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Divide and Conquer – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #168

So funny that I happened to take a helicopter flying in the same angle as Crispina’s plane.  When I saw this challenge, I knew I had to play.  I decided to go ironic this time.  It sure feels like this is how things work sometimes…

This is not the time to criticize.

Not the time to say who is better at what, ok?

We each have our talents and lacks.

That’s neither here, nor there.

The important thing now is to work together.

We need to divide and conquer.

That IS working together!  We can cover more territory this way!

You go left, I’ll go right.  We meet in the middle on the other side.

Good?  Excellent. Go!


So? What did you find?

Whaddaya mean you don’t know what you were looking for?

For fuck’s sakes.


75 thoughts on “Divide and Conquer – Crimson’s Creative Challenge #168

  1. Q

    I game plan this way. “Y’all do this thing and Imma do this other thing. Over here, away from y’all since I’m not sure you know what in the blessed fuck you’re doing and I don’t need that shit in my life, coo?”.

    It fetches me no smiles, gifts me no friends. But I have both of those things already so the game plan stays as it is. That’s the problem with this world, peeps keep changing the game plan and there is no blessed consistency to which those with no real idea can stick to. And if we’ve learned anything from history, it’s that there are a TON of peeps who have no real idea . . .

    That first image was my flight into Newark back in the fall of ’92. Yikes!


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  2. It seems this is the story everywhere these days!
    So funny about those photos. We often have lots of helicopters around. I haven’t really noticed them lately–but maybe it’s because I’m not outside as much in January!😀

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  3. How cool you were able to capture that heli! Invariably a tree blocks any that go overhead (well except for that time a small plane crashed on a house in the neighborhood shortly after I moved in, but we don’t want any repeats of that). Nice job, Dale.

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    • I know! It was right there, above the St. Lawrence! I wish it was a tad clearer but hey…
      Every time I hear a plane fly overhead, that I feel is lower than usual, I have images of it crashing into a house à la “World According to Garp”… and here you are telling me somethinglike that has happened in your neighbourhood!

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  4. An old friend of mine was an Admiral. He once told me the basics of military success:
    1) A mission
    2) A leader
    3) Ressources.
    Any combination not addressing those issues is bound to fail. (Works in civil life too)
    It seems the mission was not clear… 😉

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