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The Jazz Age

Our beautiful Sorceress of the Cloth has done it again. What a beautiful post!

Art Gowns

Dahlings! Rene Rosso here, welcome to the Jazz Age!

Defined by writers, performers and artists of the time such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Josephine Baker and Thomas Hart Benton, it was more than a Gatsby, Paris or New York moment. So let’s get the full string of beads from our glorious Art Director, Rebecca Budd.

Thank you, Rene! We know the Flapper dress was the cat’s meow and the Charleston was the hoofer’s delight. Still, we should acknowledge that Vionnet and Chanel were the first designers to get rid of the corset, defining the silhouette of the era. Palazzo pants made their debut, and the cloche hat was the keenest.

Here to show you what gowns were all about are the Art Gowns Models! First out on the catwalk is Gigi. Gigi wears a hand painted silk georgette dress, with asymmetric tiers, accentuated by hand rolled satin rattail. 

AGM Marina…

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47 thoughts on “The Jazz Age

  1. Since listening on Monday (Radio 4), viewing this and catching snatches of Mrs Dalloway (Radio 4 again), then thinking about Gatsby, the music of the time et al I have been thinking: This was the time that my father (and my in laws) grew up… my father grew up in comparative poverty….As so often, these labels are applied to (upper) middle and upper-class experiences….. the privileged classes ….. the bright young things…. Okay, my father loved jazz but he hardly would have experienced The Jazz Age, nor would his Aunt who brought him up after his father died and his mother deposited him on her sister so that she could get married… nor would the majority of his contemporaries…. rather as I did not really experience The Sixties, in spite of the fact that I was in College and my contemporaries spent all their time on drugs and rioting in Grosvenor Square (as the media would have it)

    Just a thought

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    • Isn’t it funny how all these came together at the same (ish) time?
      And yes, I should think anything uber fashionable is applied to the upper crust, out of reach of the regular folk.
      I enjoy your thoughts!


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