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Wonky – Friday Fictioneers

It’s Friday Fictioneers – the time where we fool you because it’s only Wednesday but we play for Friday. In advance. Coz we can.  This week our loyal and tireless leader, Rochelle, has shared Anne Higa’s lovely photo.  Now, it woulda been easy to wax poetic on Tuscany coz those who know me, know I’m rather obsessed with the region.  However, I’m not giving you the option of calling me predictable. No siree.  This came to me as I was pouring my coffee, truth be told.  I’m still struggling with finding the pretty words for yesterday’s challenge so I figured I’d give that a rest and jump on this one. Ain’t it grand? K. ‘Nuff small talk.  If you want to write something more betterer or inneresting, just click on the frog below and add your 100-word story link.  G’head, I dare ya!

©Anne Higa

A Shy Frog and The Leaning Tower Of Pisa Background in 2022 | Leaning tower  of pisa, Background, Tower


She’s been a bit off lately, dontcha think?

What’d’you mean, off?  She’s not feeling well?

No, Haven’t you noticed?  Her pictures are a bit wonky.

Wonky? How so?

Well, last week, the picture was all like on a crazy angle like all the people were gonna fall off the edge and now look at this one!

You’re such a dumbarse!  Last week she was being all artistic like, see?  But this week it’s fine.

But, look at that!

It’s normal.  That’s how the building tilts. It’s not called the Leaning Tower of Pisa for nothing!

Oh. Right. I knew that.

122 thoughts on “Wonky – Friday Fictioneers

  1. We are all a bit wonky from time to time. Aren’t we? It doesn’t men we are nutso. Just in a different place for a bit. Lol. Hope you get to go to Tuscan. Always wanted to go there myself. Among many other places.

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    • You and me both, Timothy. We had snow allllll day yesterday. I was looking at the forecast for Quebec re: spring. It ain’t good. Seems we won’t really feel like spring until April. This grieves me so.

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  2. Dear Dale,

    Tee hee. I’ll not defend my choice of photos. I just pick em. It’s up to youse guys to write something legible to go with them. Like Trent said, we artists are all bit off. that’s MY story and I’m sticking to it.

    Shalom and lotsa dizzying hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      No need to. My silliness really did come to me as I poured my coffee. I sat down and wrote it in one fell swoop. Now… whether it’s a good ‘un is debatable. But it did garner a few laughs so there is that 😉

      Shalom and lotsa silly love,



  3. So cute, and I chuckled because I remember your comments about photos taken on a slant.😀 I did see the Leaning Tower when I was in Italy with younger daughter. I don’t think we were allowed to go in–we were there late in the day, but it’s a beautiful area.

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    • Truly. Mind you, the fact that it is still standing after all this time is worthy. Oh, I don’t know,.. Pompeii is in Italy 😉


  4. Q

    Wonky is my default channel, LOL. So needless to say I relate to the idea of being just a little bit (and sometimes a lot of that little bit) off. But since it’s a normal view, ain’t no thing to it. AND, the bonus round is my creativity doesn’t take a beating.

    Now I feel like pizza.


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    • B

      Why do you think we get along so well? I cannot help but agree.

      Now I do, too. Good thing the boss is taking me out tomorrow for some 😉



  5. Wonderful exchange, Dale, regarding, who (I wonder)? I love your use of casual voice in the introduction and the story. Not easy to make such writes work, but you did. Again. Do more.

    Every week is the same. When I first see the prompt, “Now what the hell am I going to do with that?” My first thought this week was, “It’s cuz of what Dale said.” And it was, right?

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  6. I love the word, Wonky. Have you read the children’s story ‘The Wonky Donkey’?
    I have to disagree when someone says the the Tower is normal, I think it was a comedy of errors over a few hundred years, done just to attract tourists-perhaps.

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    • It is a great word, isn’t it? I cannot say I remember that story. Hmmm.
      And no, it’s not normal – but for this story, it’s not because the photo taken is on an angle, that kinda normal 😉 It does sound like it was a comedy of errors!

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  7. Ha Ha! Fun story, Dale 🙂
    The kind of clicks people post these days! Yes, artistic, but misleading too.
    One who does not know about this Tower, won’t suspect! After they see the real images & know of the tilt, they know better 🙂

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  8. Great story, Dale and very credible. A friend of mine was doing art classes after having a series of brain tumours removed. After she’d passed, I had a close look at a painting she’d done and noticed the perspectives were out. I thought it provided a bit of an insight into how she saw things post brain surgery. However, she was doing the painting as a copy of an original and most of the mistakes were there in the original. It was all rather interesting, and a little sad thinking of her again. She was such a beautiful sweetheart who passed far too soon.
    Best wishes,

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