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Tuesday Poetics – Food!

On Tuesday, Sarah from Sarah Writes Poems hosted  dVerse Tuesday Poetics – Food being the subject du jour.  Well now. Anyone who knows me, knows I do food. I love food. I love to make food to feed others. I love to share pictures of my food.  I am all over this prompt!

Funny how I knew exactly where I wanted to go and then, started writing and it went here. That muse just took over and ran roughshod over my idea!  She might have had the right idea, we’ll never know because she squashed my original words. Hope she used a quality masher, is all I can say.

My Food is Love

Chatting about food with my cousin one day

She says: What do you mean, you cook for others?

You should cook for your own pleasure


I retort:  What is the point to go all out

If it is just for me?

I show my love with my food


As did my father with his famous BBQ ribs,

His secret recipe held close to his chest

Or that one special meal made for my birthday, which I’ll never forget


And my mother, who can magically

Rummage in her freezer and find the ingredients

To feed a last-minute group of fifteen


I like to think I am a mix of both parents

Able to create something with nothing

Or to go all out with a six-course feast


My joy of creating fancy meals

Has caused others to fear receiving me for a meal

As if I would ever judge what they serve


The purpose of an invite is never to show off

Nor make others feel intimidated

It’s to gather my loved ones and share, even in the prep!


So, in my house, do not be surprised if on Tuesday

There is duck breast with raspberry sauce

Because Saturday it might be grilled cheese or frozen pizza


Creating food, simple or complex

All has the same goal, in the end

To show my love, sitting around my table


So, if I’ve gone through efforts, big or small

And no one comes to join me (kids? where are you?)

I guess my cousin was right, in the end


I best cook for my own pleasure, then
I suppose I could even convince myself it is a form of self-love

Yeah well… I’m not buying what I’m trying to sell


95 thoughts on “Tuesday Poetics – Food!

  1. I’m with you 100% on food shows love. It takes a lot of skill to make a decent grilled cheese sandwich. You’re making me hungry.

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    • So glad you are. If you want to bring it up a notch, it takes a little effort.
      Honestly, so am I… Still have an hour and a quarter to go before I can escape this joint. (which I have been doing by blogging… my bad)

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  2. Well, you know I’m 100% there with you, Dale! And I love grilled cheese!

    I’ve had a busy week and didn’t get around to this prompt, but of course I’ve written about food so many times. I cook for others to show love, but I also cook for me.

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  3. This is a wonderful testament to food and to you. I’ve sensed your love for food for many years. It’s genuine and personal. Cheers to your love and to this poem that salutes the link between you and food.

    I too love food shows. They taught me a lot and got me to try things. To trust a recipe. To take a chance. …. Meanwhile, as I look at the image, I can see 2 bottles of wine and 1 Aperol – but wonder how many bottles the group consumed that night. 🙂

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  4. Geez, wish I lived closer, hehe! 😉 The way you write about cooking being an expression of love reminds me of the way I feel about gardening and sharing floral arrangements. I guess we each have our own avenues to reach the same end. ❤

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  5. A lovely honest piece, Dale, but you never write any other way than honestly so why am I even telling you that 😉 I do like what your muse did – of course your muse will use nothing but quality utensils and I think, while preparation is a big part of the joy of entertaining others, cooking and preparing an appetising meal for one is great too. I like to think it’s my way of avoiding going feral, like laundry/clean sheets!

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    • Thank you, Jilly. Yeah, I have trouble being other than honest in my writing. 😊. Oh yes! Always quality utensils! And, also yes, entertaining is one thing, yet there is great joy in making myself something just for me. Haha! Part and parcel!


  6. Dear Dale,

    You describe yourself to a T. My father was a person who believed food is love and he expressed it often for his friends. He loved cooking and baking for large gathering. If you asked him for his pumpkin pie recipe he would tell you a gallon of this, 10 cups of that and so on.
    When I was in labor with my third son he was at the nurses’ station feeding them cherry cream cheese muffins. (I got the last one after Christian was born.
    Be true to yourself, my friend. Whether you’re loving yourself or expressing it for others, it’s all good. 😉 Hope to one day eat at your table.

