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Acceptance is Healthy – Friday Fictioneers

Hey! Hey! Hey!  Looky here!  Rochelle found a way to kick me into gear and get me to Friday Fictioneer with my Friends.  Pretty sneaky, you ask me.  But then again, I have been away for eons… Nice to be back to play with you.  If you want to play with us, just click on the sunbathing frog below and add your linky-link to your 100-word story!

Frog in a long-chair stock illustration. Illustration of relax - 2574345

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You gonna set up a table, too?


Why the hell don’t you set up on the walkway. You know, where there is NO snow?

Feeling whimsical.

You’re nuts.

That too. Plus you know how much I hate when there is snow at my birthday.

And your point is?

Hate is not good for your health. I have to embrace it.  So, I’m sunbathing.

For f—

Language!  What’s it to you anyway?

Feeling left out.

Why’s that?

Only one chair. You didn’t invite me.

You just mocked me!

Changed my mind. Whimsy is good.

Grab another chair, then.

On it!

159 thoughts on “Acceptance is Healthy – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Dale,

    Now that’s determination. Sunbathing on your birthday no matter what the weather. I’m freezing just thinking about it. Hope your birthday is full of warmth and sunshine tomorrow. And thanks for the loan of the inspirational picture.

    Shalom and lotsa warm birthday hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Determination or hard-headedness or foolhardiness…😉. Let’s just say I remember it was a chilly day in March when I took this one.
      Tomorrow is predicted to be a wet one. Oh well! I thank you!
      And you know it’s my pleasure to provide…

      Shalom and Lotsa early b-day love,



  2. I love your conversation. But…..is there really anyone else there? Given the sunbathing in the snow, methinks perhaps we are a bit mad! Lol. Cute story and, Happy Birthday.

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  3. You can’t hate snow in Canada, I hope your character’s attempt to embrace it worked; she certainly seems to have found someone worth to party with. The chair looked very alone to me, my character had to make do with a different kind of company.

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  4. Ah, the “sour grapes” just turned sweet again with an invitation to join in the fun.
    It’s a miserable day here, snow flurries coming on an icy blast from the NW, so no sitting outside for me. 😦
    Happy birthday tomorrow. Wishing you a lovely cake and lots of goodies. 🙂

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    • Sour grapes? 😉
      Oh dang… Here it’s all about rain. All week.
      And thank you, you are lovely! My mother’s making me a cake to go with our Easter supper on Sunday.

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  5. Oh that snow–may it melt away quickly, and leave us to our whimsy. Love the thought that soon we will be sitting in a chair outside. Sans snow. Pretty please!

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    • That photo was taken March 22… Since then any snow that remains is where the ploughs pile it up in parking lots. Woot!
      In our neck, we’ve been sitting outside on terraces where they are open! We Quebecers do love to out get every moment we can…

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  6. Happy Birthday, Dale and thank you for the photo for this week’s prompt. Sunbaking in the snow sounds a bit desperate to me, but after the months of rain we’ve been having, I’m becoming more empathic of such weather frustrations. It’s also annoyed me that I’ve been busy almost every sunny day. Today, was no exception. I was inside all day for my daughter’s dance competition. They barely stopped for lunch and my daughter was in about 7 items and so were most of her friends from the studio. It was really good to catch up with my friends though who I haven’t seen very much over the last two years. Our daughter danced beautifully and placed first for her classical in her new tutu. That triumph almost compensates for the lack of sunlight.
    Best wishes,

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  7. Oh Dale, have I missed it again. I had everyone’s birthdays written down… but I can’t find where I wrote them. Oh, wail. I am sorry, Dale. You have my permission to totally forget mine. I deserve it

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  8. Well, I do hope it was wonderful birthday, Dale. Loved the attitude portrayed in the piece

    Reminds me of late season skiing along the California/Nevada boarder. Young bodies would swoop down the slopes to the lodge. They’d store their skis, strip off their warm outer garments revealing beach wear below. Then they would grab a beverage and a deck chair to work on their tan while practicing a bit of social butterflying. 🙂 Well done. Poetic. Entertaining. 🙂

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    • It was fine. I worked, got oodles of “happy birthdays” from peeps at work and FB and then my kids remembered me and ordered sushi and picked up a bottle of wine for me 😉

      Glad you enjoyed the attitude. I remember when I’d go skiing and we’d get warmer temps and would plant the skis in the snow and lean back on them, taking in the rays on our faces. Not quite the same as CA/NV, of course 😉

      Poetic, eh? Speaking of which, I have to go catch up on your daily offerings! This having to work at work is hindering my pfaffing time, big time!

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  9. Happy Birthday! Now I’m glad I read your story although I haven’t come up with anything yet this week (I’m so lazy this week, I hardly turn on the computer…).
    Fun story, too.

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    • Thank you, Gabi! I’m glad you read and enjoyed my silly exchange 🙂
      I’ve been uninspired and sick and lazy and my inbox is soooo full. I do turn on the computer but then get discouraged at how much I have fallen behind.

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      • Just tell people… if your inbox is full of personal messages. Other messages can wait (as long as we know that you’re around and well, that is 😉 ). It feels great, I have read more in these past few weeks than I have in years. Old favourites mostly.

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        • I do this periodically… I just take a deep breath and flush ’em all! Start over.
          Excellent! Glad you are. I am so glad Sammi is back so I picked up LOTR again. Was no fun without her 😉
          And old favourites work!

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  10. Q

    Whimsy is always better than whiny. Although winey (vino speak) is probably the best of all, unless you’re drinking it whilst listening to Barry Manilow, because that shit will have you crying your ass off. I mean, I’ve heard stories. On Facebook. When . . . I was . . . yanno . . . on the Facebook site, so there’s that.

    Here, people will put a chair out in front of their houses after a snow storm in order to “keep” their parking space from being taken. No whimsy involved in that.


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  11. Happy Birthday!

    I grew up on the coast of California. I think it snowed twice in my lifetime. Once was on my brother’s birthday. He thought it was the coolest, no pun intended, thing ever.

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  12. Cute, lil repartee. He might as well join in the birthday freeze celebration day with a super hard chair. The chair does not look comfy. Gosh … I think it takes a special body type to be able to withstand the cold. Below 65 and I’m shaking. Sunbathing in the snow … no. I do know the cold can be invigorating. The cold touches the skin and it feels smooth and alive. But, no, I can’t even for a minute be in the cold. I love the photograph. Good capture …
    Have a good weekend … Isadora 😎

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  13. Ha! First of all, loved the photo and am SO glad I decided to pop in – late and all – for this week’s FF, and saw YOUR photo! Also, ain’t it fun we both ended up pulling up a chair? 😉 xoxo

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  14. Happy birthday, dear Thunder! (belated)
    Anyway, now that I’m late, there is no snow.
    So, it’s happier.

    You made me remember one of my sisters had a hot tub on her porch, out in the Manitoba prairie. Middle of winter, you could have a soak, and watch the northern lights.

    I wish you all the bright and beauty of the lights, for your life.

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  15. Thanks for the great photo that inspired some really fun, little stories. Nice, friendly banter in yours. I’m with Isadora. We both live in Florida and it’s already in the mid 80s here! We have a joke about winters at the beaches here and the only ones swimming when it’s in the 50s or 60s are the Canadians! 🙂 You are a hearty bunch!

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    • My pleasure. And it has inspired quite a variety of stories! My beau lives in PA and they’ve had some really hot weather too. Sheesh.
      We will get muggy and stinky stuff in July/August but our summer starts later.


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