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Mixed Mediums – Friday Fictioneers

‘Tis Wednesday!  But I wish it was Friday!  Oh well.  In order to make due, we must try to find time and ways to amuse ourselves.  Yanno, to make the day seem less arduous. Thankfully we have Rochelle to help us out.  This week’s photo belongs to Lisa Fox, who graciously permits us to use it as inspiration for a 100-word story, no more but could be less.  To play along, or to see what a fabulous group of writers has come up with, just click on the frog below and add your link.  It’s wonderful to read all the interpretations.

©Lisa Fox


Cartoon: A Curious And Excited Frog and A Cabin In The Woods Background |  Clipart Images

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That house is rather interesting, wouldn’t you say?

Yes, I would. But something tells me you are being sarcastic.

You know me so well. And you’re right. It’s like it was built from scraps. Or whatever was hanging around.

Ecological and creative.  I think it makes it way more interesting than if it were made with just one material.

You’ve got a point.

‘Course I do.  Take you, for instance.


You’re not all one thing or another.  You’re a product of bits and pieces collected along your journey.

A mixed mediums of sorts.

Exactly! There’s hope for you yet.


134 thoughts on “Mixed Mediums – Friday Fictioneers

      • I don’t know if you’re the same but I cannot start writing a tale until I’ve got a decent working title and a first line that inspires a first paragraph. I’m finding it rather hard in that regard, what with a busy puppy who just wants to play, play and more play…I love the maid dearly and never let her down, yet putting pen to paper as it were, gets harder by the day. Still, when the sun returns she’ll be spending more time outside…having said that, she’s already destroyed Shirl garden digging deep holes within which her toys are placed. Life is a strange thing.

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        • It depends. Sometimes the title comes first, other times I struggle to find one to match. But I only write short little snippets.
          Puppies do take up a lot of energy. I was SO glad that Zeke was not a digger. Nor a player with toys. He just destroyed them so we stopped buying them.
          Life is strange indeed!

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  1. We’re made up of bits and bons from here and there, so are we all “Ecological and creative”, if seen from the abstract point of view? Never a dull moment, nor a dull person (made up from scraps of thousands of 100 word stories) here on Friday Fictioneers.

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    • I love that you love, Penny. I bet they are just the right kinda folk who would be enjoyable whilst having a beer…
      I shall strive NOT to have just dialogue next week 😉 Try to mix it up a bit… I looked back and saw that I’ve had a few of ’em 😉

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  2. Yes, bits and pieces that create a unique person.
    It’s so much better to be different than just part of the crowd.
    Stand up and be noticed is what I believe makes us … us.
    I enjoyed the repartee, Dale. Can you believe it’s Wednesday 😳
    Izzy 😎

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  3. Dear Dale,

    Well put in entertaining dialogue. 😀 Sandra basically said what I was going to say. Harrumph. We’re all rather eclectic, aren’t we? As I look around my cluttered office there are pictures and objects from different times and places, even a few things sent by Friday Fictioneers. A friend once visited, looked around and said, “Man, I’d hate to be inside your head.”

    Shalom and lotsa wide-range hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      So very pleased to entertain you. You know that is my number one priority. And yes, we are all eclectic (thank goodness). Oh. I can readily imagine what goes on inside your head is a variation of what goes on in mine!

      Shalom and lots of mixed medium love,


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  4. Q

    I bet it’s in the AirBnB (I spelled that completely wrong and I know it and I don’t care to check) list of “Hot Places To Stay!”. And it lists a kitchen that, you guessed it, has a hot plate.

    As for the idea that we are mixed mediums, I like it. We kind of are when you think about it.


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  5. You’ve hit the nail on the head here, Dale. It puts a new spin on the old nature or nurture dichotomy. Not so much nurture shaping us, but a random accretion of moments and people and places and … oh boy. How do any of us make it through? Your story really got me thinking. So glad it ends on a positive note.

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  6. Sweet take, Dale! ⚡️💥
    Although as I read the title, I envisioned a Swami, a Tarot Card Reader, A Crystal Ball Madame, etc… all having a Mixed Mediums meeting.

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