    Shalom and lots of savory hugs,


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  7. This is wonderful. My daughter-in-law recently said to me, “Food is your love language,” and I think she was right. I love to prepare and offer and serve food to others. It feels like a way of giving back. You’ve got me craving a good grilled cheese sandwich now. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Robin. I love that your daughter-in-law said that. Food is my love language, too! It’s sharing a part of ourselves, I think.
      Mmmm… me too!


  8. Love this, Dale! You are like my friend Milanka–she always says food is love. And she puts out a great spread like you do–delicious and lovely. It shines through in your pic–the love:).

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  9. I am a food junkie and love to piece together a last minute meal by seeing what is available in the pantry/fridge/freezer. Usually because I’ve waited to long to go grocery shopping. I have loved your food photos over the past but feel left out as I can’t enjoy some of your creations. Keep on cookin.

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    • Empty-the-fridge meals turn out so fantastic, usually. And never able to repeat because, frankly, we don’t always have the same things in there (which makes it kinda cool in itself).
      Terribly sorry you feel left out. When the world is right again, maybe you and Rochelle will feel like visiting Montreal… 😉


  10. Oh, how I love this poem! My mom always showed love by preparing meals. She wanted everyone to go away from her table satisfied. This post made me think of her. Thank you for sharing, Dale!

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    • Thank you so much, Jan. I always say there is no way you are stopping off at McDonald’s when you leave my house 😉 So glad I brought you memories of your mother. 🙂

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  11. Q

    Hey, there’s nothing wrong with cooking for yourself either. I love it, and the best part is? No pressure? Of course, I am not nor ever will be the hostess that you are so it’s the other side of the coin I’m talking from.

    Duck and raspberry sauce on a Tuesday? Beats the hell out of tacos.

    And wait a minute . . a last minute meal for how many? Hell, the most I’ve ever cooked for was . . lemme think . . ten people, I think it was ten. And that was a royal production, just to make pasta e fagioli . . which is as simple as it gets. LOL.


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    • B,

      Don’t get me wrong. I do love cooking something just for me (and I know I ain’t gonna bitch about any of the ingredients, either). Of course, I do love to play hostess, too.

      Right! Why not on a Tuesday!

      I think I was was being cautious by saying 15… It might have been more. She gathered shrimp, scallops, pasta and made a sort of creamy coquille St. Jacques-style pasta. Boom. Just like that. I probably would not have been so quick to say to them, hey, after the beach, c’mon over for supper! Crazy woman.


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  12. I’m with you Thunder!!
    I love to cook for family & friends. Of course last 2 years have negated that joy.
    However, I’ve been cooking up a poundemic for Norm, and I must say some of it has been sticking to my ribs. We’ve got 14 frozen assorted fruit pies to get through. Not to mention the freezer door barely closes due to frozen soups and tomato sauces.
    I suppose that’s all the leftovers from still cooking for more than 2.
    When I’m alone, I eat pasta with sunflower oil and yeast flakes….. very tasty…. 1 pot … eat out of pot.
    What do you eat when alone?

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    • Of course you are!
      Don’t get me started on the last two years…
      Hahaha! Poundemic! 14!! Good gawd! I’m rather glad my kids are not into sweets so I don’t bake anymore (though I sometimes miss it).
      I’ll make myself salads, eggs, pasta. Simple stuff. 🙂

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  13. Dale wrote a food poem. Imagine that? 🙂 And I somehow missed it. It’s a wonderful poem that makes her point very well.

    Around our table, at least if one shares my last name, all food is pointed to with the question, “Are you gunna eat that?” —-

    Well done (a risky phrase to say to a quality cook), Dale!

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