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No Books Allowed (This Time) – dVerse Prosery

Monday was Prosery Monday for dVerse hosted by Ingrid.  Prosery is a 144-word challenge – max – in which we must use chosen lines from a bit of poetry. But get this… we must not write a poem!  This week, Ingrid chose from Wordsworth’s ‘Lines Written at a small distance from my House…‘ The lines we must use are as follows:

And bring no book, for this one day
We’ll give to idleness.

We must use the words in the exact order and cannot insert any others. We can, however change up the punctuation.  How can I resist? It seems this week’s challenges both (that I participated in) involve books in some way.  Or not.

The plan for today is simple: walk and lunch and just hang out, catching up as it’s been forever and a day since our last get-together.  I notice a suspicious object in Kathy’s bag when I pick her up.  Oh no, not this time! She will not disappear to some secluded spot with her romance novel.

“Kathy, I believe I said to bring yourself and bring no book!  For this one day, we’ll give to idleness!

She sheepishly removed the books from her bag.  “A girl can try. Reading is a form of idleness, no?”

“I think not.  Are we so dull, you need to escape us?”

“Of course not!  I always bring a book, just in case–”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. No reason for it today for today, we pfaff.”

“Sounds wickedly sinful.”

“‘Tis.  Shall we join the others?”

“Lead the way!”



89 thoughts on “No Books Allowed (This Time) – dVerse Prosery

  1. I really loved this story – and the way you wove in the words. Without reading the preamble I would have accepted every word as yours! Lovely happy picture too. An uplifting start to my day here in frosty Hampshire.

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    • Good morning Jilly. Frosty, you say? It’s wind chill of -33℃ here!
      And I am so glad you loved this story. That is a compliment indeed!


  2. A wonderful time catching up with friends! You all look so happy.

    (Back to our previous conversation. I didn’t go to the first book club meeting at the winery because of Omicron, but daughter said the people who came actually only had one glass of wine and wanted to talk about books and reading! I’m hoping to go to the next meeting. )

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