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Subdued Celebration

On Monday, Lisa hosted a dVerse Haibun with the theme “Celebration”.  Like most people, Christmas and New Year’s were not the celebrations we were hoping to have.  for this prompt, I kept it to Christmas mainly because New Year’s was a whole lotta nuthin’.

The plans were set in motion. This year, we were going to retake Christmas, government be damned. It had been cancelled last year, thanks to measures to combat COVID. Not this year!  Christmas Eve at Tracy’s (all dressed up) with game gift exchanges, a potluck feast and scratching of Chinese gambling cards. This would be followed, the next morning, with brunch at my house where we all squeeze in (still pyjama-clad) my kitchen and living room while Iain makes the omelets and the rest of the breakfast goodies.  Don’t forget the “mimosies” as Mick used to call mimosas. After naps, we make our way to Lisa’s (casual) for our turkey dinner that ends with a Texas Hold ‘Em poker game.  We were so excited.

Then December 23rd happened.  COVID hit and we had to cancel.  A scramble to buy a turkey, hope it thawed out in time. Iain made us three our brunch and, later that day, while the delicious scent of Christmas permeated the house, Iain went to get my mom and we shared a perfectly roasted (if I say so myself) thirteen-pound bird with mashed potatoes, canned peas (don’t ask, traditions are what they are) and homemade gravy. I even found jars of my cranberry sauce and pickled beets, preserved previously. All was not lost.

Parties are cancelled

Celebrations now subdued

Love remains present

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  1. Dale, so glad you joined in on this prompt. The deliciousness of the food images is making me drool. You and your family had such a wonderful plan. Covid needs to be taken out to the back alley and shot for all of the plans it’s disrupted. You didn’t let it defeat you though. So glad your mom was able to come over and eat some of your delicious fixins.

    P.S. Will you please try to link this up with Mr. Linky? I believe the link is still open. If not, you can link it to Open Link Night today.

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  2. “Love remains present” says it all. (I suppose love is also a present.) 😀
    It’s not the celebration you wanted, but it still sounds like a wonderful one to me.
    I hope those with COVID are feeling better–good thing it was discovered before you all got together!

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    • That we are. I’m not one to wallow (at least not overly long 😉 ). I’m rather adaptable. Doesn’t mean I wasn’t hugely disappointed. And yes, he essence of love is what matter. Thank you, lovely Eliza.

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  3. I’d say ‘the plague on the plague’ but that doesn’t help. I’m glad to read that your family is better. A lovely Haibun and the food looks delicious. We’ve had Turkey, too (and we’re only two.)

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    • No, it doesn’t. And thank you. It’s within us to make it what we want, don’t you think? I was all for the turkey. Wouldn’t have minded a slightly smaller one!

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  4. Q

    It was a pretty damn good rebound from what is yet another roadblock, and really, at this point does it even matter? The horse is out of the barn! The fires have already been released to the great big world! Maybe the people should just practice caution? Is that too much to ask? Jesus.

    But like I said, you rebounded, you made something of it when the closed signs went up once again.


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  5. That list bit is all that really counts. “Love remains present.” Christmas was not what we were expecting this year, either. I promised my grandkids that we’ll have another Happy Merry Everything Party when we next see them. 🙂

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  6. Love holds us together. Glad you could finally get together. Christmas and new year’s eve were a bit of a challenge. Daughter #2 became a contact case. Five days till she tested negative… Pfff. Then in parallel, son-in-law tested positive… All plans down. Until he re-tested. Negative. First was a false positive… Re-pff. (And he’s a doctor!) Anyway we finally all got together…
    “They” can cancel everything. Love will remain… Bonne année.

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