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Raffi Said No – Friday Fictioneers

Welcome to Wednesday!  The day when most of the Friday Fictoneersers deposit a link to their 100-word story via frog.  I kid you not. We really do!  Once upon a time, they were deposited on Fridays but, over time, it’s become a thing to do it as early as possible. (I figure it’s coz we know it gives us more time to read all the others…  maybe Rochelle has an explanation. Then again, maybe it’s just simple evolution.  It matters not. Here we are!

Apologies in advance.  I fear I have not gone the fiction way, yet again.  This wonderful photo, supplied by the equally wonderful Bill Reynolds, has sent me down memory lane. Much as people heard me go on and on and on about Tuscany, we had to hear Mick go on and on about his desire for a Ford F-150 truck.  He wasn’t looking for one quite so “vintage” as this one, however 🙂

Blue Truck With Frog Watercolor Printable PNG | Etsy Ireland

Click to play!


How did your meeting with Raffi go?  Is he pleased with the way the business is going?

He said I’m doing great, that if I keep working hard, my business will keep growing. He has faith in me.

Fabulous!  So, what’d he say about you getting your Ford F-150?

Raffi said no.


He said it won’t be long.

And you’ll heed his wisdom.

Of course. He’s not steered me wrong yet.  He said he only wished Armen would listen as well as I do!

Haha! I’m not even worried.  You’ll get it.


And he did. He was so happy!


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  1. I love it. As you may know, I also dreamed of getting an F150 truck. My dream came through last year as I was finally able to purchase a 2016. It looks like the same color, etc. to Micks except I didn’t get the topper. Wish I could. Anyway, Mick & I had the same likes and I understand his happiness at the time.

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    • Thanks, Jan. He actually wanted the electric blue one but it wasn’t available for the Lariat, which is the one he wanted so he settled for black. The topper was needed because he would often transport displays that couldn’t get wet, plus, when we went camping, that was Zeke’s spot! He got it in March 2012. God to drive it for not quite three years before he died. Hardest day ever for me to sell it.

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  2. We all have our dream car (or truck). Mine was a Toyota T-100. I drooled over one for several years before I was finally able to afford a good used one. I was a happy man the day we drove it home from Tulsa.

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  3. That’s a great story (memory), Dale. This book I am reading, “Reality Hunger,” talks a lot about the writing of fact, fiction and the confusing mix. Good to know Mick got his truck, was happy with it, and got to drive it for several years. Well done.

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  4. Dear Dale,

    Glad Mick got his truck. Love the memory you wrote so well.

    Jan loves his F-150 and I have to admit it’s very comfy and has been a boon to schlepping all my stuff from fair to shining fair. 😉

    As for the evolution of Friday Fictioneers. I’m pretty sure when I joined in April 2012, Madison sent the prompt out on Wednesday but stories didn’t go live until Friday. That way we had time to ponder, edit and polish. I’m not sure (and neither is Madison) when it morphed into the race to be first on Wednesday. I only know it was that way when I took it on.

    At any rate, who knew I’d still be herding kitties ten years later? Glad you’re part of the pride. 😉

    Shalom and lotsa literal hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      So am I and I thank you.

      They are so comfy! Driving all the way down to Florida was such a pleasure. And yeah, it’s great for schlepping!

      Funny how that did morph. I like it that way. It does give me a chance to read more of them this way.

      Who knew? Lucky for us!

      Shalom and lotsa memory-building love,


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  5. Bout like my dreams to have a Chevy again…. took me 25 years to get it. And, I love my wee little Cruze. If I never drive a ford again, it will be too soon. Glad that your character is happy getting his “Dream Machine”. 🙂 ❤

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      • I’ve never had luck with fords… spent more time in the shop than actually using. My first Chevy had 498, 846 miles on it and was still strong when a truck t-boned me and totalled it. My Ford died at 112,432 miles after it being in the shop constantly. To each his own.

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  6. Quiet confidence described so well, Dale, and- having read Rochelle’s response, I really do love being part of this exceptional pride. Did I ever tell you that your “click on the green frog” helped me access it for the first time. Phew – thank goodness for that!

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  7. I’m glad you didn’t write fiction this week – your story about how Mick got his motor is the equal of any fiction. I sense there are some interesting emotions between the two of you in those discussions about Raffi and the “will-he, won’t-he” provide the pick-up. Glad he came good for Mick.

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    • It became a “thing” in my whole family. For example, my sister, Tracy: “So Mick, what did Raffi say?” Mick: “Raffi said no”… Tracy: “That sucks”. and so on. Of course, once Raffi said yes, Tracy and Sébastien had to get their truck, too… It was a Ram. It was so funny. Raffi was his accountant and a good guide on how to build his company, from a financial aspect. Mick respected him tremendously. He helped me big-time after Mick’s death, even though I didn’t take all of his suggestions 😉

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  8. Q

    Alright, Imma try this comment ONE more time. But it seems as if WP is kicking me to the curb already!

    As I was saying . .

    Look at that F-150!

    There really is nothing like a shiny new truck to get the juices going. I do believe that everyone should get to experience the thrill of riding a shiny new truck off the lost at least once in their life.

    I’m glad Mick got his. Sure beats the prompt pic!


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  9. COOL WHEELS … I can’t blame him for wishing for it. Hey … he proved that hard
    work can have rewards open up to them. Belated Congratulations to Mick. He looks good standing next to it. A lovely story that says so much, Dale.
    Have a wonderful weekdend.
    Isadora 😎

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  10. What a wonderful memory and a proud and happy Mick and shiny truck. This makes me remember our 1ton Chevvie truck fondly, we drove that one with a camper around western Canada and Alaska, those were the days. 🙂 Great story, Dale.

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  11. What a great picture of the bluish-greenish little truck.
    These old cars are much nicer than the new ones. The new one hasn’t any style and individuality.
    Thanks for showing
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  12. I often read the story before the commentary, and I was pleasantly surprised to read the commentary and see this was a true story. No apology required! I’m a subcompact girl myself but I respect anyone who wants a truck to get stuff done. It brings back so many “wanting the perfect car” memories of my youth.

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    • I always read the extra at the top (not always the overly long explanations at the end 😉 ) and am glad you did, too. I’m an SUV kinda girl but that was only because I had to bring my big dog around… I don’t know what the next car will be as he is no longer. He wanted that truck so bad… I was happy for him when he finally gave himself permission to!

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