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Mom and Me Time – Friday Fictioneers

It’s Wednesday and I’m on the ball here to play Friday Fictioneers.  I had to go down memory lane again only this time, I imagined I was my younger child.  I am still, to this day, reminded that it’s been an awful long time since we had our adventures. (Did I mention said child is now 22?)  Never mind the store no longer exists but hey, I take it as a compliment that I am actually worthy of spending time with.  Wonder if Indigo would do?  Wonder if I would still get a “Yes, let’s go!”  Till then, a special thank you to Ted Strutz for supplying this week’s photo as well as an always thank you to Rochelle for hosting! If you’d like to play along, click on the frog below to add your 100-word story link.

©Ted Strutz

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When Mom said:  “Let’s go to Chapters!” my heart leapt in joy.  It was the coolest place.  There were four floors of books!  I always looked forward to this adventure.  We’d start off on the main floor, me tugging Mom’s hand to pull her towards the stairs that lead down to the kids’ section.  So many books!

When I was old enough, she’d leave me to walk around alone, to choose the ones that I want.  “I don’t suppose you want us to go and have a hot chocolate when you’re done, right?”  Don’t know why she bothered to ask!

156 thoughts on “Mom and Me Time – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Dale,

    It sounds like the perfect day out to me. All that and hot chocolate, too. It seems we both time-traveled back to childhood. I remember having a very tattered library card. Not sure how many times it had to be replaced. 😉 To little bookworms. L’chaim.

    Shalom and lotsa dogeared hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Didja see? I made it to the top row this morn! And yes, it was always such a fun experience. My elementary school library card was full! Yes, to little bookworms.

      Shalom and lotsa flip-turning love,


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    • Thanks, Jan. You don’t realise how special they are until one of them says: Remember when? I really liked those days. Course, the one who said it is now 22… I bet she’d still love to go… maybe I’ll surprise her one day 🙂

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    • I know, what was she thinking?
      I think I am going to surprise Ariel with a “Mom and Me” trip to the bookstore soon.. even though she’s 22 😉
      Glad you did, Marina! xoxo


  2. Oh, Dale, this is great. You have me yearning to visit a real bookstore right now, one with stories and a coffee shop. That’s one of the first things I do when I go visit family in lower Michigan. It’s such a treat. You were lucky to have a mom who just allowed you to wander and enjoy the bookstores.

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  3. What a beautiful capture of life. Loved this, Dale. Oh, the joy of visiting libraries. I still get excited when I have the chance to visit one I’ve never been to before… like a kid in a candy shop, I am.

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    • You’ve just reminded me of when I brought the kids to the Westmount Library. A fascinating place but in Montreal and quite a trip. The bookstore was a different kind of adventure.

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  4. Oh yes. Great memory, Dale.
    Mine was with a friend to “the” library where I grew up. I wrote a poem about it and they posted it on their FB page. Sadly, I can’t recall a book store. 🙂
    Well told.

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    • Funny thing is, I’m the mom in this one 😉
      I didn’t really start to write till much later. Yeah, I had the diary that I wrote on and off in but never was prone to writing stories until a few years ago, really. It’s been about 10 years since I started blogging.

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    • Thank you, Jilly.
      It is funny how that works – the precious memories. I spent so many hours in the library in elementary school and have always had a thing for books which, of course, I tried to share with my kids.


    • So glad I brought you down memory lane.
      I agree. I read one e-book, then one real book. The e-book is so much easier at night, though. I can turn off my light and read by the light of the Kindle!

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  5. A wonderful story. A wonderful memory. A piece of soul. Love it so!
    And … I remember when we were allowed to go pick a book for our birthday, or at the yearly book fair in town. The multitude of possibilities. The need to find ‘the one’. The culling of the pile. The almost reverent touching of new books we were not allowed to bend the spine of. The anticipation reading, curled up after chores were done and hands were washed (to not stain new pages …). We were members of the library. We ALWAYS had books at home. Hundreds of them. But those we were allowed to buy, that were OURS, were special. Thank you for the memory of that. Bookstores are still some of my favorite places in the whole wide world. Amen. Na’ama

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  6. I’m glad you were so enthusiastic about books! I remember we used to go to a department store where in the toy dept they had a table full of lego and you could spend as much time as you wanted just building things – that was always a shopping treat!

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    • Always. Ever since my neighbour taught me how to read in English (I went to French school for kindergarten and grade 1) I have been an avid reader since! That is fun. My boys would have loved that. 🙂

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  7. I got caught up in the wake of your trip down memory lane. I used to take my goddaughter to school and pick her up. We spent a lot of time together when she was 6-9. One of her favorite things to do was go to a bookstore called Grassroots. Once per month, they had warehouse sales. We could buy bags of books for $1-2. We went there at least weekly.

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  8. Q

    I think the first chapter book I read to the kids was the Harry Potter series. Great to read, silently. But to read that shit aloud took mucho vino for the post-reading session. My God, I butchered so many of the names!


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