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Back in the Saddle Again

Three weeks.  Three. Whole. Weeks.

I just want all o’ y’all to know I am not belly-aching. Nor whining. Nor whinging.  Nor any other -ing that means the same difference.  Just statin’ the facts, y’hear?  Took me a whole damn three weeks to shake this thing (and I still have a little frog in my throat) but have decided enough was enough.

Today was (is?) the day that I put my lungs to the test! The only thing I had to decide was do I do 20, 25 or 30 minutes?  I promised myself to go slow and if there was anything whatsoever that didn’t feel right, I was going to walk it. Hell, I even brought my ear buds so I could continue listening to “Beloved” by Toni Morrison (such beautiful writing but… what? Anyway.)

The morning had started off with dark skies and rain but by noon, blue skies and puffy clouds and sunshine.  So nice. So inviting and enticing. So perfect.

I set my running app to “run”, my timer to 16 minutes (so I know when to turn around) and started my Tabata timer, choosing the 10 sets of run/walk, for a total of 30:25 and off I went.   I made sure I kept my pace slow and steady.  1:45 minutes of running, 1:00 of walking. Since I am reading “Breath” by James Nestor, I and have been practicing nose breathing.  Oy. Not so easy when running but something I can see improving with time.

The temps were perfect and the wind was lightly gusting, but not enough to bother me.  I put up my hood when it was a bit more chilly than I liked but other than that? Really nice.  I was even able to run through my little park, the mud being minimal. A robin added with a trill of encouragement!

I had barely reached my destination park when my halfway timer went off.  At that point, I decided to make my wall all the way to my discovered path and walk my way back.  So glad I did.

Walking back, I remembered I had my ear buds and turned on my book.  I was in no rush and it felt so good to just be out in the sun without a huge coat.

Of course, I had to take a photo of “my” willow 😉

In all, a distance of 6.7 km (4.15 miles) were run/walked and it felt great.

I got home and not half an hour later?

Talk about great timing!

I was going to end with a poem or response to a prompt like I did last week but hey, look at the time! It’s almost 10:00 p.m. Tomorrow is my first day at my new job.  I need to rest!

Have a fantabulous night, folks (and Monday)! And thanks for sticking with me.


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  1. From those first lines, you aren’t American are you? 😉 Time flies by so fast and I wonder how we all managed to get out blog posts on a regular basis. Enjoyed the photos.

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    • Haha! No, I’m Canadian 😉 Time does fly so fast and those who post daily or multiple times per day… I just don’t know how they do it. Glad you enjoyed the photos, Suzanne.


  2. Oh, now, Dale, that’s a wonderful way to get back on track …literally! 😉 And great timing with the rain! Enjoy the first day at your new job, a perfect Monday and week ahead!
    On a side note, keep it up with the nose breathing. I’ve been doing that for years and it really makes sense in so many ways! 😉 xoxoxoxoxoxo

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  3. I’m so happy you’re back and feeling better! Covid isn’t a joke! (Imagine if you hadn’t been vaccinated.) The photos are gorgeous–despite the hail, spring is coming to your part of the world, too. I’m glad you got out–and then back before the hail.
    We have a frost advisory till 9AM, but then it’s going to be around 80 on Wednesday and Thursday (and a thunderstorm).

    Good luck with your new job! I hope you love it! ❤️

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    • So am I, my friend. It really isn’t and all those who get it and have nothing should consider themselves so lucky. I would rather not imagine how bad it could have been sans vaccines! Thank you, it was so nice to see buds (amazingly, not a single crocus – what is up with that?)
      It’s 0 (32) here, now and should go up to 57. The highest we might hit is all of 61 tomorrow. And rain. most of te week! Oh well. It is April, after all.

      Thank you! I hope I will too! 💕

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  4. Hope the day has gone fantastically well so far Dale and that the job proves to be all that you had hoped for. It’s great to be able to get back to familiar routines, and what magnificent timing with the run!

