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Brown Paper Moon

It was Prosery Valentine Monday yesterday on dVerse, hosted by the lovely Björn Rudberg.  I chose to wait until today because I wanted to try to capture the Snow Moon as close to full as possible – which is technically tomorrow… and ended up not liking what I took today so took my phone version from yesterday. Sigh.  Okay, okay!  I am posting today possibly because my words would not unjumble in a manner acceptable by moi though I kept trying until past 10:30 p.m., an hour past the time I was planning on hitting the hay.  This writing thing can be rather fiddly, if you ask me.  The phrase we must use comes from a poem by Carol Ann Duffy, entitled Valentine, which I chose to not read ahead of time – further to Björn’s suggestion. Good thing, too, now that I have! The phrase we must use in a 144-word prose, not poetry, is:  It is a moon wrapped in brown paper.  Isn’t that a lovely phrase?  Thought it would be easy-peasy to insert. Ahem.

What is true love? Do we not all have our own definition of what is right for us?

There are those who seek the the big bang and bright lights of fireworks, believing them as true signs of love and romance. They are always in love with someone new and it’s out there for all to see.  They know it is ephemeral and that is what they want, believing it is what makes them feel alive.

Not for us. How to describe our love? It is a moon wrapped in brown paper. It shines brightly beneath its discreet packaging.  None but the most perspicacious know of its contents and this is by our choice.  It’s not that we have anything to hide in shame.  It is an attempt to keep it ours. Our sacred union with it’s share of excitement and quiet and real.


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  1. Q

    How beautiful this is. And true.

    What is love if not a sharing of the heart and soul? And I’m pretty sure in all that social media getting on, there ain’t the need for either. In the real and quiet, there is the truth of that shared and beautiful and honest thing.

    So full of heart and peace and love, Q.


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  2. Wonderfully done, Dale. I would call this a ‘lean in’ write because of what you said in the intro. The whole package (pic too) had to fit as the artist would have it. You pushed on to make it happen. And so it did. 🙂 Thank you for trying and succeeding.
    And I love your use of vernacular.

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  3. I find Carol Ann Duffy difficult, both as a person and as a poet. However, she does come up with some fantastic phrases, and this is one such. I like your comment “The social media “love” so many people seek is empty. I truly believe this to be true.” and that made me recall a mini poem I added as a comment on Rachel McAlpine’s (https://writeintolife.com/2022/02/16/writing-and-the-moon/) blog yesterday. It “sort of” fits in:

    So soon the moon is full again
    but no-one knows, or can explain
    who empties it?

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  4. Dear Dale,

    One year, early in our marriage, we received an anniversary card that said something like “True love isn’t when his car runs out of gas on a deserted street and she says she loves him. It’s years later when he runs out of gas on the sofa and she still says she loves him.”
    Love your story. You nailed the brown-paper-moon. Love is so many different things, shown in a million different ways, isn’t it? Great job.

    Shalom and lotsa belated valentine hugs,


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  5. I love Anne Duffy‘s poem – and also I chuckle thinking of offering an onion – in such a delicate packaging you can‘t really say naught against this gift, can you?! My ex once brought me a cutely packed little gift. He never brought me flowers…. I was really touched and nearly teary until I unwrapped it and it was a tiny cactus. Then husband said: You deserve it….. (no, I didn‘t divorce him for that, it was actually rather funny!!!)
    I‘m so NOT an addict of Valentine‘s Day – but it‘s good for the florists – so why not….

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    • Isn’t it great? I loved her poem, too. As for the cactus gift – was he telling you that you were prickly? 😁
      Valentine’s Day is only a big thing for those who get nothing otherwise… Not that it means anything if this is the case!

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  6. I‘m a bit of an idiot. I should have FIRST praised you for your wonderful contribution. You paint a wonderful picture of the moon wrapped in brown paper. So, so lovely…. And true words! The way I know you you‘ll forgive me for being such a scatterbrain…. For quite some time now I‘m not always up to speed. It started with severe effects of my 2nd C-vacc, then I underwent an operation, and 10 days got hit again with my mum leaving us to go to her longed-for final destination.

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    • No, you’re not! And I thank you.
      So sorry you’ve suffered. Jeez! Hope all is well with you now!
      And again, I am so sorry for your loss. Hugs. 💞


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