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WWP #252 – Purport

A word prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend.  How you use the prompt is up to you.  Write a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for your novel…anything you like.  Or take the challenge below – there are no prizes – it’s not a competition but rather a fun writing exercise.  If you want to share what you come up with, please leave a link to it in the comments.  Interesting word Sammi has given us this week.  I could not resist.

wk 252 purport

I swear (often) it is the purpose of some to purport an image of an existence so far from their reality to be believed, I am left incredulous at their earnestness.

While they wax poetic upon their raison d’être, I cannot help but think this is the opposite of “they doth protest too much” but just as much of a lie.

Dating was exhausting.

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  1. Dating seems to be especially tough these days. One day our copier sales guy, Wade, came into the office one day and said: “That woman is freaking crazy!” and showed his photo to Bruce that had a photo of a women on it. Bruce looked at the photo and said: “You dated her too? She is crazy!” I said” “You two dated the same woman? How did you find her?” It turned out she is a serial dater with profiles on all the local dating apps. It was quite humorous, and a bit exhausting, to listen to those two compare notes on that woman. I love the photo of the flowers in the snow.

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    • Lemme just tell you that I spend my time cursing my husband for “abandoning” me and leaving me to this… the dating sites which showed me a whole side of dating I never knew. Nor shall ever return to. There are so many liars and wackos out there. Of course, I must be honest and say there are some nice peeps to (some I am still friends with) but no. Just. No.
      Thank you, Glad you like the flowers 🙂

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      • You would think you could find a good match with similar interests on dating sites, but from what I’ve been told, it’s mostly creeps, crazies, and losers lying about themselves. I guess the woman Wade and Bruce dated, besides being attractive, has a reasonable-sounding profile, but she failed to mention she’s crazy, possibly psycho. Apparently, she’s not too different from the woman in this video: https://youtu.be/uR4WFPa6xuI.

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        • It is pretty sad just how many people are full of shit and lies out there. I tried quite a few sites and same difference, to be honest. People bash Tinder but it’s the most honest of them all! And that is where I met some that I am still friends with!
          And yowza to that video! I met some nuts but not quite that bad… Oh the stories I could tell…

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  2. Oh. lawdy, m’lady. And there they sit, each thinking, “and this is as good as it gets.” I cannot imagine, so I’ll have to take your word for it: “exhausting.”

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  3. Q

    You always are coming up with new and creative ways to tuck your prompt word into a challenge, dont’cha? 😉

    As for the dating scene, it was fun. Of course, I went into it knowing full well the escapades and the half-truths that predominate these online dating sites. Its the same crap that happens in real time, only magnified! LOL. You just have to treat it as an adventure where you’re going to get laid and meet people from different places. If you expect too much of it, you’re already looking at it the wrong way.

    Purport is a strange word. It’s one of those words that, the more you say it, the stranger it seems.

    But you dressed it cheekily.


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    • B

      I always try…

      It had its moments. And yes, if one goes in blind, one is in for a very sad surprise. And yes, it is magnified many-fold. And oh man…. keeping expectations low is the way to go. Enjoy it for what it is, I say. But don’t fall for anything.

      It is a rather strange word. It’s not a pretty one, either.

      And I thank you!


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      • I remember one of the first chicas I chatted with, after we exchanged emails. She wanted to know my last name, immediately, and was disturbed when I didn’t give it to her just like that. Me? I was disturbed that she wanted my last name before we even got to know each other. Didn’t trust it.

        I could have written about this, and maybe I did a little, but tongue in cheek. I always felt like seriously writing about my travails was getting too personal and I didn’t wish to make a farce of it, even though sometimes it really was farcical.

        Right? I said it several times and it just kept getting stranger and stranger LOL.

        You lovely.

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        • I hear ya. No way in hell any last names are exchanged on a first meeting! Shouldn’t trust it (though I like to think not all are scumbags)

          I bet you could have – and if you did, I bet it was fabulous. Though, I also hear you on the not wanting to get too personal.

          Not one that I foresee using anytime on the regular.

          You sweet.

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          • She didn’t get my unwillingness to divulge my last name so I figured she was scamming people. Let’s face it, plenty of guys would give her any and all info she asked for if they thought they might get laid.

            It didn’t feel right to share stuff like that. I know I would have felt weird about it if the roles were reversed.



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          • Hmm… That would make me wonder. I’m sure plenty of guys and gals would give it all.

            Yeah, I hear you. Though, to be honest, the chances of us being read by them are slim. Still.




  4. Dear Dale,

    It’s been so long since I’ve dated. I can imagine it’s exhausting and often frustrating. (actually I’ve learned that vicariously through a Canadian friend 😉 ) Well written as always.

    Shalom and lotsa platonic hugs,


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  5. Dating is exhausting I swear. I don’t understand half the time what to do. What if some loser keeps pursuing you with no intention of marriage or long term commitment. I mean I am just lost.

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