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Was, But No Longer; Stuck With Me & Unanswerable

A couple days ago, I read one of Bill’s poems.  He’s over there doing NaPoWriMo and this particular challenge asked him to answer the following:

  1. someone I was close to, but I am no longer,
  2. a job I no longer do, and
  3. art that I saw once and that stuck with me.
  4. I was to close the poem with an unanswerable question.

I told him that sounded like something I would like to try as a few things came to mind.  He challenged me to do it.  As I am sitting in Miami Airport waiting for my beau’s plane to land – three hour wait, thank you very much, what better time than now?  Hope my charge lasts as I cannot find a place to plug in!

Before and After

Pots and pots of tea; game after game of Rummy 500; smoking Belvedere Extra Light
We took over the dance floor, breaking only to sip our one Zombie that lasted all night
Love was found and a wedding ensued (I was your maid of honor), to boot
You had two kids and the marriage did crumble but we were there for each other, without a grumble
And then one day, I know now why, we drifted apart and before resolution, you went and died

Summer is the time, and drive-ins are a thing
Filling the popcorn, and cash register pings
How many times can you see the same scene?
E.T. hides in the closet and then Gertie screams
A lifetime ago, I do not regret
Go back there one’s more? I’d have to say no.

Pictures can’t do him justice; they could never come close
To see him in person; c’est pas la même chose
How can a slab of marble be so beautifully sculpted?
Michelangelo’s David is a marvel undoubted
As I stood in awe, marvelling at this work of art
I couldn’t help feeling an ache in my heart

All these things we experience make up who we are.
How would I have been any different if any of these
never came to be or happened at another phase of my life?
Would I appreciate my life any less?


67 thoughts on “Was, But No Longer; Stuck With Me & Unanswerable

  1. Look at you writing poetry in an airport! 😀 All those experiences do contribute to who we are, and it’s hard to know how we’d be without them.
    And you are right about David.

    I hope you have a wonderful time in Miami!

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  2. Well, what do you know! Sshheee’ssss Baaaaccckkk!!!!

    Dale has landed and now they are on to several days of wonderful laid back fun in the sun. Exciting.

    I liked the ‘prompt’ too. But you nailed it. That said, I shall not be retreating to an airport (nearest is Austin) to poetize (maybe a coffee shop, bookstore, or library). A bar?
    Looking forward to hearing all about it (we all are). 🙂

    Oh, and thanks for the mention.

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  3. Dear Dale,

    Oh those relationships that sort of fade. They can be more painful than those that end with harsh words and a slamming door.
    Hope you have an amazing time in the sunshine state.

    Shalom and lotsa warm and sunny hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Oh yes. The ones that have no reason you can fathom are particularly difficult.
      I did have a fantabulous time! Am now waiting to board… then I shall surely writing something in LaGuardia as I will have almost five hours to kill!

      Shalom and lotsa relaxed love,



  4. So sad about the friend, this happens all too often itjust goes to show never put off to tomorrow what you can do today 💜
    The job serving popcorn, I guess the film’s can get truly tidious! Never really as we remember them as they truly were.
    We recently reunited with our best man last year at our 50th wedding anniversary, (we had always exchanged Christmas cards but not met face to face for 40yrs) and again a month ago. He went into hospital last Wednesday to have a knee replacement we were chatting to him right up to Thursday evening on whatapp. Friday he died of a heart attack . How, why? Never look back never delay.💜💜💜💜

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      • I hope you are enjoying the beautiful city of Miami. Born and and raised there and not leaving despite DeSantis. I was in Jefferson attending a funeral 😢 but had several hours layover in St.Louis. Heading home today. Have a wonderful vacay!

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        • We didn’t venture further than North Beach. And it’s already over. 😔 But was fantastic!
          Am in New York on a long layover.
          So sorry you had to attend a funeral! Hugs to you.


    • I couldn’t help but participate! It is totally random and so very glad you enjoyed my response to it.
      I wonder if we are meant to ponder such a question, really. Not much we can do about it, eh?

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  5. Well done, Thunder!
    My answer to your first last question is: Maybe different, but still you. You’ll never know.
    Last last question: You would not appreciate your life any less. You are a natural appreciator!

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