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Winter Whites and Blues

Frank J. Tassone hosted Haibun Monday for dVerse yesterday. He wants us to get seasonal in honour of winter.  Those of us in the northern hemisphere might be just about done with the white stuff and cold but hey, it does have it’s beautiful moments. Should you want to try your hand, just click here and add your link.  All jokes aside, I do love winter – not as cold as we’ve had, thank you very much!

There is something special about waking up to a fresh blanket of snow.  Bleary-eyed, you crawl out of bed, not really ready to face the day (or maybe you are). You open your blinds and catch your breath. While you were sleeping, nature was laying down a gift.  All is covered in pristine white and the skies are as blue as they can only be in winter.

Now energized, you check the temps and dress appropriately to go out and get a better view.  Away from the noisy streets, as you make your way, you feel the silence grow louder the further you go.  The crunch under your feet is now muffled by the layer of fluff, your breath comes out in plumes and your jacket crinkles as you walk.  While the sun is shining brightly, it is stingy with its heat.  But you don’t really mind as you’ve dressed accordingly and while slight, you do feel the lightest of ray of kisses on your exposed cheeks.

Ah! If only all of winter were so!  But alas. That is the part of the gift of having four seasons.  We must enjoy the best of them while we can.

Blanket of white snow

Blue skies and crisp air delight

I’m ready for spring



198 thoughts on “Winter Whites and Blues

  1. Your description was superb, Dale. My favorite line is, “you feel the silence grow louder the further you go.” Your poem made me laugh. After honoring the winter, the summary was a hoot. Ready for spring, indeed. 😁

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  2. You’re right about the white and blues and your photos are just perfect! You’ve captured all the beauty, softness [ironically, though it’s biting cold!] and quietness of winter and to top it, a lovely haiku. Mouwah – mwah & mouah! xoxoxoxo

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  3. One, if those are your photos, the one of the bridge is stunning!. Two, you always get me. You share the joy of the moment while always reminding us of change. It’s the complexity of wistfulness.

    Love this. ~J

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    • One, if they were not my photos, I’d not be so bold as to put my name – so I thank you! It’s my favourite (even thinking of framing it).
      Two, I am so glad I do. Wistfulness is complex, now that you mention it.
      Three. You always leave the most thoughtful comments and I appreciate you.

      Thank you, my friend.


  4. Bathed in winters light
    It brings the heart such delight
    The cold nips finger and toe
    And too the face it brings a glow.
    Happy days full of snow
    Under which Spring will grow.
    Loved your haiburn 💜

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  5. Wintertime, despite bitter cold temps is a magical time of year. Ice crystals form such interesting forms and those blue skies…breathtaking. Whichever way that creepy rodent goes tomorrow, spring is officially about 6 weeks away and will be most welcome. Especially after this week’s cold blast from you guys up north. I think you should maybe think about keeping it for yourselves next time, thank you very much. 😂 Stay warm and cozy.

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    • Isn’t it wonderful, thee deeper in you go? I love it. So happy you enjoyed my descriptions, Jilly. April is a wonderful month that can bring all sorts of things (it brought me 😉 )


      • Aw, thanks, Dale. I love being able to do something real to help the homeless. While I sleep in my warm, comfortable house in my warm, comfortable bed, they are on the cold ground. Some say, “Well, they could always go to a shelter.” Yes, they could, but shelters are NOT always safe places. Assault, rape, and theft are all possible, because there just isn’t enough staff to cover it all. So–I help where I can.

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  6. Beautiful descriptions, both of sound and feelings –and sights…as they say, there are no cold days, only wrong clothes…but I too, am looking for spring, lovely haibun Dale, including great photos..

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    • Thank you, Ain. So glad you enjoyed. And you do have a point on the clothes thing! I rarely am cold, having the good stuff to keep me warm. That said… I am pretty fed up with it!


    • Thank you, my favourite Crone. It was such a picture-perfect day. And, if the forecasts are good, I just might be able to capture more come tomorrow or Friday 🙂 Oh. Right. If I didn’t have to work, that is…

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  7. Your blue and whites are stunning. I showed my husband the one scene with the bridge, and he said, “Ooo–a Christmas card!” Fresh snow is pretty, but I’m done, too. i’m also ready for spring. 😀

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  8. Q

    The gifts of winter whites and blues always looks best when captured through the lens of a certain professional photographer who insists her stuff is okay, even when her stuff is MUCH better than a simple okay.



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  9. Excellent HaiDale!
    The white blanket
    Brown, black and grey
    Now winter melts.

    I’m with you, Thunder. I don’t mind winter.
    I also don’t “wish” it away.
    That would be like wishing my life away. Every day is precious.

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