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The Little Things – Friday Fictioneers

It’s Wednesday!  And that can mean many things.  Over here in blogland, it means the start of Friday Fictioneers (don’t ask, just know!) Rochelle has dragged, encouraged me to play by ever so sweetly asking me to use my photo.  How could I refuse?  More importantly, why would I?  Should you feel so encouraged, please do add your link to your 100-word story by clicking on the frog below.  G’head. I dare you!

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G’head! Click to play!

It doesn’t take much, you know. To be made to feel more than, rather than less than, or worse, inconsequential.  Sure, the big things are nice and all but in the grand scheme of things, those things are just accumulated stuff.  Some stuff you really enjoy. Some you don’t know why the hell you keep except for some misguided sense of obligation.  And, if you are not careful, you lose sight of the things you love most amidst said stuff.

It might be cliché but actions do speak louder.  Small ones.  Big ones.  Ones that make sense only to you.

121 thoughts on “The Little Things – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Good morning, Dale.

    You are so right. People matter. The good things matter. May those things, those gestures, those thoughts be foremost in our minds every day.

    Now a must ponder to conjure a mini-fib inspired by a red rose, book shelves, a wood floor, television, and a window in what I presume is your living room. 🙂

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    • Hey there Lynn!

      I agree. Big romantic gestures are not a bad thing but man oh man, you are right, coming home to a cooked meal is fabulous and so appreciated.
      Thank you!

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  2. This is so true. It’s those small things that add up (unfortunately good or bad). And actions do indeed speak, and mean so much more than pretty promises or grand gestures that don’t really mean anything.
    Your room is so inviting. I can imagine sitting there having a loving chat with you! 💙

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  4. I’m with ya on the small stuff, that is, often times, quite big inside the heart. It’s that stuff that matters, after all. Not the other ‘stuff’ … 😉 Thank you for this lovely photo, by the by, and I hope it is okay I took the liberty to describe your abode as if it is my character’s pad. All I can say is, it was written with love. 🙂 Your NYNF

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  5. Thunder you make me think – Talk the talk, walk the walk.
    Your picture says it well. You got a big asp couch, big book shelves, lotsa books, but that 1 impermanent rose makes the shot, makes everything look rich.

    BTW – How have you been feeling? Are you 100% yet?

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    • Rochelle has been sneaky like that… She stoops to levels one cannot dismiss 😂🤣.
      So glad you enjoyed both, Jan! And yes,the little things make a big difference.

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  6. As someone currently trying to move house with all the accumulated stuff, I’ll take the little things any day! I enjoyed your musing, and your photograph too. Thank you!

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    • I thought when I moved house I would get rid of stuff but I didn’t. Now I have to! Plus I’m renovating (trlearing down walls and all) so I’ve no choice.
      Glad you enjoyed both musings and photo, Jen


  7. The stuff we love, the stuff we hate and all that stuff we just can’t throw away. Why do we do it? You can always dispose of a book or a trinket, but it is the emotional stuff that lingers longest. Your story is universal.

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  8. I love this: It might be cliché but actions do speak louder. Small ones. Big ones. Ones that make sense only to you.
    I have tried so very hard to get rid of things and make the load lighter, but it is mighty challenging!

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    • Clichés are based on truth 😊. Small actions out of the blue are the best.
      Oh Lordy. I have to. I think my load is starting to wear on my psyche! Those things I do not use nor love must go!


  9. Your piece so so beautiful and poignant, Dale. We’re encouraged to believe the bigger the better, and that’s not always the case. Less is more can also be the case. i am fighting a losing battle with the amount of books in our house. However, I have at least been reading a few of them lately which is progress, except they’re not the books I plan to part with.
    Hope you have a great week, Dale, and good luck with your massive renovation project.
    Best wishes,

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  10. Hi Dale! It’s certainly true that it doesn’t take much to make us feel less than instead of more than. I like how you put that. You are right. The little everyday kind gestures and actions are most important and they are the things that build us up. Wise words, Dale, and we’ll written.

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  11. Q

    You’ve hit on the essence of all that big stuff that seems to dominate people’s attention. What they don’t realize is that without the little things, all that big stuff wasn’t gonna happen in the first place. And yes, of course it’s not nearly as interesting to the vast majority who want to be dazzled. But it’s the truth, as you have shown.

    Splendid little thing of a post. 😉


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  12. I commented somewhere else that my husband is an “acts of service” guy, not a gifter, It is indeed the little things, and the big ones, that enrich my days. Yesterday he ordered a new recliner for me, with a motorized lift to help me stand without pain. It has many other features as well, including being sized for short people :). That’s a very big thing, in my opinion, an act of service that I will treasure for, probably, the rest of my life!

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    • Acts of service trump things any day in my book! In your case he got you a thing that will make your life easier, not something where you have to bend down to pick up the fallen petals 😉 Way better, I say!

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      • Absolutely, Dale. I don’t often get flowers from him, but when he does something for me, it’s usually on a grand scale :). And this chair will make my life better, whereas the flower would have brightened just a few days. Yup. I got the best end of it!

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  13. I see a few ways to read this. One could read it as literal cluttering and decluttering, deciding what’s important enough to keep and insignificant enough to shed. It could also be a relationship where one tries to make up for his/her shortcomings with grand gestures instead of consistently providing the basics. I can even see it being a hybrid where a relationship is ending and they’re dividing up the stuff. Of course, I do overthink things.

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