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Salty Kiss

It’s Quadrille Monday on dVerse and I’m actually rather early (for me!) This week it is being hosted by De Jackson from WimseyGismo.  This week, De wants us to get salty!  So we have to use a variation of the word “salt” in our 44-word poem.  And, without further ado…

Winter wind buffets my bare face

forcing tears to stream

a frozen trail down my cheeks


A blazing fire would warm me, yes


But what I truly desire is

the taste of the salty sea

warmed by my lover’s lips in a sultry kiss

128 thoughts on “Salty Kiss

  1. Wonderful sea kissed poem. Thinking of wind and salty tears, reminded me of standing at lands end at Faro Touriñan in NW Spain. The sea was so rough and the winds were strong and constant. I was covered with salt in a matter of minutes.

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  2. Wonderful, Dale
    In one 44 word poetic post and a photo, you have captured: wind, fire, water, salt (as in of the earth), love, and desire. In the photo you offer more of the same. Not to mention all the underlying emotion exuding forth. Excellently and thoughtfully done.

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  3. Q

    Tears fail me, but kisses never do. I guess it’s all that practice, huh?

    44 words with which to sweeten the salt and produce a rapturous smooch, which I call beautifully impressive.


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    • I am close to the St. Lawrence River but not at the part that feels like it’s the ocean. I long to feel the ocean breeze upon my face.. Salty kisses are delightful.


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