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Over Here! Crimson’s Creative Challenge #162

It’s been way too long since I played Crispina’s challenge. When I saw the photo, I knew for sure I had to!  I have a slew of Robin photos and since I now have a reputation for doing the matchy-matchy thing, well, here I am.   I kinda joined in on her post, though not with such wonderful style 😉 It’s all in fun!

Pssst!  Hey you!  Over there, in the branches!

What? Who said that?

Over here!  Look to your left and up a smidge!

Oh! Hello!

Why are you hiding?

Look over there! There is an eagle!

Silly boy.  It’s not real.

Are you sure? It looks it to me.

That’s what they want. They want to keep us away!

But why? We mean no harm.

Who knows what goes through the minds of those humans.

Well, it’s not right.

No, it isn’t. So, you done hiding?

You bet! Scooch over!




86 thoughts on “Over Here! Crimson’s Creative Challenge #162

  1. Enjoyed your dialogue. Those humans are a menace!
    But now you’ve made me curious, thinking of that English robin: Do they have eagles in England? Something to Google. One day near here a friend saw a kestrel kill an American robin almost as big as itself. Vicious things!

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  2. Q

    What a vivid color, wow. Just more proof that nature has the most talented palette of all. And you wouldn’t think that such a wildly beautiful color could blend in but hey, that’s also nature. As in, us humans can and should be learning a thing or two.


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  3. Too cute! And … I have me a feeling they’ve been to the bird-training offered (virtually these days, of course, so they can attend in Canada, too) by the pigeons on my AC. I believe it is titled, “Crows, Owls, and Other BS Meant to Keep Us Off OUR Perch.”

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  4. One of your (s)tweetest posts , ever!
    Adore! ⚡️💥

    Hey, I know I already drew an AGM Dale for the next post, but Holly came up with “let’s do a 1920’s fashion show!”
    I can’t resist! Will send you your gown when it comes hot off the press!

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