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  5. Sounds great! Run/walk is a good way to work back into it – I usually just do a few short runs, but may try that method. Yeah, I missed a few unexpected showers this weekend, just returning to the house when the downpours (and hail) began.

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    • I can’t (yet, if ever) run for very long. I have one where I go from 1:45 up in 15 sec increments to 3:00 and back down to 1:45, always with the 1:00 walk between. I haven’t tried that one yet in a good while. I’m hoping by the weekend! This hail was coming down hard – would have hurt! Good on us for missing them 😉

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    • Thank you, Andrea. You and me both! Yes, it is rather lovely. Not too many blooms yet. But that’s okay. They’ll come.
      First day went rather well. Will I remember anything tomorrow? We shall see 😉


  6. Good to see you back it’s not been the same without you! While everyone else was battling with covid I’ve just got over the flu! This year is the first I’ve had a flu vaccination, and also the first time ever I’ve had flu! Lovely walking/running with you even if I couldn’t keep up!

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    • Thank you, Keith! It’s so nice to know that I’ve been missed. I hear you. I got the two Covid shots, the booster AND the flu shot… I was sure this was a sort of head cold/flu that I got but alas…
      You could definitely keep up (at least on the last hour 😉 ) Glad you enjoyed!


    • That it did! No, it isn’t. Of course, those who get a mild case think we, who don’t, are wimps!
      Oh boy, are we ever. Doesn’t seem like it will be sooner, unfortunately.

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  7. Dear Dale,

    It’s good to see you out and aboot again. 😉 Sorry you contracted the big C. That sucks. Although I’ve never perceived any whinging from you. Thanks for sharing your run/walk. Hope your first day on the job is going well.

    Shalom and lotsa sunshiney hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Sooooo nice to bee oot and aboot again! Bah… Better this C than one of the other ones, I say. It does suck… First day on the job went swimmingly 😉

      Shalom and lotsa healthy love,



  8. Way to go! Hope your first day went well at work.

    I recently read Beloved for the first time. Some weird and crazy stuff going on in that, but despite being a bit confusing at times, overall I liked it.

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    • Thank you, Eilene! It did.

      It is so very confusing (especially in audiobook because you don’t see breaks in pages, showing a change in perspective). But oh, so delicious writing. And Toni’s reading is lovely.

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  9. Q

    On the road again . . you just can’t wait to get on the road again . . .

    I had both Willie Nelson AND the Rocky movies in my head as I read about your return to the roadwork. And what a brilliant strategy to utilize, swimming out to the deep so’s you know you’re gonna have to wade back. It’s how you return to road work. With that kind of purpose and passion and PUNCH!

    I’m proudddddda U!


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  10. So pleased to hear you were able to do it–good job, Dale! And you showed such lovely photos too. I am practicing being aware of my breath, too, so we’re breathing together these days. I’m not running and breathing, though. More like limping and breathing. 🙂 But limping and breathing easier than a week ago.

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  11. Joyeux anniversaire ma grande… many happy returns of the day… 🎂
    Chais pas quel jour c’est, mais on va dire que c’est toute la semaine…
    Ravi de voir que tu peux de nouveau sortir… Way to go.

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  12. Oh…YAYAY!!!!

    Glad you’re okay, again!
    Actually, you sound hale enough to wear a saddle, let alone sit in one.
    I’m looking forward to a nice walk. It looks like rain all week, but if it’s just cloudy, I’ll go. I like cloudy!
    Good for taking pics.
    Have a fab week ahead, and Happy Easter! ⚡️💥

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  13. I loved the pictures along the way, especially of the robin cheering you on. What a trill to have that kind of support. Sorry to hear you had Covid, but it sounds like you were on your way to recovery at this point. No one in our families has gotten it, and we’re just fine leaving it that way. Have a safe and fun Canada Day weekend.

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    • Thank you, dear Sorceress. Yeah, I got it, my eldest brought it to me. My sister and her family has had it. Twice! My other sister has escaped, as have her kids. I figure we’re all gonna get it at least once, FFS.
      Happy Canada Day to you, my fellow, lovable Canuck! 🍁💕🍁💕


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