncertain days. Cheers to your lovely story, Dale, and your plans to visit Italy. Happy holidays to you and yours!!

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