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CCC172 – Catch the Moon

Oy. I love when I challenge myself to try something waaay outside of my comfort zone.  I saw Crispina’s photo and knew I had some sort of matchy-matchy response (very much IN my comfort zone).  Then dVerse came along on the same day I was going to respond to the CCC, and challenged us to try a Sparrowlet.  So, of course, I thought, I can do this and merge two challenges since the CCC is open to pretty much anything, as long as we don’t exaggerate and go over 150 words – why I would never! Okay, maybe once or twice…  That said, my skills as a poetesse need much fine-tuning.  I like to think my attempts will gain in sophistication as I keep stretching…


The winter moon, above shines bright

And I so wish, with all my might

That I could hold it still till noon

And offer it for your delight

And gone would be all sense of gloom

Above shines bright, the winter moon


Within my arms, I’ll hold you close

Breast to my breast, nose to my nose

I know you won’t resist my charms

For it is you, I love the most

To never let you come to harm

I’ll hold you close, within my arms



94 thoughts on “CCC172 – Catch the Moon

  1. Sweet and endearing poetry, Thunder.
    I like it moy mucho!
    Great moon shot to boot.
    I relate to what you said “attempts will gain in sophistication as I keep stretching…”

    That describes Resa drawing.
    So, I actually went out of my CZ and attempted to draw a header for you know what! 🎼

    Don’t know if I’ll use it, but I’ll send it to you, anyway. xoxox

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  2. I confess that I backed down from that dVerse challenge.

    I’m seriously impressed that you had the creative courage to take a crack at it. And your poem is wonderful.
    I also agree that we improve (in craft and imagination) when we do such things. Love the pic, too. (tips me cap to the lady, and winks.)

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  3. Q

    Mama Luscious!

    If you wish to stroll the grounds outside of your comfort zone at any future time, I must ask you kindly to please storm those gates and do so. Did I mention please? In triplicate? Quadruplicate will be no problemo if you need me to do so. Just so long as you do this again. And again. And maybe, let’s just say, a bunch more agains?



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