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Grumpy Morning – Friday Fictioneers

It’s Wednesday!  That’s right. It means Friday Fictioneers time.  Rochelle keeps on keeping on so the least we can do is try to participate.  And I do. Mostly.  Wasn’t gonna this week, coz photos like this bug the crap out of me but hey… why not work that in? A thanks to Roger Bultot for creating my mood 😉  If you wanna play along, just click on the frog and add your 100-word story link. G’head, it’s fun!

Cartoon: A Tree Frog and A Church Outside The City Background | Clipart Images

Click to play!


Argh! Goddammit!

Whatsamatter now?

Not enough ground coffee for my first cup this morning.

So grind more and stop bitching.

Why don’t you go pick up your wet towel from the bathroom floor and bugger off.

Jeez.  Who pissed in your cereal this morning?

Whatever. You know it annoys me and yet you still do it.

Why don’t you get your grumpy-ass writing your Friday Fictioneers. Might change your mindset.

Did you see the photo? Why do people take photos like that on an angle?

I suspect to get the whole image in…

Are you still breathing my air?





154 thoughts on “Grumpy Morning – Friday Fictioneers

    • Dear Rochelle,

      Thankfully there was more coffee beans – not having any would have tipped me over the edge 😉 I actually had just barely enough – which was enough to get me started on a potential post 😉

      Shalom and lotsa properly caffeinated love,


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    • Tee hee! She does… but, in all honesty, I can’t stay grumpy for more than five minutes! It was great… till I got to the office and had to shuffle to the door as they had not yet scraped the parking lot. But I’m already over THAT too 😉


  1. Oh dear! I hope the day improves. I saw the photos of your slippery commute. I would be in an awful mood if I didn’t have my coffee in the morning–not to wake up, but just because.
    But I have to say, angled or not, I’d like to try some of that Greek-Jewish food! 😀

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    • I imagine the photographer is attempting to get the whole thing into the frame… or thinks this is artistic. Just not my cuppa… especially BC!


    • Haha! Well, there actually was just enough coffee for my one cup. And no one would dare leave the wet towels on the bathroom floor (their room might be another story) so.. must be that picture 😉
      A crooked painting is one thing, taken on such an angle another! But hey… to each his own, right? And I don’t doubt you’d serve a nice cup of dark roast 😉

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      • I was responding and we had a power outage, so not sure if you are going to get it twice… Anyway, I do know people who are driven crazy by crooked pictures. Good thing they don’t live in old houses – which side do you line up with which line?
        I’m sure you’ve had some virtual dark roast (super strong) so you do know what to expect if you were to ever really visit.

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        • I did get it but that’s fine. Crooked frames are endurable and easily set straight (ish) – depending on the house, of course!
          Exactly, that’s why I specified dark roast 😉

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  2. This reads like a Public Service Announcement for the essential need of caffeine to start every morning. There are no substitutes, unless you call what transpired in your story an acceptable substitute. I enjoyed the read.

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    • Hahaha! Well, it might have been inspired by the fact that I just had enough coffee for my cup (I then ground some for tomorrow… I need not NOT have any then 😉 )

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  3. Wow, Dale.
    Until I read this I’d given no thought to how I ‘felt’ about the picture (any of them). All the things I have love/hate relationships with: crowds, street venders, churches, foods, are there; and now I realize that (until now) I subconsciously dislike wonky photos. You’ve opened a higher awareness for me. Send me the mental health bill. 🙂
    (OCD coffee for everyone). And for Keith, ‘cantankerous’ is mine.

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  4. Some days clearly need a bit more coffee. 😉
    This made me laugh! (and, yeah, that angle, eh?)
    Finally participating, which means I’m finally reading your FF for this week.
    Mine was in a bit of a mood, too, as you’ll see. 😉

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  5. Q

    You have just described my day, every day . . . several times a day. Of course, I get away with it, as in, I don’t get tossed in the clink or something, because I sprinkle in some humor and this thing called sarcasm that I’ve been learning more and more about. Thank you for the lessons Oh Canada!!!!

    Seriously, there ain’t nothing wrong with being grumpy. It’s fun!


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    • So sorry I missed this, Ella. Must be those damn super likers that fill up my notifications bar and make me miss the good stuff! There are days where our tolerance level is a tad (or a lot) smaller than others. Yeah. WHY???


    • Smart husband. I imagine my father must have had some serious moments between a wife and three daughters living under the same roof!
      Thankfully, this doesn’t happen to me too often 😉


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